A lockdown love story update Friday 15 April 2022

A lockdown love story Friday 15 April 2022: The Episode starts with Subhadra says we did as Nutan told us. Nutan asks did I ask you to give black saree to Sheetal. Subhadra says you had called me. Nutan asks her not to lie. Pratap says don’t call us liars, you don’t like us. Shashi says don’t blame each other. They all argue. Milky smiles and thinks how will you be happy now. Sonam apologizes to Sheetal. She asks them to calm down. Shashi says such things happen, come. Everyone dances happily. Photographer comes. Nutan says he didn’t come for Sonam’s haldi but Milky’s pregnancy photo shoot, I did this to make her happy. Sheetal says okay. Sonam looks on. Milky says you are on the right track.

Subhadra and Ankita get haldi. Ankita says we will make you talk to Dhruv. Sonam asks really. Ankita smiles. They leave.Milky and Nutan get pics clicked. Sheetal asks Shashi to start the haldi rasam. Nutan asks Shashi to take pics with the coming child. He goes for pics. Milky says I m feeling stomach ache, I m fine, don’t call the doctor, maybe the baby wants to get pic with entire family. Milky says I want to get the pic clicked on the stairs. Shashi and Dheeraj lift the wheelchair and take Milky upstairs. Milky says I will not take the pic on this wheelchair, just help me. Milky stands. She says wait, Sonam, you also come upstairs, baby will see his two mothers. She asks Nutan to push down Sonam, she will be dead. She makes Sonam fall on the wheelchair. She pinches Nutan. Nutan pushes the wheelchair. Shashi and Dheeraj save Sonam. Pratap asks Sonam is she fine. He thanks Shashi for saving her life. Shashi says she is our daughter also. They hug. Dhruv calls Sonam. She cries and runs to take the call.

He says I m with you by all my heart, just few days then we will be together, I love you Sonam. Sonam says I love you too. Pratap says come for haldi rasam. He begins the rasam and applies haldi to Sonam.They all apply the haldi and smile. Police comes home. Inspector says its a bad news for you all, Batasa got murdered. They get shocked. Inspector says his family came to us, we found out that someone killed him. They all get shocked. Sonam says why would anyone do this with him, he was good with everyone. Inspector asks who had seen him last. Nutan says he took leave and went to village, he was like my son, I had raised him, he was so innocent and lovely. Shashi says this should have not happened, find the culprit. Inspector asks do you have a doubt on anyone. Milky sees Sheetal and thinks to teach her a lesson. She asks Nutan to do something. Nutan says I doubt Sheetal. Sheetal asks what.

She says I m always with you, why would I kill Batasa. Inspector says you won’t leave the city now. He warns her and goes. Nutan says Sheetal, stop troubling Milky now. Sonam looks on. Later, Sonam goes to Nutan and asks what’s troubling you. She says you can tell me if anyone is troubling you, go back to Shashi’s room, I will take care of Milky. Milky comes. Nutan gets scared seeing her. She says I m fine here, I won’t leave Milky, I will take care of her. Sonam goes. Milky asks Nutan to get scared. She shows the video proof against Nutan burying Batasa’s body. She says you have to kill Sonam during her mehendi, else I will kill everyone in the family. Nutan cries. Its morning, Subhadra asks Milky to come with them to Mumbai, she will deliver her baby there. Pratap says you can marry again by finding a nice guy, we will settle you in Mumbai. Milky asks shall I go. Nutan scolds them for taking her heir away. Milky says they would try to get rid of this baby, right. She also gets angry and asks them to not get jealous of her. Pratap and Subhadra leave. Ankita, Sonam, Sheetal and Sneha hiding. Ankita calls Nutan outside.

She says Dheeraj and I want to plan a child, you can give me doctor’s number. Nutan thinks its a fake doctor, I can’t tell her anything. Milky thinks they are playing a game with me. Nutan says let the marriage happens, then we will discuss it, focus on the functions. She goes. Sonam says we can get proof from the hospital. Sheetal says yes. Ankita says Nutan has refused. Sheetal says I will put off the lights, Sneha can go and steal reports from Milky’s cupboard. Sonam says yes, doctor will tell the truth now. Nutan keeps a note in the necklace box. Milky comes asking what are you doing. Nutan says I have to give jewellery to Sonam. Milky says you will kill her today, you will stab her with this knife. Nutan goes calling out Sonam.

Sonam asks why are you worried. Nutan says no, this necklace is for mehendi and sangeet, keep it. Sonam says thanks, okay. Nutan says open it and see. Milky stops Sonam. She says you had to give this big necklace. Sonam goes. Milky gets the note and scolds Nutan. Nutan says leave me. Milky says you are the most foolish woman.Sneha says Sonam is getting mehendi applied. She records everything. Everyone smiles. Ankita shows her mehendi. Dhruv sees them on the video call. Shashi goes to call Nutan. Milky says I had to tell you something, I know you favor Sonam, but you have accepted my baby, thanks. She asks him to accept the drink if he has forgiven her. He drinks the juice. She says I feel restless, can you give me the towel. He goes to washroom. Nutan comes. Milky asks her to take the knife and do what she told. Nutan says leave me. Milky takes her to washroom and shows Shashikant unconscious. She threatens Nutan. She asks Nutan to go and kill Sonam. She says you will be going to jail, Dhruv and I will be here, go now.

Everyone dances in the sangeet. Nutan brings Milky there. Sheetal says Sneha should go on right time. Sneha falls down. She says I got a foot sprain, I m fine, you all dance. The light goes out. Nutan strikes. Sonam screams. Light comes back. Everyone gets shocked seeing Ankita hurt. They see the knife fallen. Milky shouts for help. Sonam pulls Milky back. Everyone comes and help Milky. Shashi gets conscious and comes out. Milky fakes a miscarriage. She lies in pain. Doctor comes and checks Milky. He says sorry, she had a miscarriage, what can we do, we are sorry for this loss, take care of her.Milky does a drama. Milky says Sonam had pushed me. Sheetal asks what. Milky says Sonam and her family were after me and killed my baby. Sonam asks what are you saying, I have saved you. Nutan says this marriage won’t happen now, marriage is cancelled. Everyone looks on.

Sonam meets Sheetal and asks what will we do now. Sheetal says Nutan is with Milky, I don’t understand. Sonam says she looks in stress, I feel Milky has trapped her. Sheetal says yes, she can do this, Batasa had been murdered and Nutan suspected me, how did Shashi faint, Ankita got wounded, Milky had a miscarriage, how did Batasa get murdered. Sonam asks her to find out. She says I will find about Milky’s miscarriage. Its morning, Nutan says Dhruv got fine, you go and get him home soon. Shashi says he will be upset if we go. She says I want entire family to go and get him, Milky is at home, I have her responsibility, go and get Dhruv soon. Shashi and everyone leave.Sonam goes to a hospital. She takes disguise. She asks doctor to make her fake pregnancy report. Doctor says this doesn’t happen here. Sonam says my friend told its done in this hospital, Milky. She gives him money. He says tell her not to tell this to anyone again. He takes the money and says go from here, I will give the report in evening. She thanks him.

Sheetal seeing the blood marks on the ground. She sees a cctv footage. She says I will see the footage and find out tg has happened here. Sheetal asks the watchman to show the cctv footage. He refuses. She pays him money. He shows the footage. She gets shocked seeing the footage. She sees Nutan and Milky taking Batasa’s dead body. Nutan scolds Milky and says I will not do anything on your order now. Milky ties up Nutan to the wheelchair. Sonam comes home and shouts Milky, come out, I know you are hiding here, I got to know the truth. Milky comes to Sonam. Sonam says I know your fake pregnancy truth, now Dhruv and I will unite. She calls out everyone. Milky laughs and says hear the complete truth, I have killed Batasa. Sonam gets shocked. Milkysays you will die now. She attacks Sonam. Sonam defends.Milky stabs her. Sonam falls down. Milky says Sonam also went now, I just have to marry Dhruv now. She drags Sonam. She goes to Nutan. Nutan shouts I m here, Sonam. Milky says I have killed Sonam. Nutan cries. Milky asks Nutan to talk to Dhruv. She says just convince him to marry me. She threatens Nutan. Dhruv answers and says Sonam isn’t answering, I think her parents took her, is it my fate to live with Milky, tell me what to do. Nutan asks him to come back home and accept Milky. She cries and apologizes. Milky gets ready as the bride. Shashi and everyone get someone home. Milky says Dhruv got fine, what happened to him. Shashi says he is sleeping after the medicines intake. Milky says we can’t miss mahurat. Sheetal says Dhruv agreed for marriage, we can get rituals this way. Shashi asks can this happen. Milky thinks they will get Sonam’s dead body soon. She says I have no problem, I will marry Dhruv. She takes the rounds with the wheelchair. She sees a dummy on the wheelchair. She gets angry and says you are acting smart.

She catches Sheetal and says you did this, right. Sheetal says no. Sonam comes and says no. Milky gets shocked and says you are alive. Sonam plays the recording. She recalls calling Sheetal. She says doctor made fake pregnancy report, Milky wasn’t pregnant. Sheetal says Milky killed Batasa, she is blackmailing Nutan. Sonam says go to hospital and tell everything to Dhruv, when he agrees to marry Milky, then Nutan will be same. Sheetal says fine. FB ends. Sonam says I came prepared with the fake blood, you admitted your crimes. Dhruv is in the hospital, we will get him home when you leave. Shashi calls the police. Milky threatens him about Nutan. She gets Nutan at gun point. Everyone worries. Shashi says leave Nutan, else I will kill you. Nutan says let me die. Sonam keeps the phone on the table. She gets a gun there. She asks Sonam to shoot herself, else she will shoot Nutan. Shashi asks Milky to just go away. Milky says no, I will go after killing someone.

Sonam says I can give my life for the family. She closes eyes. Sheetal tries to snatch the gun from Milky. Milky pushes her. Milky points gun at Nutan. She shoots. Sonam pushes Nutan and saves her. Everyone looks on shocked. Shashi snatches the gun from Milky’s hand and points gun at her. Police comes. Sonam says police will see you now. Nutan slaps Milky.Sonam gets ready for her marriage. Nutan brings her. Dhruv smiles seeing Sonam. Sneha and Jai record the wedding. Dhruv and Sonam see each other. They get married by performing all the rituals. Everyone smiles. Pandit says your marriage is completed, you are husband and wife now, take blessings of elders. Dhruv and Sonam take blessings. Shashi says your lockdown wali love story completed now, live happy. They all pose for a family pic.The show gets a happy ending.


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