A New Life update Saturday update 16 April 2022


A new life 16 April 2022: The Episode starts with Pritam saying I m stock broker, I tell people where to invest. Soni says he is a broker. Amrita thinks liar. Dada ji says I m a standup comedian, the entire locality laughs on my joke. Pritam says I will go now, that lady would be gone. Dadi says Tutu will still be there. Soni gets tea for him. Dada ji asks Soni to show his video to Pritam. Pritam gets a call from Nitin. Nitin says come soon, I found the shooter, who shot at you. Pritam asks where is he. Nitin says he is here, shall I kidnap him. Pritam says yes. He turns and sees Angad and Amrita. Angad asks what were you taking. Pritam says its about share price, share price may rise anytime. Angad says oh, I was scared, have tea, come.

Pritam drinks the tea. Guneet asks Soni to make tea again. Pritam says my client is waiting, I have to go. Dada ji says come for dinner. Pritam goes out and says oh no, I forgot the phone inside. Angad gives his phone. He says Amrita saw it there. Pritam sees Amrita. He goes. Amrita thinks of Karan and her old moment.She says if Karan was alive, then he would have become world’s best dad, you both missed each other. Dada ji and Dadi argue. Amrita and Nimmo make the dinner. Dadi helps them. Dada ji says Pritam is our hope. Soni asks how. He says we had got some income in the house. Nimmo says yes. Dada ji says I spoke to Mansoor, he said the guy is nice. Amrita says he is ill-mannered, how can he talking. Kamli says he spoke to me rudely. Angad asks what did he tell you. Guneet comes and says I gave some money to the supplier, now we will get the goods. Dadi asks where is the tenant. Pritam plays carrom. Nitin asks who gave you order to shoot Pritam, tell me. Pritam and his friends torture the man. Everyone waits for Pritam at home. Guneet says we will wait for him, I don’t have his number. Dada ji says even I don’t have it, I thought Guneet took the number.

Angad says its your mistake. Amrita says call Mansoor and take number from him. Angad says I will call him. He says his number is unreachable. Nimmo asks Amrita to go and take rest. They hear dhol band. Kabir comes dancing with his friends. Nimmo asks what’s going on. Kabir says I will tell you, its a good news, I got a job. Everyone gets surprised.Angad asks what nonsense, tell me, where did you get the job. Kabir says let me feed sweets first. Guneet asks how much salary will you get. Kabir says 50000rs. They all laugh and say he is joking. Ronny says he is saying the truth. His friends leave. Dada ji asks Kabir not to flatter so much. Kamli says you don’t seem to earn 5000rs. Angad says yes, say the figure realistic. Kabir says fine you don’t believe me, but Amrita believe me. Kabir says I think dinner is special. Soni says mum made it for you. He hugs Nimmo. Nimmo says no, its for Pritam.

Amrita says everyone is sitting hungry because of Pritam. Pritam says I won’t leave you until you tell me the name of your boss. He asks Nitin to shoot the man and kill him. He says I m invited for dinner, I will have homemade food, I m stuck here because of you. He says I have a spy there, I will find out everything. The man asks who is that traitor. Pritam ties the man’s mouth. He says shoot him. Nitin nods. Pritam leaves. Nitin points the gun at the man.Kabir says I got the job, I m not getting food. Angad asks where did you get the job. Kabir asks shall I show appointment letter. Amrita says swear on me, you really got the job. Kabir says champ you know that I got the job. Amrita says I understood. Nimmo gets happy. Kabir says I don’t want to hug you, its better if you beat me with slipper. She hugs him. She asks Amrita to serve food to Kabir. Dada ji asks why didn’t Pritam come till now. Guneet says Kabir got the job. Kabir says I have to join from tomorrow. Amrita and Kamli getting the food. Kamli says Pritam didn’t come. Dadi says keep the food for him, he would have got stuck. Amrita says don’t know when will he come. Dadi says maybe he will come home hungry. Meera and Divya ask Apa to get nail paint. Apa refuses. She says I m a widow, how shall I forget how I got lost the colours and adornments. Krishnakant says I m responsible for this. Apa cries. Meera asks what do you mean. He says I m the culprit. Apa says its not your mistake.


He says I had become the reason unfortunately, I want to live as your brother, not a culprit.She says you will always be my brother, my own brother would have not done this what you have done. Meera asks what had happened, tell me. Apa says he is getting emotional for no reason, check Naveen, is coffee ready. Naveen gets coffee. Apa says explain him, he always stays in his room. Meera asks what happened. Apa says its been years, memories faded, we had lived new life, new relations, forget it now. She says explain him to move on. Meera says yes, forget it, you both have a beautiful relation today, I have moved on over Angad. Krishnakant says its a good thing. He asks for coffee. Naveen goes.

He says Meera, if you have chosen a new path, then, there is a good alliance. Meera says not now. She goes. Apa says we are trying to forget the past, but don’t erase it, its not easy for Meera, she couldn’t forget Angad and Sakhuja family. Kabir comes home and talks to Dolly. He says don’t tell anything to your dad. She asks did Shetty agree for the job. He says yes, I took your pic as well to scare him, thanks for help. She says I will marry you if I don’t get along my husband well. Kabir says your husband will love you. She says back up is imp. He says I have to iron my clothes now. Angad asks whom are you talking. Kabir says Dolly. Angad says she is married now. Kabir says she called me to wish for new job, don’t get jealous of my new job. Angad asks what, will I get jealous of you. He cries. Kabir says sorry, I can’t think of hurting you, I will do sit ups, forgive me. Angad asks are you mad, never think I will be jealous of you, I will always be happy for your success, I m proud of you. Kabir says sorry. He hugs Angad.

Dada ji says you are good-hearted, you kept the food for tenant. He plays a song and dances. She recalls Karan dancing on the song with Dada ji. Amrita hears the song. She takes Karan’s jacket and dances. Pritam comes home. He sees Amrita dancing. He knocks the gate. She sees him. She asks Kamli to open the gate. Kamli opens the door. She says come home on time, everyone won’t stay awake for you. He sees the food served there. He hears some sound. He goes out to check. The plate falls down. He says don’t know why they left the house. He goes downstairs. He gets the food plate and asks Amrita who asked you to keep the food. She says Dadi. He says I don’t want. She says you would be hungry, have it. He says I had the food. She says everyone was waiting for you. He says I don’t have any dining contract with you all, take this. He keeps the food plate on the stairs. It falls down. She gets angry. He says see food fell down, no need to send the food next time, understood. He goes to his room.

Kabir and Angad come. Amrita says Pritam didn’t wish to have the food, I will ask Kamli to clean here. Angad and Kabir take her. Pritam says mad people. Amrita asks are we bad to keep the food. He calls her a fool. She calls him mean, ill-mannered man, he doesn’t respect food, he is a goon. Its morning, Kabir asks Angad does he want revenge on Meera. He says I m ready for it. Angad asks him to go to office. Kabir says you still love Meera, right. Angad gets sad. He says I couldn’t forget her, relation can’t end like that, but she has forgotten everything. Kabir says yes, she is getting enmity out. Angad asks what. Kabir says nothing, she didn’t call you, I m going to office now. Nimmo asks Kabir to work well. Kabir says Meera won’t let it happen. Amrita asks how did Meera come in between. Kabir says Angad was missing her. Angad asks what nonsense. Amrita feeds curd to Kabir and blesses. Everyone blesses Kabir. Guneet comes home worried. Amrita asks what happened, bless Kabir, its his first day. Guneet says we got a call from the office, there is a hope that we will get Karan’s ashes.

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