Curse of the sand update Thursday 7 October 2021

Curse of the sand 7 Oct 2021: Ananya was terrified to see Mohini in her witch attire. Amar appears behind her with a dagger. Ananya loses her balance out of shock and fear. Mohini stands up and with a smirk she walks to Amar. Amar and Mohini play the Ao Mina, Super China, Bad Boy; Good Girl with clapping. Amar loses. Mohini boasts about never losing in any game. She comes to Ananya and asks how she Mansi – aka Ananya is? Ananya was taken aback. Mohini begins to dance her usual witch dance. Ananya thinks about Shiv’s words that he is son of a witch who brought her to the verge of death.

Ananya remembers the fears of family previously when she hadn’t believed them. Mohini introduces herself. Amar asks if she would now kill his wife-to-be. Mohini forces Ananya into a hug, and says she is her beloved. Ananya backs up, she was upset that she proved her nature. Amar asks how she even believed a witch will change into good person. He recalls that Mohini had done the Paat to bring Amar to life again. Mohini smirks that she had been betraying Ananya for past two decades, else she had prepared to kill her already. Ananya shouts that this betrayal will cost her heavily. Mohini tells Amar to silence her. Ananya wasn’t ready to stop screaming.

Mohini slaps her, she falls faint on the couch. Mohini smirks that her voice pierced her ear.The family sat on the roof together. Mishra Ji and Amma discuss that they will be on the witch’s side till they are getting the money and safety of their life. Mishra ji changes her name from Sunanda to Mohini as Mohini sounds modern. Ketki cheers that in the love story of Amar and Ananya, she will get her Shiv. They wonder where Shiv is. Mishra ji was suspicious what if Amar harms Shiv.

Amar and Mohini sat on the wooden swing together. Amar says he marries Ananya once, then his life is set. Mohini says Ananya is his first victory, not his destiny. Amar asks what to do with Shiv. Mohini says they need to plan something big for him. Ananya had regained consciousness. She looks towards the door and Shiv stood there.Amma ji comes to Kamal’s room whose hands had been tied with ropes and mouth taped. Amma ji asks Kamal why he is going against Amar and Sunanda, he must instead save his own life and marry Ananya to Amar. Amar loves Ananya, he is rich and powerful both.

She will untie his mouth only if he agrees to her decision. Kamal nods. Kamal was determined not to marry his daughter to that Amar. They are being greedy and will suffer greatly but he won’t help them anyways. Amma ji tapes his mouth once again and pushes him under the bed.Ananya hugs Shiv. She cries in front of Shiv and was relieved that he is back. She narrates the whole betrayal story to Shiv as he doesn’t know what happened here behind his back. Shiv neither hugs Ananya back, nor reacts to any of her accusations against Amar and Sunanda. Amar smirks as he walks to Shiv.

He says he isn’t as evil as she thinks him to be… Shiv stares towards Amar, then Ananya and Sunanda. He gets back silently, place an arm around Ananya’s shoulder and pushes her towards Amar. Amar takes her into his arms, trying to remove a hair strand from her face. Amar continues, he is evil than she thinks… she can’t even estimate! He pushes her down on floor in front of himself. Shiv pulls her up. Ananya asks him to spare her. She is Ananya, his wife, his love, his family.

The family come to the hall. Ananya tries to remind Shiv of her Sindoor and Mangal Sooter which belonged to him. Shiv twists her arm. Ananya flinches. He pushes her away. He turns to Amar and says, I am really sorry, I didn’t know Ananya would react this way. Amar place a hand on Shiv’s shoulder and says its ok, it’s his first mistake. He tells Shiv to go and make her up for their first special date. Ananya resists but Shiv holds her by her hand and drags her inside. Ananya’s hand was hurt and bleeds as her bangles break on the way upstairs. Amar thinks Ananya will be his, tonight.

In a dark room, Amar uses a candle flame on his hand to lit Ananya’s room. It was decorated with rose petals and candles. He flicks his hand to throw flower petals making a pattern, AMANYA. Shiv comes with Ananya adorned in yellow dress. Amar says, finally Ananya is here. Ananya requests Shiv not to leave her alone. Amar orders Shiv to go and stand outside the room, making sure none disturbs them. Shiv abides by the orders and locks the door from outside.

Rahul was intrigued as Ananya keeps on knocking the door from inside, and pleads Shiv. Rekha tells him to sit down. Mishra ji says they can’t go against Amar, else they will also be treated like Ananya.Ananya was terrified of Amar as he dances around the room, silently as if holding something in his arms. He walks to Ananya who held her breath. He taunts that her Shiv had vowed to protect her, and today he left her here himself. He shouts that this is the strength of powers, and its adequate use. Shiv was wasting these powers. He tries to touch her hair but she escapes. Amar smirks and whistles. Ananya had fallen on the bed. Amar tells Ananya there is no one to protect her today. Ananya once again goes to the door.

She thinks she must calm herself down, this Shiv is in devil’s grip but MahaDev isn’t. He will protect her. She takes a deep breath and starts chanting, Om Namashivaye… Amar boasts that both Shiv lost in front of the evil. She is left with no option but to surrender herself. Ananya closes her eyes and keeps chanting. Amar bents over her in bed. Suddenly, his nose touches Ananya’s and he gets an electric shock. He fells backward. He was taken aback. Ananya gets off the bed and shouts Har Har MahaDev. Her Shiv’s name is enough to defeat a devil like him.

Mohini lay on the bed in the roof. She gets her feet massaged by Amma ji, and threatens to stuff red chilli in her eyes. Amar comes there stressed. When Amma ji has left, Amar tells Mohini he is unable to get near Ananya. He tried to hold her in the room and got electric shock, even today he was thrown back. Mohini says Ananya still has Shiv in her heart. She is a face of Sita whom Ravan could never touch. Amar must also fill Ananya’s heart with hatred for Shiv, only then he can touch her. Amar nods.

In the room, Ketki held Rekha and Amma ji at the point of a sword. She threatens to take their lives if they don’t speak to Shiv about her wedding. Rekha assures she will speak to Amar. Ketki goes to talk to Amar herself.Shiv drags Ananya back to the room where Shiv was. She screams what he wants. Why he is making Shiv do so. Amar says he wants to test her love, which she is proud of. He recalls the Ji-Dharan scene of Maha Bharat and wants to see a live telecast.

Kamal was tied to chair in the room. Mohini sprinkles water on his face to wake him up. He tries to pull himself off. Mohini offers him to be her slave like everyone, he will live happily. His anger means nothing, even his family is again him. Ananya is broken already, fighting her problems. She is also no use to him. Kamal is left with no choice but to accept her offer. He nods. Mohini replies, that’s like it Kamal Ji. She unties his feet and arms and removes the tape off his mouth. Kamal spots a knife in the fruit basket. Before he could attack Mohini she hits him with a vase and ties him again. She boasts about being the witch, Mohini. She threatens to dare mess with her again and tapes his mouth.

Amar says let’s begin the play, Shiv is Dushasan and Ananya be his Draupati. Shiv replies, he can’t do all this. Amar orders him to do, because he says so. Ananya stares at Amar. Shiv looks away, then towards Ananya and lowers his gaze. He holds his hand up in the air to grab her pallu and finally throws it high in the air. Ananya hides herself with her arms, both heartbroken and shocked.

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