A magical love story Update Tuesday 5 October 2021


A magical love story 5 October 2021: Armaan helps Aman in finding the real magical peace of moon. Aman thanks him. Rehaan gives him rope, and he tries to pull moon. Family joins him. Magician jinn says Aman is trying good and is making his work easy. Roshni breaks rope. Aman tries again, but fails and says he has to go near moon. Rehaan says he will become weak. Aman says if he doesn’t try, he will lose Roshni forever. He gets into his car and with magic flies near moon and tries to break moon, but in vain.

He closes his eyes and reminiscing the quality time spent with Roshni tries again and breaks moon into 2 pieces. Pieces fall on earth. Magician jinn picks one piece. Aman gets down and rushes towards another piece when lizard jinn picks it and freezes. Tabeezi says lizards cannot tolerate cold and moon is very cold, so lizard froze.Aman takes moon piece from him and rushes in, but magical jinn reaches before him. Family follows next. Man tells Roshni that fulfilled his task and brought her piece of moon. Roshni says he is holding pumpkin. Aman sees pumpkin in his hand instead and says magical jinn cheated. Roshni seven he cheated before and she had told whoever will bring moon piece to her will win, hence magician jinn won. Aman says he should get a chance again. Family says Aman got moon piece which magical jinn took, so Aman should get one more chance. Roshni agrees and asks everyone to wait for her next challenge.

Natasha tells Rehaan they should hug each other for 20 seconds and exchange their souls. Rehaan agrees and they hug, but Rehaan feels he is cheating on Shayari as he loves her now and backs off at 17 seconds. Natasha asks what is wrong with him, they have hugged before. Rehaan says it was past. Midget jinn gets jealous seeing Rehaan hugging Natasha and steals potion from Rehaan’s pocket.Roshni hangs a green paper in sky and says its precious and she wants it in her throne, whoever brings it to her will marry her. She creates a fire pit down and says they have to pass via it. She says its not easy and getting frozen lizard jinn puts him in fire pit and burns him alive. Aman decides to get into it while family pleads not to. He walks into fire pit, and fire chains hold his feet.

Family stops Aman from stepping on fire pit with fire chains. Aman requests them to back off and let him go. Tabeezi prays god to protect Aman. Aman steps into fire pit and is tied by chains. Aman writhes in pain and tries his best to break chain. Tabeezi with whole family pleads Roshni to save Aman, else lava chains will burn him. Daadi says Aman is her husband and she should remember his love for her. Roshni says it was Aman’s decision and she cannot help. Daadi reminds her that she risked her life to save Aman once and Aman can take life for her and even sacrifice his life. They plead not to be so selfish. Jaadugar Jinn flies away to get green diamond. Aman in pain calls Roshni. Roshni’s Ayana avatar awakens and she emotionally calls Khan Baba breaking Aman’s chains and then becomes black jinn again.

Aman gets his wand/bazigar and flying in sky holds green diamond before Jaadugar Jinn could hold it. Jaadugar Jinn warns Aman to give it to him, else he will kill Armaan. Aman says he cannot even go near Armaan. Jaadugar Jinn shows Armaan in a ball and says he will throw Armaan in boiling lava. Aman helplessly gives green diamond to him. Jaadugar Jinn says he like always used his emotions than brain and lost again. They both return down, and Jaadugar Jinn gives green diamond to Roshni. Roshni says he won the competition and she will marry him.Aman feels disheartened and tells family that he will lose Roshni. Tabeezi says he can awake Roshni’s Ayana within with his love, but if Jaadugar Jinn marries Roshni, nobody can stop her from becoming black jinn completely.

Aman says he will try his best and do anything to get back Roshni to her normal form. Roshni and Jaadugar Jinn get ready as bride and groom in black dresses. Aman enters Jaadugar Jinn’s room and making him unconscious by hitting his head from behind wears sehra becomes groom himself.Rehaan and Natasha ask midget jinn to return potion. Midget jinn demands Natasha to kiss him. In living room, Roshni walks in for nikah and Aman wearing Jaadugar Jinn’s clothes walks in as groom. Family pleads Roshni to not marry Jaadugar Jinn and think of at least her baby and Aman. Roshni says Aman couldn’t even win swayamvar, she will marry Jaadugar Jinn and become black jinn completely. Aman thinks he will not let her become black jinn. Roshni calls Qaazi saheb and asks him to start nikah. Daadi holding Armaan slips, and Aman holds her.Roshni gets suspicious and lifting his sehra realizes he is Aman instead.

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