A magical love story Update Thursday 26 August 2021


A magical love story 26 August 2021: The Episode starts with Roshni driving the car. Aman says you are driving slow, let me drive. They argue. She says let me concentrate. He says please let me drive. She says no, car will go on the speed I want, sit quiet. He does the magic. The car flies in the air. Phupi bangs the door. Everyone worries. Salma says Aman and Roshni left, Tabeezi pray that Lord keeps them safe. Tabeezi says don’t worry. Phupi breaks the door and comes out. Tabeezi tries to stop her. She asks them to get back. Imran says its me, Imran. Tabeezi says recall we are your family.

They run to get the chains. Phupi catches Salma. Imran makes her away and shuts the door. They get the chains. Salma says tie me with the chains. Tabeezi asks why. Salma recalls Phupi biting her hand.Tabeezi and everyone get shocked. Imran says tie her up, I have a meeting with Katrina tomorrow. Roshni asks why did you do the drama if you had to fly the car. Aman says you are talking to me. She says I m talking to the car. They argue. He says we won’t meet again. Everyone takes the chains to tie up Phupi. Chotu shows her. Tabeezi says she is turning blue, she will become Zehraal forever, then we can never save her. Phupi disappears and comes close to them. They throw the chains and cage Phupi.

Aman and Roshni come to the black jungle. Roshni says I m not finding my corner here. Aman asks her to listen the bird’s chirping. Roshni says you are talking like long. They see the Ayana corner, with the birds chirping. They see the red key flying. Roshni says wow, I have a cute corner in this dangerous jungle. The birds bring a cute floral tiara for Roshni. She thanks them. She asks did you get such a welcome, Jinnat’s king. He asks shall we pick the red key if you are done with self praise. He gets hit when he tries to step ahead. She asks are you fine. He says some invisible wall is stopping me. She says don’t worry, I will go and get it. She enters the place. They think of each other. Kabir sees the key reflection coming in his hand. He smiles. The trees gets sharp weapons. Aman gets shocked and says how can this happen. He sees Roshni walking ahead.

The weapons come out of the tree. Aman says the weapons will release if Roshni lifts the red key. He shouts no, Roshni….. tries to enter. He shouts Roshni, don’t pick that key. Kabir says Ayana reached there, but she doesn’t know that the price of red key is Ayana’s death. Aman sees the weapons releasing from the trees. He shouts Baazigar….Baazigar doesn’t come. Roshni tries to get the key in her hand. She gets shocked and sees the key disappearing. She gets attacked by the weapons from all the sides. Aman calls his Jinnat sword. He does the magic to stop the weapons from harming Roshni. The weapons stop after reaching close to Roshni. Roshni turns and sees Aman pointing the sword. Kabir says no…. He shouts this can’t happen, no power can break the wall, except the sword of Jinnat King, but Aman is here. Aman runs to Roshni. Kabir shouts Aman, come out.

Saima asks what will we do now, if Kabir knows Aman isn’t here, he will take our life. Imran asks how, its our life, not any egg on any stall, I will become Aman and go out. Locha says he doesn’t have style like Aman. Chotu signs her to be quiet. Tabeezi asks how. Imran says I have an idea. Aman holds Roshni in arms and creates a ring of energy around by rotating his sword. He ruins all the weapons. Roshni is stunned and looks at him. His eyes turn into normal. Tere naam….plays…Kabir shouting Aman, come out. Imran acts as Aman and asks what do you want now Kabir. Kabir gets his vampire teeth out. Imran gets scared and says leave me, I m Imran, I will make you meet anyone you want, let me go. He runs. Kabir says this cheat will be proved costly to you, Bhai. He shuts the door and goes away. He chants a spell and leaves black birds from his body. A red moon falls over the house. Aman and Roshni come home. They get shocked seeing the red moon over the house roof. Aman is blocked by some wall. They see the sight of the moon suppressing the house beneath the ground.

The family worries seeing the lights flickering and ground shaking. Aman and Roshni cry. Roshni stops Aman from running ahead. The house goes inside the ground. Aman gets shocked and calls out everyone. He cries. Everyone sees the darkness in the house. Aman and Roshni shout to everyone. They cry.Roshni says the red moon has pushed the house beneath the ground. Sara shouts to them. Roshni says we will save you. Tabeezi says we can hear them, but they can’t hear us. Imran says there is no network. The moon starts freezing the place. Roshni says we have to get them out some way, I m much worried, what shall we do now.Aman says I have to break this red moon. Roshni says we have to break it, because Jinnat are weak in front of the red moon. Aman calls Baazigar. Aman and Roshni use their powers together to break the moon. They fail. Roshni feels cold by the ice spreading around. He recalls Parveen. He throws a jacket. She asks what’s this. He says its a jacket, you are feeling cold, wear it. She says you will also feel cold. He says I m a Jinn, I m made up of fire, I m not feeling cold, wear it. She says fine, if you are insisting.

He says we have to find some way to break the door. Tabeezi says we have to think what to do of Baby and Salma. Saima says Kabir said they will become Zehraal. Tabeezi says I know how to make the antidote, come. Aman says clips and Baazigar are gone, now I have one way, I have to call the sword. Roshni says then why are you waiting, call it fast. Aman chants Sinsa and summons the sword. The sword freezes midway. Roshni worries. She asks Aman to see. Aman asks how did the sword get frozen in the air, why is everyone freezing here. Roshni says but moon is cold. He asks how do you know, did you go on moon. She says its common sense. He says red moon was in the black jungle also, there was no coldness. She says its not logic, its wish of red moon, I m Ayana. She falls over him. She says you are so hot. He asks what. They get up.

Roshni jokes on Aman. She says I didn’t mean that, you said you are made of fire. She recalls Kabir. She says Kabir called the red moon last time and he was a Jinn, so moon was hot, this time he is Zehraal, so moon is of ice. Aman says fire can melt ice, for this, we have to make a blast. Roshni says I have an idea. Tabeezi chants something to get some roots. She tells what all she needs. Locha says I can get these. Chotu says we can see. Imran says we will go and get it. Roshni uses her powers and gets a huge mountain rock over the moon. Tabeezi says it will take some time. Salma and Phupi get free the chains. Dadi comes to everyone. Aman calls Baazigar. He signs Roshni. He does the magic and makes the rock of fire. Everyone gets away and hide from Salma and Phupi. Tabeezi gets the antidote.

Roshni drops the rock on the moon. The moon breaks. Everyone in the house falls down. Aman and Roshni turn to see. They see the shattered rock/moon pieces. Everyone gets up. Aman and Roshni smile seeing the moon disappearing and the land turning normal, free of ice layer. The ground shakes up again. Roshni says no…. and looks around. The rocks get moving and joining back.




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