A magical love story Update Saturday 28 August 2021

A magical love story 28 August 2021: The Episode starts with Imran saying we reached the tower. Aman says thanks, if you didn’t say, I would have not seen it. Imran says why thanks, its my duty. Aman says we will go to the tower and ring bells, Chotu will get free. Roshni says it was written in Ayana book. They get shocked seeing someone sitting there. Imran says he maybe some guard. He asks him to wake up. A jinn appears. Imran gets scared and says you felt bad and changed your shape. Jinn guard says sorry, welcome, no one came here ever, so I fell asleep. Imran asks how can you sleep on duty, since when are you sleeping. Jinn says 500 years. Aman says you move away, we have to go inside. Jinn guard says I m the guard, no Jinn can talk to me like this, just Ayana can go there.

Aman says I will see how you stop me. He calls Baazigar. Roshni says stop, Guard ji, we have to save someone’s life, we have to ring two bells, let two people go in. The jinn says one who is close to your heart can go in, I will ask three questions, if he answers one question, then he will get an entry, is this jinn close to your heart. Roshni cries and says he doesn’t know about me. Aman says I don’t want to play this stupid quiz show. He shows the magic. The tower gets breaking. They worry. Roshni says stop, sorry. Jinn guard says no one can talk to me like this, if you do this, then I will break the tower and you won’t be able to save anyone. Imran says we have no time to waste, we are a couple, we work together, I m very close to her. He asks Roshni to say yes. Roshni says yes, very close, ask him, he will answer right.

The guard asks what does Ayana like in food. Aman recalls her and says what doesn’t she like. Roshni asks Imran to think well. Imran says she is zero size, she would be eating air. Guard says wrong answer, I m going to answer. Roshni says stop, you said you will ask three questions. Guard asks what’s her fav colour. Aman recalls Roshni’s words. Roshni tries to sign Imran. Imran sees the sky. Aman also signs the same. Imran laughs and says simple answer, Roshni’s fav colour is white, like the clouds. Guard says wrong answer, now the last chance, last question, whom does Ayana love the most in the world. Roshni sees Aman. Guard says its the last chance, say fast. Imran says Nankhatia. Guard says wrong answer, you aren’t close to Ayana, sorry Ayana, just two feet can go in. Roshni says I will go alone. He says its tough. She says I will go it. He says you have to ring the bells without waking the red moon princess, if you break the red moon, then she won’t like it.

Everyone cries seeing Chotu. Tabeezi says its freezing Chotu, Aman and Roshni has to hurry up. Locha says I wish I could save you, don’t worry, Aman will save you. Roshni says I can do anything to save Chotu.Aman asks how will you ring the bells. Guard says just two feet can go inside, you have to ring the bell without using magic. Imran says all the best. Aman thinks and pulls Roshni. He lifts her in arms. She looks at him. He says you said two feet can go in. Guard says there is a famous story, one who is close to heart is much far from heart. He disappears. Aman walks in. Imran stays outside. Tajedaare….plays…. The tower disappears. They see the two bells. Roshni sees Aman. Everyone worries for Chotu. Aman puts Roshni down. Aman and Roshni ring the bells. Everyone at home hears the bells ringing. The moon rock melts and frees Chotu. Everyone smiles seeing Chotu waking up. Dadi and everyone hug Chotu. He smiles seeing Locha giving him a flying kiss.

the red moon princess seeing frozen in her palace. Aman and Roshni ring the bells. The ice breaks and she awakens. She gets up from her throne and gets angry. Aman, Roshni and Imran leave. They are on the way. Imran sees them and says don’t worry about the red princess, guards work in double shift and lie such, I know Deepika’s guard, he also does the same drama. Aman thinks why is she so silent. Roshni thinks its our 2nd year anniversary, he will not remember. Aman thinks its our 2nd anniversary, she will not remember. Imran thinks I m feeling hungry, they will not remember. Aman and Roshni think the same thing and look at each other. Imran thinks they have no time to think about others, they are just staring at each other. Kabir smiles seeing the moon. He says its time to go on the moon. He makes a red cloud. He goes to the moon.

Aman hugs Chotu. They smile. Roshni also hugs Chotu. She cries and says when everything got fine, then I will take my mum and go. Chotu asks Aman to ask her to stop. Parveen says hating Roshni was my big mistake, if they got separated because of me, then I would have never forgiven myself, are they happy together. Tabeezi and Dadi feel sad. Parveen asks is everything fine, I don’t remember how did I reach hospital, did anything wrong happen. Dadi says no. Parveen asks are Aman and Roshni happy. Dadi says yes, they are happy. Kabir goes to the princess, sitting on the moon. She says no one dares to break my dream, how did anyone dare to break the red moon in the dream. He says it was the truth, red moon is broken. She asks why did a Zehraal come to me. He says I came to show you the truth. He removes the blindfold. He asks her to see it herself. He shows Aman and Roshni breaking the moon with their powers. She asks who are they.

Saima and everyone ask Roshni to stay back. Roshni says everyone does want this. Aman asks why are you stopping her if she wants, she can go with anyone sh wants. Roshni gets leaving. Kabir says I can take you to them. The princess says I will just decide their punishment, my soldiers will go to punish them. The huge snow dogs appear. Kabir cuts his hand and says follow the blood smell, you will reach there. She says it means you have the same blood. He says fate, I request you that the blood shed shouldn’t stop. She sends the dogs. Her eyes turn red. He looks at her.

Parveen says we should celebrate Aman’s anniversary together. Aman says I have to tell you a lot of things. Dadi signs no. Parveen asks what. He says party arrangements. She says I have understood that Roshni is your happiness. Chotu asks how will party happen, Roshni is leaving. Roshni sees her room and cries. Kahani hamari….plays… She recalls their moments. Aman comes. She says I was just leaving. He says actually… She asks is there any problem, is Chotu fine. He says no, its our anniversary party today, mum just got conscious, she doesn’t know we are separated, she will be shocked, if you could stay back in anniversary party.

She says your mum will know the lie, why shall I listen, why shall I pretend to love you and give fake smile. He says I m ready to do anything, please. She says fine, but I have a condition. He says total rubbish, fine, tell me. She recalls his words. She asks did you see Joru ka ghulam. He asks what’s this. She says movie. He signs no. He says I don’t watch such movies, what’s this weird condition to watch the movie. She says its not that. He says no. She says you will become such henpecked husband and do all my work. She goes.

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