A magical love story Update Wednesday 13 October 2021


The Frontliners 13 October 2021: Tabeezi asks Roshni if she will return angel’s heart without any competition. Roshni nods yes. Tabeezi says she must have realized that she is unfit to hold angel’s heart. Roshni says she can think same. Tabeezi says there is nothing common between them, she is far superior than her. Roshni says there is one thing common between them, they share same blood as she is her brother Mansoor Ahmed Chaudhry’s daughter. Tabeezi says she is lying.

Roshni says she came to know just now, she was searching her family since childhood and didn’t realize her aunt is near her, her aunt used to help her when nobody else; she didn’t inform Aman about coming here as he wants to protect her at any cost. Tabeezi says get ready to return angel’s heart on golden sun’s night. Roshni nods yes and leaves. Tabeezi thinks she can trust Roshni, but not Aman and thinks of checking in Ilme Jinn.Aman searches clue for sword in library and finds that he can get Roshni’s father Mansoor Ahmed Khan’s sword. He calls Bazigar to get more clue when Roshni walks in and asks what is he doing with Bazigar. Aman nervously lies that they are going on a walk. Roshni laughs. Aman says Bazigar used to be slim before, but not now. Bazigar disappears. Roshni says Bazigar doesn’t want to go on a walk and asks him to wait while she prepares food for him.

Aman thinks he has to leave home somehow. Roshni returns and warns him to stay there. She geos out to get vegetables when rain falls only on her and she thinks Aman is doing that, but doesn’t find him; thinks fountain nearby must have done it. She returns to kitchen to prepare food and gets more clues, finally realizes that fountain is calling her towards it.Rehaan and Shayari’s nok jhok continues. Shayari tests ilme jinn and questions it about golden sun’s night. It reveals that there will be many wars will happen on that night and after that. Rehaan says this may be duplicate ilme jinn and asks to question how to to get out of her. Answer appears, they don’t find way out and Rehaan says he told its fake. Shayari says since its a copy and mirror of real ilme jinn, they should read it opposite and she finds door out.

Aman gets out of house and finds clue that he has to hold 3 stars in his hands and bear their heat to get sword. He calls stars, but is unable to tolerate their weight, so he thinks he has to provoke is evil side to tolerate their weight.Aman stabs himself thinking this is the only way to provoke the beast within him. He turns into a beast and lifts heavy sofa in 1 hand. Roshni walks towards fountain leaving Arman nearby. She wakes up, finds herself in a dark place, and thinks if fountain sucked her inside it. She uses her magic in vain and calls Arman. Her mother’s soul emerges and moves. Roshni follows her to a locked trunk. She tries to open it with magic in vain. Aman walks towards Armaan. Daadi, Sara, Saima, and Ammi hold him with chains and try to control him chanting family slogan. He pushes them away and frees himself. Voiceover says only Roshni can correct him. Roshni pleads her mother to sing the lullaby she used to sing.

She reminisces it and signs lullaby. Trunk opens. Aman walks towards Arman while daadi pleads him to get back to normal. Starts emerge and fall down. Aman holds them. Family pleads to leave stars. Daadi says she doesn’t know what is he doing, he should leave stars or else he will burn. Voiceover says only Roshni can save Aman. Roshni finds a ring with a mark similar to her bangle and thinks she will protect it, thinks why ammi wanted to give her this ring and what was it doing since years.

Roshni walks out and kisses Aman. Aman gets back to normal self and drops stars. One more star falls down. Aman tries to pick it, but Roshni stops him. Aman says this was the only way to get king of jinn’s sword and save her from golden sun’s night’s mishap.Rehaan asks Shayari to give mirror to him to break it as they cannot get ilme jinn book without breaking it. Shayari stops him and their nok jhok starts. She gets book out of mirror with magic and walks away with him. A monster gets out of mirror.Roshni asks Aman what was he doing. Aman says this was the only way and he cannot wait till golden sun’s night to save her, he will go to any extent to save her and this is his love for her. Roshni makes him rest and applies ointment on his hand burns. They spend quality time together.

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