A love to die for update Thursday 24 February 2022

A love to die for 24 February 2022: Raj says how is this possible. He wakes Tara up and says how did you come here? Where is Arohhi? Deep says I will tell you where is Aroho. You are wondering your game failed? I saw when you came to my room to faint me and I fainted Tara and replaced her with Arohi. He says you played a game so I played mine too. I am the master of this game. This gun has only one bullet. They start a duel.

Arohi wakes up and says where is deep? She calls him but he doesn’t pick. Deep pulls trigger but it doesn’t fire. raj pulls and it doesn’t fire. Deep takes the gun again. Raj snatches the gun from him. Guru ma sees them. She calls someone and says you did this? The person says I didn’t.
Deep says whoever fools me has to face this. He ties Tara and Raj on a bomb. He says you two have only 10 minutes.Guru ma says they have made a plan to trap me I have to run from here. She runs from her room. Arohi looks and says why is she running from her room.

Arohi comes to her room but guru ma isn’t there. Arohi sees the closet. Guru ma hits her head. She says sorry arohi but I can’t let you go to that secret. Arohi wakes up and faints her. She says I have o know the secret. Arohi sees a locket. It has photo of a kid and some letters.Tara says do something. This bomb will blast. Tara tries to cut the wires. The bomb doesn’t blast. Deep says on recording scared? Raj says this devil that you created for your mission will destroy you.Arohi looks at the photo and says what is this. Raj comes. He says Ia sked you not to go anywhere. She says why ar eyou telling me that. Deep shoves her and leaves. Arohi wonders why is he misbehaving. Raj slaps Arohi. Arohi says I can’t put up with all this. He can’t treat me this way. Deep comes in. Arohi slaps him. She says you can’t misbehave with me like that. I wont live with you anymore. She hits him. Deep hugs her and says I am sorry. He hugs her. Deep takes Arohi to a room. He says I love you I can’t live without you.

Aorhi says you can never be understood. You always misbehave with me. Deep comes close to him.Police comes to the house. They take fingerprints of everyone in the house. Raj replaced his fingerprints with deep’s.Arohi knocks on the door and says deep please open. She opens the window and runs from there. Arohi comes downstairs. She comes to a room. Arohi sees news about deep. She says but he was with me in that house. Raj says to Wasu I wanna know how arohi got to know. Wasu feels like someone is listening. arohi is outside. Tara sees her. arohi leaves.

Virat says where is deep. Deep comes from the outdoor. Aorhi is confused. Deep says you were looking for me.
Opasna says deep’s finger prints have matched. arohi says tell them you didn’t do anything. Deep says when I havent’ done anything why should I be scared.
Arohi hears Virat and opasna planning against deep. Tara comes and says don’t try to be smart.Deep comes to raj. Deep throws the ring on his face. He says better remember your worth. Don’t mess with me. Raj says my next plan has arohi in it too. Deep slaps him and says dont dare taking her name.Deep says don’t even be seen near her. arohi looks for deep. She says he has gone somewhere again. Tara sits with deep in the car. She says that secret tell it to me. Deep says shut up.Arhi recalls everything that has been happening. she says what could he be hiding? Raj comes and says how do I look? She sees bruise on his hand again that got mission. arohi stands up. Arohi says lets go somewhere out. Raj says in heart when I sleep wit your wife you will know deep who I really am.Arohi and raj come to poolside. They dance with each other. Arohi takes out her gun while dancing. She puts it on his head. Arohi calls deep. He hears gun shots. deep comes running to the pool side. Aorhi is in water and there is blood. Deep picks Arohi and says I wont let anything. She opens her eyes. She says look behind. Arohi is there on the bench fainted. Deep is dazed.

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