A love to die for update Wednesday 23 February 2022


A love to die for 23 February 2022: Arohi sees deep’s back only. She says who is deep talking to? Raj says lets see who wins the one who made the devil or the devil. Someone hits Arohi on head. She faints. Deep runs to her. He says Arohi.. Raj leaves from there.Doctor checks Arohi and says she will be fine. The person who hit her was Tara. SHe comes home. Deep says how dare you hit Arohi. she says there is another surprise for you. I know you did all this. He says I don’t need to tell you anything. He says for tis arohi you left me. Deep says go from here. She says I will tell her everything. Deep says you can’t dare doin that. DEep says why did you go out. Arohi says who were you talking to? He says some business matter. She says he has resemblance with you before I could see his face someone hit me. Deep says you were hit. You need rest.

Tara calls deep. She shows his name on her back as tattoo. She says see I love you. Deep says stop this drama. Arohi wakes up and sees Deep’s photo. Guru ma comes. Aroihi hugs her. she says guru ma are you still mad at me? Do you think I am responsible? Guru ma says I know you aren’t. But I am mother couldn’t handle that pain. So I said all that. But I couldn’t stay away from you for long. Why did you shout? She says I saw a bad dream. Arohi my head hurts. Guru ma says did you see any difference in deep’s attitude? Arohi says wy are you asking that? Guru ma says just be careful. She leaves. Aroi wonders what she meant.

Deep says if you are done with all this I am leaving. Tara says if I tell aroi everything.. Apply this lotion. He does. Tara hugs him. Arohi sees him. She leaves.Raj stop Arohi. She says you were with Tara. Raj says lets go out and talk.deep says to tara stay away from me. Tara says if you want me to stay quite, better do as I say. Deep says don’t dare blackmailing me. I will give you painful death.

Raj takes Arhoi out. He says please eat. I will make you eat. She says I am not hungry. He injures his hand. aroi says what did you do.. He says let me clean it. He goes to restroom. Real deep comes there and slaps him in the corner. Deep says how dare you bring arohi here. Do what I asked you. real deep goes to Arohi. Arohi wonders where his bruise is gone. Arohi says what is happening. Things have changed you came from Goa. I wanna know what truth is. Deep says lets go from here. DEep says no time for these question. She says I wont go until you tell me what are you hiding. Deep is silent.

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