A love to die for update Friday 18 March 2022

A love to die for 18 March 2022: Netra sees the same footage on TV. Deep comes and says I want to take you somewhere. He takes Netra on a romantic date. Netra says in heart I can’t understand anything. Deep says you are so special to me. You make everything better. They leave. Deep saves a girl from a car. Netra says are you okay? He says yes I am. Netra dresses his wound. This was all planted. Deep comes home. Wasu says how did this happen? deep says nothing. Saved a girl. Wasy says you should rest. Deep says you should rest too.

Arohi comes in and says where is my room? What happened? I am deep’s wife. You can’t marry when you already have a wife. This marriage is null and void. She says to NEtra this man is a devil. He has ruined my life. Netra says I wont hear a word against my husband. DEep says Netra you don’t have to worry. Netra recalls deep said I will tell you everything about Arohi. she cheated on me. She made me go through this accident and I lost my vision. Deep said she would come back and she would try to part us. It is upto you what you choose.

Netra says you are the who ruined everyting. How can a woman be like you. I saved your life qand you are trying to ruin mine? Arohi says I am trying to save yours. This man is a devil. Netra says go from here. He is my husband and I wont hear a word against him. Netra gives wasu watr. Wasu says thank you Netra for what you did. Se says I know deep is right and Arohi is wrong. Netra says I would always stand by deep. Arohi recalls what netra said. A car follows her. Arohi runs. Arohi says get out of the car. SHe hits the car but there is no one inside. arohi is dazed. Arohi says I know its you deep. Jatin blares horn from remote. Arohi screams. She sits in corner. Jatin calls Deep and says I did what you asked.

Netra says I always doubted him but not anyone. I will trust my husband now. She gets ready. Tara throws her pictures with deep on the bed. It is of Deep’s marriage with Arohi. Tara says this is not me. This is Arohi. Netra is dazed. Netra takes the photos and throws them on Tara.. She walks on them and says I knew you would do something to provoke me against deep. I trust him and I know your real face. Get out of here. Tara says you are dumb and blind. Deep comes. He says i dont’ know what to do. First Arohi and then Tara. Netra says i trust you completely.

Wasu says to Arohi deep did wrong with you. Motherly love made me blind but he has changed. He isn’t like what he used. when you left he was heartbroken. Netra brought him back to life. Please let them live. Deep wont ever harm you. Please forget past. Start life anew. Arohi says you feel the pain for your son? Didn’t you feel it when he ruined my life. I lost everything because of him and I will ruin his life.Arohi does pooja and recalls what Netra says. She says I have to get Netra out of deep’s trap. She doesn’t know what she is stuck with. Netra and Deep come to temple to pray. Netra says I come here whenever I have a wish or I have to thank God. Deep says I want to thank God for giving me you. Arohi is in the same temple. Tara says I wont let anyone be in Deep’s life. Deep and netra tie thred but it breaks.

Deep comes to his room. He hears bangles. Deep says netra is that you. It’s Arohi with a dagger. Deep comes close to her Netra is coming that way. Arohi hugs Dep. Nettra sees Deep. She says deep.. Deep says you are there. arohi says we love each other deep. Ask her not to come between us. Deep says go from here. Arohi hugs him. Deep says Netra.. Netra leaves. Tara sees all this and laughs.deep looks for Netra. arohi says she is gone. Deep says welcome back to my life arohi. You know who I am. Netra is crying.

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