A love to die for update Friday 8 April 2022

A love to die for 8 April 2022: Deep sits with Netra. He says you saw what I did? If you wanna live life, live it with open eyes. The only option you have is to take money from me. Netra’s mom says to doctor how can you ask us to take him from here? We will lose his life. Netra comes. She says ma don’t worry I will arrange money. Ma says Netra I beg you.. There is nothing more important than you dad. Netra says don’t worry. I will manage money. Deep says I am here. Nothing will happen to your husband.

Arohi sees a hole near her bed. She says don’t do this. Please help me someone. There are holes everywhere in the house.
deep says to virat what are you doing in my room? Wanna shoot? Virat says I don’t attack like a coward. Here is the earring of Netra. It was found in your room. that means she was right about her kidnap. You deserve this hand cuff.Netra says papa I am taking money from deep. But I will return everything I promise. Deep is behind the wall. Mohan tries to point at him. Netra says you want to say something.. She calls doctor. Mohan writes deep on the paper.

Virat says enough of your games. deep says this is my game. Tara comes there and says stop it. Tara takes earring from Virat. Virat says you are taking his side? He is fooling you. Doctor hides the paper an says e is coma again. Netra says to doctor no he moved his finger. Deep comes to wasu an says Tara is my woman. She has done so much for me. Tara overhears this. Tara hugs him.Tara comes to Mohan’s room as a nurse. Watchman stops her. She throttles watchman and goes in. Netra goes out of room to drink water. She hears noise but Tara hides. Tara comes to Mohan’s room. Deep says stop Tara.

I knew you would come. He says why do you ruin my game all the time. You thought you can kill him>? I have a better plan. We can liev a better life. She says if you want me to trust you tell me what are you upto. He says I can’t tell you until I execute. Deep faints tara and asks his man to take her home.Deep brings knife and says to Mohan I am sorry I have to do all this. He is about to stab.. Netra comes in. She see knife on the floor. She screams.. She checks mohan and says he is fine. Then this blood.. Deep says netra.. He is bleeding. He says Netra someone came to attack your father. I came in front of him. Netra screams for help. She takes home after he is treated.

Deep says how is your father? Netra says better. Deep says I hope he is. Netra says thank you for saving him. SHe says time for your meds. He says i am not a patient. She says I dont’ care you need medicine.
Wasu says to Netra sit here. She says what do you think of deep? She says what? Netra says he is a nice human. But he acts weird at times. I am always confused about him. Wasu says it is not easy to understand him. Deep is hearing everything. Wasu says he is angry and this way after what happened to him. She says deep saved my papa’s life. I will always take care of him. deep says to his man prepare for the wedding. I will marry her on 22nd. Netra sees her mother’s earring. she says it was stolen. Tara gets ready as bride.

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