Blue venom girl update Friday 8 April 2022

Blue venom girl 8 April 2022: Vardaan tells Malay that she will stay in guest house from today and picks her items. Malay says as she wishes and leaves room. Vardaan packs her bag and thinks she is doing this for Malay’s safety. She walks out of room with her bag. Apu stops her on the way and thanks her for getting out of her and Malay’s way. Vardaan asks if she will forgive herself and leaves. Apu then peeps into Malay’s room and sees him arranging Vardaan’s torn letter and thinks he lost his love. She fumes and thinks she will get Vardaan out of Malay’s heart before their marriage. She goes to her room and looking at her bridal dress and thinks Malay will remember only her and not Vardaan.

Malay in his room vents his anger on punching bag. Vardaan comes back and says she forgot his bag. He turns back and she picks her bag and leaves crying. In the morning, Vardaan prepares breakfast for Malay. Avi asks when she loves Malay so much, why is she leaving him. Malay comes for breakfast and greets Nandita. Vardaan brings his favorite omlette. He says he needs corn flakes and asks Apu to bring it to his room. Apu asks Vardaan to back off, she will prepare breakfast for Malay.Haldi rituals start. Kalpana brings haldi with neighbors and asks Kumkum to apply haldi on Apu. Malay says Vardaan will apply and tells Vardaan they should share sorrows together.

Neighbors discuss last time Apu escaped and this time she hopes she will be present for marriage. Malay and Apu sit for haldi. Kalpana dances with neighbors and asks to play loud music. She makes some sound which bengalis usually make during functions. Evil lady who is hiding there feels uneasy hearing this sound.Malay asks Vardaan to come and apply hadli on him. She does. Guests discuss Malay is going out of limits, he is asking his first wife to apply haldi, must have learnt it in London. Malay says Vardaan when she has removed sindhoor and mangalsutra after divorce, she should remove even his family bangles, Apu has right on it now. Apu gets happy hearing it.

Malay asks Vardaan to return his family bangles as she does not have right on them after divorcing him. Vardaan sadly dorns bangles in Apu’s hands. Apu gets happy. Kalpana asks Apu to go and take bath. Apu walks towards her room thinking soon Malay will love her and reminisces Malay asking her to bring breakfast. She sees evil lady Kasturi there, Kasturi hides. Apu goes to bathroom and takes steam bath. Kasturi calls brahmarakshas and he comes as black smoke, mixes in steam and tries to kill Apu. Apu soffocated. Vardaan comes and sees Kasturi there and asks who is she. She says she is laborer and came to keep something there. She sees exhaust fan off and switches it on.

Bhramarashas is forced out of exhaust fan. Kalpana starts bengali sound and even Kasturi feels sofficating and escapes from there.Apu comes out of room and asks who switched on fan. Vardaan says she. Apu thinks unknowingly Vardaan saved her life again. She reminisces earlier incident and thinks it was brahmarakshas adn Kasturi must be somewhere around.Apu then gets ready and goes for next rituals. Malay comes wearing dhoti. Vardaan slips and he holds her. Their eyes lock. Guests start badmouthing. Apu then sits for ritual and Kalpana sees her skin turning blue without neem/tulsi beed. She drapes silk cloth around Apu and says it is part of ritual and asks Apu to get up now. Guests say ritual with Malay is not finished yet.

Kalpana says Apu will come back ad takes her towards room. Apu informs about Kasturi and they both search beeds in whole room. They then see it in corridor and is about to pick when Malay comes speaking over phone. Kalpana stands in front while Apu wears her beed. She get up and congratulates Malay for their first ritual. Once Malay leaves, Apu says Kalpana if Kasturi can come here and harm her, she can harm her anywhere, so she has to be alert. Kalpana says she will tackle Kasturi.

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