A love to die for update Monday 11 April 2022

A love to die for 11 April 2022: Netra finds everything in Deep’s room. She says so deep is responsible for all this? Deep comes in. Netra throttles him and says you tried killing my dad. How dare you harm my family. Deep says what are you saying.. Mind your language. Tara smirks and says she would be out of deep’s control. Deep says netra what are you saying. She says I am going to police.Netra comes to police station. she says deep attacked my father and did all this. You have to arrest him. Virat says you are right. You found this jewelry in his house but deep is innocent.

This man is. They have already arrested someone. He says we found proofs of this man attacking your father. You should be rather thankful to deep for helping you. Deep comes in. Netra comes and says I am really sorry. I repent what I did. Deep says I should be apologizing you. I failed to understand someone for the first time in life. I was looking for someone who wasn’t selfish. Someone who would understand me. But you are not that person. He walks away. Netra says sir please pardon me. I am sorry please. He walks on the road. A truck is coming towards Deep. Netra saves him. she says I am really sorry. Thank God you are okay.A man says Arohi wake up. He has electric rods in hand. He says people who paid me to keep you here don’t need you anymore. He comes towards Arohi with a rod. Aroi says don’t hit me please.Tara asks servant to prepare for the functions. Wasu says what is all this for? She says I am marrying deep on 20th march. SHe says give me blessings. Come shop with me. Wasu says our choices are different so we better not shop with each other. Tara puts knife on her throad and says better enjoy this wedding or you know what can Tara do.Deep comes home. He says ma are you okay? Wasu says yes I am.Tara says to Virat why did you do all this? He says I did all this to save you.

Deep is fooling you. Deep comes and says I don’t love that netra. I am doing all this for our future. Why don’t you understand. Do anything to stop this wedding, if you succeed I will marry you but if you fail, I will marry Netra. Here is the card.Someone kidnaps Netra’s brother.Netra says to deep I am so sorry. I didn’t understand you. Netra’s mom calls. She says someone took your broter. . Netra says sir I have to go. Deep says where are you going? Someone calls Netra and says if you want your brother back, go away from deep.Deep says tell me what happened.. She says my mother I have to run. She shoves deep and runs.

Tara stops Netra and says it’s mehndi. Where are you going? come let’s put mehndi. She says I have some family problem. Tara says get lost Deep comes downstairs. Tara says groom.. Mehndi isn’t over. Where are you going. He says I know you are behind all this. Tara says I am behind you. Deep leaves.Tara stops Wasu and says where are you going? Come dance with me. Wasu says stop all this. You did this to Netra. Tara says I am your DIL why are you thinking about an outsider. Deep comes to Netra’s house He says tell me what happened. SHe says go from here. Since you came in my life all these problems started. Your family is doing all this. I will leave this city. You are causing all this problem. I dont’ knoww what to do. Deep says I am responsible for all this. Because of me your brother is kidnapped. I didn’t know tara would stoop this low. she is dazed. She says why tara? Deep says I love you and she is jealous of you. Netra is dazed. Deep comes close to Netra. Netra asks deep to leave.

Deep comes to his car. He says what an actor I am. Netra comes running to Deep.
The kidnapper asks Aroh where is that girl and where she lives? Arohi says I know nothing about her. He opens her chains. Arohi faints. He calls someone and sayss he fainted. Arohi hits him with his rod.deep comes to Tara nd says what is this craziness? If you wanna marry me marry me right now. But dont’ ruin Netra’s life. Tara throttles Netra. She says I will kill you. Deep hits Tara.. He hugs Netra and says are you okay? You should go from here. NEtra goes upstairs. The kidnapper hits Aroi back. Deep’s man calls him and says she is with me. Netra says to dee I am sorry for all that I said. He says it isn’t your fault. It is mine. i am responsible for all your trouble. She says I didn’t mean that. He says all that I feel for you will be over once I marry Tara. Netra walks out. Deep shuts the door.

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