Wedding planners update Sunday 23 January 2022

Wedding planners 23 January 2022: The Episode starts with KT running inside the temple. He says Lord was testing me, I understood now, I feel so happy, I want to thank Lord. Preeti asks what happened suddenly. He says your identity isn’t snatched from you, you are…. Nani comes and says Preeti isn’t in her room, don’t know where did she go, come, Vishal is also finding her. Vishal and Preeti call out the girl. She asks KT to go. The dogs bark. Little Preeti runs and falls in a pit. Vishal complains about Mohi/Preeti. He says she has taken my daughter away. Preeti gets the bag. The girl calls out Preeti. Preeti worries seeing her in pit. She asks KT to save her. KT says I m here, don’t worry.

Preeti encourages the girl and asks her not to cry. KT takes Preeti’s dupatta and asks the girl to hold it. He pulls the girl upwards. The girl falls back. He says don’t worry, try again. He holds her hand and pulls her upwards. Preeti hugs the girl and says I would die without you. KT looks on. Preeti thanks him. He drops them home. She says you are much hurt. She asks him to show his hand, he is hurt. She does the aid and ties her dupatta cloth to his hand. She calls him out. He says yes, tell me. She thanks him for help. He says I have seen many relations, weak and strong, but you love this girl a lot, I m seeing this for the first time, I will pray that your love stays the same. He goes.

Preeti says he helped us a lot, I didn’t ask his name. The girl says ask him when we meet him next time. Preeti says the way he helped us today, really, Lord sends his people to help us, we will go home. The girl refuses. Preeti says Vishal loves you, he scolds by love, come with me. She sees Vishal with police. Vishal says she is the one, she had run away with Preeti. Preeti says no, I was bringing her home. The girl says yes, she saved me. Vishal argues with Preeti. He says arrest Preeti. The girl says leave her, no one will take her, she is really good, she saved me, I ran away from the house because of Papa, he had ousted Preeti from the house, she loves me a lot, I love her, he always scolds us. Inspector asks is she telling the truth, you want to make the guardian away, be thankful that she found your daughter soon, control your anger.

Nani hugs the girl. She asks Preeti to come home. Preeti refuses. Vishal asks Preeti to come home with them. Preeti goes. Kushala asks why didn’t you tell Preeti that she is your wife. KT says I couldn’t say anything, she loves that girl. Nani says Mohi loves Preeti, you will lose Preeti if Mohi goes. KT says I can’t make that girl away from Preeti, she doesn’t remember us, she has earned that relation in the last 5 years. Priyanka says Juhi got to know that Preeti is alive, she went to meet her. Juhi goes to meet Preeti. KT comes there and stops Juhi. Juhi says I want to meet my mum. KT says we can’t tell her anything. KT bringing Juhi home. He says I also want to talk to Preeti, but thought of speaking to her doctor first. Doctor says you did right, she is mentally affected because of that surgery, you shouldn’t tell her about the past. Juhi says there will be some way. Doctor says we may lose Preeti forever if we remind her anything. KT says no one will tell Preeti about her past. He thanks the doctor and goes.

Preeti takes care of her daughter. She says if anything happened to you, then I couldn’t live, when we lose faith on humanity, we get to meet angels and we get faith on goodness again, that man comes to help me always, on the other hand, KT is troubling me, I have to just think good, I will ask his name when I meet him next time, why am I smiling now. KT and Neil have a talk. Neil asks can you stay away and see Preeti, can you stay happy this way. KT says don’t know. Neil says we can’t remind past to Preeti, you can make new memories, you are KT, your magic can work on her. KT says if she knows I m KT, she will not talk to me. He says I will make a new place for myself in her life, like in my movie. Vishal makes tea for Preeti. She thanks him.

She hears KT’s radio show. She says it happens that you want to thank someone, we meet people in life, some people just leave soon, but some touch our hearts, they become special, it also happens when we turn to see, that person isn’t in front, we wish to thank the person, I have come with a solution for you, you can call Retro rangila and express your feelings. Preeti thinks its a good idea to call him. She calls the radio station and connects to KT. She says my name is Mohi, I m a very big fan of your voice, since I came to Udaipur, I hear your show every day. He says you have come too late. She says I didn’t get a chance before, I want to thank someone who saved my daughter. He smiles and says of course, I will play this special song for that special person, take care. He plays Dil diyan gallan….. He imagines Preeti and dances with her.

Preeti sees the girl making a moustache on her Nani’s face. She smiles. Nani wakes up and asks what did you teach her. Vishal says its okay, she is a little kid, go and wash your face. Preeti thinks something is different. She gets a job call. She asks shall I come now, but I have some imp work right now. She ends call. She says I got a call for the interview. Vishal says I will drop Preeti to school, you can go for the interview, you know the job is necessary for us. She says fine, I will tell her and come. He says she will cry if you meet her, I will tell her. She says if she makes a mistake, then forgive her, I will go. She leaves. The girl gets ready and comes to call Preeti. Vishal says she has gone for an imp interview, I will drop you to the school. He asks her not to get sad, work is also imp, you love her a lot.

KT and Neil are in the market. KT says I will not listen to you, will you not help me, I m already nervous. Neil says we will set this matter today. KT says Mohi has come. Neil says don’t go after her, wait for the right time, your time will come. A man stops Preeti and asks for his money. She says we will pay the money soon, leave my way. The man holds her hand and asks will I listen to you, give my money. KT goes and stops the man. He twists the man’s hand. Preeti says leave him. KT says he will not get his manners. The man says you have called your friend, I will see you soon, I want my money in a week’s time, if I don’t get my money, then I will take all the stuff from your home.

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