A love to die for update Monday 23 May 2022

To die for love 23 May 2022: Deep sees Wasu. He says what? Ma can’t be CBI officer. She can’t fool me. But what is she doing there? Aorhi comes there with mask. Wasu says who are yo? Why is there a dagger in your hand? Do you plan on killing me? Wasu leaves. Deep says I have to find out who is behind this mask. Another person comes in. Arohi leaves. Deep takes off other person’s mask. It is a guard. Arohi says to Randhir deep is doing so much for me and my family I should tell him everything. Randhir says this isn’t the right time. We have to find that person. Once we have that person you can tell deep. Randhirqàqw says we have everyone in the suscipicion circle. Arohi says I don’t think it could be wasu. Randhr says that CBI officer will be working with you soon. The secret should remain between us. Tarank says what secret? Randhir says nothing.

WAsu says the whole family is eating together. Deep says a good family doesn’t have secrets. Arohi comes. Wasu says an outsider came too. Ranjit says don’t say bitter things about Arohi. DEep says ma where did you go? She says to doctor. I wasn’t well. deep says why did you get scared? I was just joking. And Arohi you also needed a doctor? Ranjit says let’s eat. DEep says yeah we may or may not get a chance to eat together again.Arohi comes to her room. Someone sprinkle flowers on her. There is a sorry card. ARohi says what is all this? Deep says I am sorry for all that you had to suffer for. I know it hurts when your own person hides something from you. But I know you wont ever lie to me. He hugs her.

Arohi is in tears. She recalls deep saying he has trust on her. Kiya comes. Arohi hugs her. Kiya says I was really missing you. Arohi says I am really worried. She says in heart maybe kiya knows about boss. Arohi says I am worried for my family a lot. It can be anyone. Maybe deep. Kiya says no he is a good man. Arohi says and wasu.. Kiya says she is innocent. Arohi says and Ranjit.. Kiya gets scared and silent. Arohi wonders why.Deep calls someone and says I can tell you a news that can create a bustle in the country. In two hours I will know who is CBI officer. Deep meets a spy and says I have a news you can tell your police.Ranjit asks wasu you lied to deep. She says yes I lied. I got a call. I went to somewhere but there was no one. Then someone came with hidden face. I don’t know who she was.Arohi asks Ranjit can I ask you a question? He says do you doubt me because of deep? She says so you want me to doubt deep so someone else has his space? Arohi gets a call. She says I am coming.

Arohi meets her dad. She tells Deeo that Ranjit is CBI officer. Kiya listens too.
Arohi says you are right papa. I dont’ know there’s something. I can’t see it. I have to go. deep is mad at me. She leaves.Arohi comes home. She says deep.. Where are you. Se calls him but he doesn’t pick. Arohi texts please come back I am waiting home.Deep comes home in the morning. ARohi says where did you go? Please dont’ do all this. He says your lies are killing me. Don’t waste your time on me. He leaves.Ranjit says deep eat with us. He says I am not hungry. No one has to wait for me. Arohi says I will give breakfast in his room.Arohi says you are mad at me. Why are you not eating. I made your favorite things. He says stay away from me. I don’t want you near me. He ties her and says don’t leave this house. don’t come between me and my mission. I wont let you manipulate me anymore. Ranjit comes and releases Arohi. He says go and see where is he going. She says deep gave me a swear not to go after him.Ranjit says he isn’t what you think he is. Go and catch him. rohi says I should have told him. I have hurt him.Deep says I am the real player in this chess. she doesn’t know how I played with her.

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