A love to die for update Thursday 17 March 2022

A love to die 17 March 2022: Deep says in heart she will nerve know why I married Netra. Tara says Deep i will not let you use me anymore. I will send Netra away from you. Sameer sees Chakor and says what are you doing here? She says I will tell you later. A guy collides with Sameer. They fight each othr. Sameer leaves. Arohi is looking for NEtra. Wasy sees Arohi and says i can’t believe my eyes. I am so happy you are alive. I can understand your pain. But please dont’ part Netra and Deep. Aroh says I have neverr sees somoene more selish. You only care about your son. I wont let him ruin Deep’s life. WAsu says he has changed. She brought colors in his life. He was so alone without you. Forgive my son. Arohi leaves.

Anjy says to Sameer I am sorry. He says I am not here for you. Anjy says I love you. Sameer shoves her. she is drunk. Anjy and Sammer dance of sun saathiya. Sameer shoves her and leaves. Netra sees Arohi from the window. She says is she the same girl? Did she say anything to me when I was drunk. Netra says listen stop Deep and Wasu come. Netra says she was a girl. she was trying to tell me something I can’t recall. Deep says we have to go from here.Anjy says sameer sorry. Her mom takes her from there. Her father says why are you after her. Sameer says she is after me. Father says I know you very well. Deep says he is my employee I asked him to be here.

Taa is angry. She says to Mohini I am so angry. Mohini says you are a loser. Tara says I know you ar ehere to kill someone as well. Mohini says let’s help each other in our plans. Tara says I just want kill Netra.Arohi hears Netra and Mohini’s conversation. She sees Jatin. She says jatin stop. Someone is trying to kill netra. He is Mohini’s man no Jatin. He faints Arohi.Chakor says to Anjy you are drunk. Anju says you look like my mom. Don’t tell mom Mohini sees them. Tara and Mohini hide under table. Chakor comes with water. Anjy isn’t there. she looks for Anjy..

Anju’s mom says what is the plan? Tara says we aren’t successful. Mohini’s worker comes and says where is my price? She opens the floor. The girl falls under ground and a crocodile there eats her. She says this is my weapon.Netra is dancing. Chakor is looking for Anju. Anju says I am here. Mohini says I will send you to my daughter. Chakor falls down. Mohini calls Poman and says I have killed chakor and anjy. Ponam says what daughter? Mohini says her daughter. Mohhini says that’s my daughter. she comes and slaps Mohini. Ponam says where is my daughter. Mohini says you ruined my plan. You will also die with your daughter. She throws ponam under groud too.

Wasu isn’t well. Deep calls doctor. A nurse comes. Deep holds her hand and says arohi. It is someone else. Jatin says this isn’t Arohi. Dee says I know she is arohi. He says you wont be able to come between me and my wife Netra. The girl says I am not Arohi. She says I can’t work here. She leaves. Deep says how could I miss. Netra calls her mom. Her phone falls. she sees a paper under bed. It’s Arohi wirtten with blood. Netra is dazed. The nurse comes to Arohi and says I used your perfume. He confused me with you. Arohi says well done. She gives her money. Arohi says I am coming Deep.

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