A lockdown love update Tuesday 15 February 2022


Lockdown Love 15 February 2022: Sumitra confronts Pratham and goes to sleep, fuming Pratham. Sashikant from living room loudly asks how are they feeling, if they need anything, they can inform him as he is sleeping in living room. Pratham walks to him saying what feeling, AC is not working at all. Sumitra walks in next and says they will manage. Sashikant says he didn’t check AC as still the temperature is not that high, he will get it repaired tomorrow and shift them to different room. Elder brother with Dhruv and Amber walks down asking Amber not to worry as he will shift him to parent’s room. Dhruv says AC compressor is not working. Amber says AC is at 21 degrees, but not cooling at all. Pratham taunts Sashikant again. Sumitra scolds Amber to adjust for 1 day. Dhruv says he checked bhaiya’s room and will shift everyone to that room. Sashikant asks him to call AC tech. Power goes off.

Servant says doesn’t know when it will come. Amber asks Dhrvu to give wifi password.Sonam lying on bed smiles looking at her and Dhruv’s video. She feels warm and opens window to enjoy cool breeze. She then looks at full moon and walks on terrace to enjoy it light. Dhruv walks in and fans her manually. She says she was remembering him, how did he know she is here. She says he knows without AC, she will not get sleep, so he came to fan her. She plays their favorite romantic song Pal Ek Pal…song.. and walks close to him. They get romantic. She gets afraid hearing sound and hugs Dhruv. Bucket nearby falls down. Nutan wakes up hearing sound and checks her jewelry and money. She hears someone on terrace and holding stick wakes up Sashikant. Sashikant afraid asks what did he do. She says a thief came. Sashikant wakes up servant Batasha and asks to wake up everyone. Everyone gather hearing sound.

Nutan feels awkward seeing Sumitra and Tanu in nighties. Pratham asks Sashikant why don’t he call police. Sashikant says he will handle and taking gun from Batasha walks to terrace with everyone. Seeing thieves under a big basket he points gun at them and warns to come in front. Drama continues. They eagerly watch at thieves to see their faces. Power comes. Everyone are shocked to see Sonam and Dhruv together.Batasha comments that he thought its a thriller story, but its a romantic love story, babuji Sashikant escaped from killing lovers. Sashikant angrily asks Sashikant what is happening.

Dhruv says Sonam was feeling warm without AC and came on terrace. He was passing by and seeing Sonam came up. They were about to go when they heard everyone coming and hid under basket. Elder brother scolds Dhruv. Pratham makes sarcastic comment as usual. Nutan yells it would have been better if it was thief than seeing 2 unmarried person standing intimate. Sumitra scolds Sonam. Sonam says she shouldn’t have met hiding and should meet openly next. Nutan fumes more. Dhruv asks her to go down with family, he will bring his parents down. Sumitra says he is right and takes her family down.Sashikant angrily twists Dhruv’s cheecks and scolds what if neighbors would have seen them, they would have commented that they are enjoying before marriage and created a big issue, this will not happen again in his house, and orders to get AC repaired soon so that Sonam doesn’t have to come on terrace at night again. Downstairs, Tanu asks Sumitra to relax as Sonam met her fiance and not stranger. Sonam and Amber discuss that Dhruv must be bearing Sashikant’s punishment. Batasha walks down holding riffles. Sonam asks if Dhruv knows to use gun. Batasha says he is expert in it, etc.

Sonam takes rifle from him and plays with it. Sumitra asks her to keep it down, Sonam says let her enjoy in her sasural. A lady holding and hiding her face walks in. Sonam points gun at her. Amber says she must be thief. Sonam shouts thief. Dhruv, Shashikant and everyone rush to her. Dhruv seeing lady says she is his aunt/bua. Sonam creates havoc seeing a new woman and thinking her as thief. Dhruv informs her that she is his Sheetal Bua/aunty. Bua panics. Nutan calms her down. Dhruv signals Sonam to touch Bua’s feet. Sonam does. Bua asks who is this girl. Shashikant says she is Dhruv’s fiancee. Sonam explains whole issue. Sheetal asks Nutan if her room is ready. Nutan nervously asks if she was to come tomorrow. Dhruv goes and keeps riffle in its place. Sonam walks to him and says today was very night, terrace, cool breeze, them meeting, etc. Dhruv says let us speak in the morning. She asks him what happened, if pa/Shashikant scolded him. Dhruv says Shashikant twisted his cheeks hardly and warned that he and Sonam cannot meet on terrace before wedding at midnight and if he breaks the rules, he will shoot him. She agrees.

Next morning, Shashikant performs pooja loudly shirtless. Pratham with Sumitra and Tanu walks to him and asks to stop shouting shirtless in the name of pooja, it is plain superstition. Nutan and Sheetal join him. Sheetal asks if he doesn’t believe in god. Pratham says he believes in god and performs pooja silently, but not like Shashikant; he has much richer people in his locality who never perform pooja loudly, but even then they are much richer than Shashikant. Dhruv walks in and touches elders’ feet. Shashikant asks him to take his FIL to room as has become cranky due to lack of sleep. Sonam walks down wearing short night dress. Dhruv rushes to her and takes her to room. Sheetal confronts Pratham that he commented on Shashikant being shritless, but what about his own daughter who is roaming with skimpy clothes shamelessly. Pratham stands fuming. Tanu says it is common.

Dhruv takes Sonam to room and says she cannot wear skimpy night dress here, else his parents will get heart attack. Sonam says she will explain pa and maaji that this is her routine. Dhruv says no, he will tell maa and bauji that she didn’t bring her regular night dress and is wearing shooting dress. Sonam says she will not lie. He asks if she lied to her mother about this 10,000 rs night dress. Sonam says mom would have killed her hearing dress is of 10,000 rs. Dhruv says exactly. Sonam walks towards door. Dhruv tries to pull her back holding her night dress lace, it breaks and falls down, leaving Sonam embarrassed and hiding her modesty. Dhruv stands awestruck. Sonam says he had promised not to see her like this before marriage. He closes eyes and drapes her blanket. She enjoys the moment and smirks. She asks if she should go down like this. He rushes to get her dress. She says something Indian for him as he is cute. He gives her dress and walks down smiling.

Dhruvs friend brings AC mechanic Babloo for AC repair. Dhruv happily hugs them. Pratham shouts to maintain distance. Dhruv part ways. Pratham asks if Babloo can really repair AC. Dhruv asks not to go on his looks, he is all rounder. Babloo comments he will repair AC so good that he will make Dhruv’s in-laws experience Shimla. He walks away with Batasha to check AC. Dhruv noticing Nutan’s anger walks to her and requests her to get some new dresses for Sonam from their tailor. Sonam walks down in modern dress. Everyone are mesmerized with her beauty. Bua walks to her and praising her beauty says she will fix her torn dress, then she will look more beautiful. Drama continues. She asks to prepare tea for everyone. Sonam sits next to Nutan and asks Batasha to prepare coffee for her. Sheetal laughs and says Sonam will prepare tea for everyone. Nutan orders Sonam to get 12 cups tea and ask her family if they like black, green, blue tea. Sheetal laughs. Sonam stands nervous. Dhruv requests Ankita bhabhi to help Sonam in finding ingredients, signalling to help Sonam. Ankita takes Sonam towards kitchen.

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