To die for love Update Friday 5 November 2021


To die for love 5 November 2021: The doctor says you.. SHe says you changed my face. He says who are you and why are you here? Arohi says you changed my face and took everything from me. If anyone doesn’t know me here why were they all shocked. Doctor says security take her out. Watchmen take her out.Tara says to inspector I want to track location of this car.Arohi says they all know about me. What should I do? Sujha comes. Arohi says they know everything. I don’t know what to do. Sujha says they wont’ let you in. I have found where is the back door and here is nurse uniform. Aorhi says thank you.

Doctor says to nurse burn all records related to that girl. Arohi is inside disguised as a nurse.Arohi goes to doctor’s room and looks for proofs. Doctor comes in. Arohi sits under the table. Deep comes in and hits the doctor. Deep says I kept calling you for three days. You didn’t pick my call. How is that girl in the city? She was your responsibility. Arohi is dazed. Doctor says I did what you said. Deep says i told you to change her face and send her across the border away from this country but you didn’t do it. Arohi is dazed. SHe says deep did all this? He knows I am arohi. He changed my face and did all this.

Tara comes outside the clinic. She says deep’s car is here. Where is he? She checks the coffee shop there but deep isn’t there.
Deep says I gave you 10 crore to do this. You still failed. She came to my house and now she is even on roads. Doctor says I kept her fainted for three months and kept her in a truck. I don’t know how she came back. Don’t worry. I told her I dont’ know anything. Deep says she came here? burn all reports. She shouldn’t get anything. Arohi looks at the report in her hand. It has her surgery picture. Arohi is dazed. She recalls when deep was taking her pictures. Deep gave the same pictures to the doctor.

Deep says she should never know about her new face. Her being on road is very dangerous for me. Arohi sneaks out. Deep sees someone. He runs after her. Arohi goes out. Deep runs after her Tara stops deep. She says deep.. Tara sees the girl. She says deep was here to meet her?
Doctor sees Tara. He is dazed. She says why did deep come here? Doctor is scared to see her. He says I don’t know anything.Arohi runs. Deep chases her. Arohi recalls what he said. Tara sends deep video of her cutting her hand. He stops and goes home. Arohi vanishes.

Deep takes tara to hospital. He says are you crazy? You could die. She says do you love me? He says I love you. I can do anything for my love. She says then who was that girl? What did you do?
Arohi says deep you ruined my life. I loved you how could you do this. she screams and cries. Tara says who is that girl who calls herself Arohi?Arohi is crying. Her conscience says Deep did this and you have to be strong. You re alive. She says but I don’t deserve to live. The one i loved did all this. i have to die. Her conscience says you deserve to know the truth behind this. She says so he did this to save me? I can’t believe he can do this with me. I know there must be a reason. Her conscience says then go and find out.

Tara says to deep how she knows about us? Deep says I dont’ know. Tara asys you don’t care. He says I care for you. She says I want an answer. Tell me who is she. Deep says I came to this hospital chasing her. Deep says Arohi has gone from our lives. I dont’ know who this girl is.The doctor wonders what is all this.Deep says to doctor how dare you bring my wife here? He says I changed her face. SHe came here to slit her wrist I had to admit her. What is the secret of this face? Deep says if you involve in anything I will send you to jail.Deep sees the file on floor. He says that girl might have seen this. We have to control her. If she hasn’t she should never see this. Deep burns the file. He leaves.

Mahek comes to the doctor and puts knife on him. She says tell me everything. He says deep brought you here and you were burned. He asked me to change your face. He asked me to keep you fainted and then send you out of country. He asked all this. I don’t know why he chose this face.
Deep says lets go. Tara says I will stay here. Arohi is there as a nurse. DEep says I did everything. I burned Arohi for you Tara. Arohi hears she is dazed. He says I made you Arohi. You are free for your sins as well. If you act like this people will know you are tara. You will go to jail and be convicted.

Yuvraj says to inspector Tara killed my mom. she can kill anyone. Inspector says we will keep an eye on you. We didn’t find her body either. Inspector says bring us Tara nad we will get you your job back.
Deep says tara’s case isn’t closed. Police is still looking for her. I did everything to get Arohi’s trust. I even got dany killed. Arohi is crying. She says I loved him so much and he did this.Tara says when I see her I feel like she is my enemy. Deep says don’t do anything stupid in your anger now. They leave. Arohi goes out crying. She says I kept a paper from the file. There is an address on it. Arohi comes to that address. She asks watchman anyone lives here? He says no one lives here. She peeks in from the window. There is deep’s photo. Arohi wonders why is there deep’s photo. she says fan is on. That means someone lives here. She says I will find my answers here.

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