To die for love Update Thursday 4 November 2021


To die for love 4 November 2021: Arohi screams Deep save me. Tara says deep can never be yours. He is only mine. All the best. She leaves. Doctor tells Tara that deep came to me. Don’t worry we will handle your patient the way you want.The violent patient says to Arohi I will break your bones. She says here is the cutter. Arohi screams. Nurse says deep please save me. Please get me out of ere. Nurse says hear her screaming. Tara says get her killed. She should never come out. Arohi is scared. Nurse comes at night. She gets in more violent patients. Arohi says please get me out of here. They all scare Arohi.

Arohi says God please save me.
Deep comes home. Tara says I will jump. Deep says arohi what are you doing. She says where did you go after Chawani’s school. He says I went to take gift for you. She says don’t lie I will jump. Deep says listen. Tara jumps.All the women scare Arohi. she says to nurse please get me out. Nurse says you will have to stay here. Arohi hugs nurse and says please get me out. She steals the key. Arohi tries to open the lock.Deep stops Tara. She says I love you Deep. You lied to me. You went to meet that girl. DEep says doctor asked me to come. I went to tell doctor not to let her out. Arohi says I thought you have changed. Deep says no one can come between us. You know all the truth. He goes to his room.

Arohi is hungry. Chawani says to tara please eat. She says don’t wanna eat. Deep says I will make you eat. If you don’t eat I wont eat either. Arohi says I should eat. A patient takes Arohi’s food and eats it.
Tara calls nurse and says whats happening there? She says we will start her treatment in a while. Arohi’s fake mother does pooja.
Arohi comes out. Nurse says to Arohi you will stay here. You will be given shock. She says please don’t do this. i am pregnant. My baby will be harmed. Nurse and warden take them out.

The fake mother tells deep something.Arohi is taken to shock room.. She screams Arohi says God please save me. Deep gets a call someone says its done. Tara gets a call and says how is that possible. She looks at deep and says did deep stop that?Nurse takes Arohi to lock up. Nurse says we have to inject this. The crazy patient takes the injection and says I will give her this injection. Nurse leaevs. Arohi says please my child will be harmed. The woman shoves the injection in the wall. She says oh it broke. Your baby is safe. arohi says you are foolin me. You are not crazy. You saved my baby and last night you got me food. You are not crazy. SHe says I am crazy. arohi says you are not. She says I want to save your baby. I couldn’t save mine. They killed her because she was a daughter. I dont want you to lose your baby. Take this cutter and start scaring everyone. Arohi says I wanna go out. My enemy wants to kill me.

My husband will save me. Please help me go out. You can go out as well.Deep says on call that girl should be kept an eye on. She should get out. Deep sees tara and says you wanted to hear that? Arohi says that means no one was on call? She says show me your phone. He puts it in his pocket. Tara says scared? Deep twists her hand and says everything is well between us. So stop spying. HE leaves.Sujha says to Arohi everyone will go in pooja. THere is a way out.Everyone joins the pooja.

Sujha provokes a fight between patients and nurse. Arohi steals the key and they both run out. Watchman sees them. Sujha hits him on head. Arohi goes in to get the other key. They try to open the lock. Nurse comes out to see them. Arohi goes out.

They stop Sujha. She hits them and they both run out.Arohi and Sujha come to Deep’s house. The manager from asylum are there. Deep says how could they run from your hospital? Tara says I will call police. Sujha says we can’t tell them right now. If tara gets to know she will kill my baby. Deep sees arohi.Arohi says I don’t know what happened in three months. I woke up and I was in a truck near nepal border. There Gugu travels written on the truck. Sujha finds their number and calls them. She says there is a girl take her to border. She says sure.Tara says to deep you got her out right? deep says shut up. You are Arohi stop acting like Tara. Chawani comes and says what happened? Arohi says nothing don’t worry.Deep goes out. Tara follows him.Arohi and Sujha put knife of the truck driver’s neck and ask them where did they pick arohi from? Arohi comes to Dr. Sahay’s plastic surgery clinic. She says I will find all answers here. She sees his clinic. Everyone stares at Arohi. she comes to the doctor he says you?

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