Perfect husband update Thursday 4 November 2021

My perfect husband 4 November 2021: Vidhi waits for Pushkar. He comes. She asks where were you, your eyes look tired. She asks for her bag. She says I want laptop in morning. He says you should change habits with time, you look beautiful in these clothes, its time you change your thinking. Vidhi says yes, that laptop is Ashwin’s sign, I want that.

Pushkar gifts her a laptop as wedding gift. She thinks I have written a lot for Pushkar in my laptop, he may read it. She says so much for me, thanks, what was the need, my laptop works well, keyboard has to get changed. He says I will get it repaired, use this till then. She thinks to do something for him, this is husband and wife’s relation, they should think for each other.

 Rajshri telling Meera about Vidhi’s pagphere. She calls Ashwin and says I m sending Vidhi for pagphere. Ashwin says I will wait. He tells this to Nivedita. He asks Maasa not to create any issue today, explain Bela also. Vidhi says you have bought clothes for me, I also got a dress for you, its matching dress. He says you mean to say I don’t have dressing sense, I wanted to raise your status, you will learn dressing sense soon.

He stops Vidhi and does make up to her. He recalls Vidhi’s blog. He makes her ready and says you look perfect now, you can go downstairs now, everyone is waiting for mu dikhai, I will change and come. Vidhi goes. Meera teases her. Vidhi takes Rajshri’s blessings. Rajshri praises her. Rajshri asks where is Pushkar.

They ask Vidhi what happened to her leg. Vidhi says I got hurt, Pushkar did the aid. Pushkar comes. Rajshri does Vidhi’s mu dikhai. Pushkar says our mum just knows to spread love, I want to share something with you all, I have worn someone’s choice of clothes today. They all smile. Meera says how sweet, Vidhi’s magic worked on you. Rajshri gifts Vidhi. She says Vidhi looks our bahu now. Charu says she has to learn a lot. Everyone gives gifts. Rajshri asks Pushkar to go and drop Vidhi home. Pushkar gets phone. Charu taunts him over last night. Randhir says Charu is teasing you, go now. Pushkar thinks how does Charu know this. He goes.

Pushkar and Vidhi are on the way. He says I m happy, I slept in the study as you were hurt. She says I like to write blogs, did you read. He says we reached. She says I will remove this necklace, if I wear this in front of family, it won’t look good. Pushkar gets angry. He says I will help. He says I think it got stuck, don’t waste time, come. Everyone smiles seeing Vidhi and hug her. Vidhi asks how are you Bela, I was missing you. Pushkar says I shall leave now. Nivedita asks him to come late, they need time to talk. Rangeela comes there. Ashwin asks him to leave. Rangeela says I won’t go. Vidhi asks how dare you come here.

Rangeela says Ashwin has to apologize to me. Vidhi asks why. Ashwin says I will see him. Rangeela says your family ruined my life, they got me married to Bela instead you. Vidhi and Pushkar get shocked. Maasa scolds Rangeela. Rangeela says you are giving respect to Pushkar, not me, I m also your son in law. He argues with Maasa. Ashwin says I don’t want to hear this, get out from here. Pushkar says wait, I will talk to him. He says you wanted to marry Vidhi against her will, you wanted to kidnap her, you should get an award for your courage. Rangeela says its not my mistake, Maasa wanted Bela to marry you, she asked me to take Vidhi, she wanted to make Bela sit in mandap with you, everyone is laughing on me, my life is ruined. Pushkar sees Maasa. Rangeela says Maasa is responsible for this.

Maasa saying Rangeela is lying. Pushkar scolds Maasa for her mistake. Rangeel goes. Vidhi thinks of Maasa’s mistake. Ashwin thinks how shall I face Pushkar now. Pushkar goes after Rangeela. Rangeela says Maasa is the villain, not me. Pushkar holds his hand and says you didn’t act like hero, what did you think, you will marry Vidhi. Rangeela says don’t beat me, we are not equal, don’t ruin my respect. Pushkar says your respect will be ruined when your wife isn’t with you, you married Bela, take her home. Rangeela runs. Pushkar says I will unite this jodi. Vidhi asks Maasa and Nivedita about Bela.

Nivedita says I didn’t wish to give you tension. Vidhi says you should have told me. Pushkar comes. Ashwin apologizes to him.

Pushkar says we don’t have time to think of past, how to get out of this situation now, I don’t care for this, Vidhi is my wife now, our marriage didn’t get any problem, but Bela got married to Rangeela, like Vidhi is part of my family, I m part of your family, you don’t need to feel ashamed. He gives some money to Vidhi. Maasa thinks why did Rangeela come today. Pushkar says I shall leave. He goes out with Maasa.

He says you had trouble with Vidhi and my relation, you wanted Bela to marry me, you made this kidnapping plan. He confronts her. He says you never worried for me, you wanted to see Bela as princess, now I don’t care for your feelings, I just want to see how Bela pays price for your doings.

Maasa says fine, don’t tell anything about Bela, you have no right. He asks what right did you had to play with Vidhi’s life, to cheat me, hurt others as much as you can bear, bless me that I succeed. Rangeela is drinking at some cafe. Pushkar and Badri meet him. Rangeela says there is nothing between me and Vidhi now, Maasa used me, my life got ruined.

Pushkar says its not your mistake, but your intentions were wrong, you can’t deny your marriage, you should get Bela home. Rangeela says she is foolish and fat, Ashwin scolds me always. He signs a man. He shows Badri, who is mute. He says Badri is my property, I m her owner, even if your marriage happened against the will, marriage has happened, Bela is your property now, you have rights on her, Bela and her family can’t stop you. Vidhi sympathizes with Bela. Maasa says Bela isn’t listening to me. She goes. Vidhi says injustice can’t happen with you, you will get happiness, come.

Bela thinks there is much difference between Vidhi and my marriage. She cries. They hug Bela. Maasa looks on. Rangeela says yes, I m Bela’s husband. He drinks more and says I will go there, you call me if you need me. Pushkar says you know Vidhi since years, do you know the guy whom Vidhi was marrying. Rangeela says Vivek. Pushkar says yes, wrong happened with Vidhi. Rangeela says yes, he left Vidhi in mandap. Pushkar says I want Vivek to apologize to Vidhi and family, that he accepts his mistake. Rangeela asks why. Pushkar bribes him. He says don’t question me, I don’t like. Rangeela nods.

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