Zee World: Monday Update on Gangaa 28th January 2019


Sagar reasons that he cannot overlook what was happening. She suggests Sagar to close his eyes then as she will bear whatever that happens to her. She tries to go but Sagar holds her close. He tells Gangaa that she wants to talk to her.

They share an eye lock. Sagar tells himself that he knows Gangaa is upset as he has hurt her a lot. He feels bad for putting her in this state. Janvi notices them thus she calls out for Sagar.

Janvi says that she knows Sagar loves her and she will do everything to gain his love. She tells Sahil that he can leave if he wants. Pulkit and Supriya perform the rest of the rituals that are done after the wedding. Madhvi dips a ring in a bowl filled with milk and water. Prabha asks Pulkit to win or he will have to follow his wife for life.

Supriya looks at Pulkit as they play but he keeps looking away. Ganga tries to say something but Amma tells her to come back. They are doing the rituals. Everyone looks at them. Amma scolds Ganga. She reminds her that widows cannot go near such pious rituals. On the other hand, Janvi is happy.

Supriya finds the ring. Supriya notices Pulkit’s distant expressions and she gets sad. Madhvi hopes to find an equally good girl for Sagar while Janvi smiles. Ganga apologizes to Sahil. She tells him that she cannot lie to him. She tells Sahil that she doesn’t want to build any relation for which she has to hide the truth. Sahil nods.

He tells Gangaa that he is happy about her feelings for Sagar. He also tells Gangaa that he wish everyone had such guts as a lot of many people would have been happy. Sagar comes to bid him goodbye as well. Sahil leaves and Ganga quietly goes back inside.

Niru is checking some files when Ganga comes there. He asks her why she dint join others in rituals. She says I just wanted to sit with you. He can sense something is bothering her. Before he could say anything, Madhvi and Supriya come in. He tastes the kheer made by Supriya. He gives her a book as neg.

The ladies leave. Niru tells Ganga the kheer was sugar free. Madhvi told her as well. Ganga smiles. It is good. Tell me honestly, did you talk to Sahil about his and my wedding upon Sagar’s insistence? You always wanted me to be independent. He nods. Everything else will happen later. You should first stand on your own feet.

She asks him for a form. I want to do LLB and become an honest and successful lawyer like you. He agrees. She thinks she will not cry all her life. I have never given up in life till date. I will not give up today too. I will give a new shape to my life. You may or may not be with me but I wont stop now.

I will have to think about myself now. Why keep hopes from someone who left me just like that? Why have such hopes which can never come true? Niru notices her. There is something that you are hiding from me. You look disturbed since a last few days. Tell me if something has happened in the past days.

Janvi tears Ganga’s pic. Only Janvi looks good with Sagar. I wont let anyone else even come near us! This is perfect. She looks at Ganga’s photo. I believe in taking away my life’s obstacles. I dont try to rectify them like you. Niru again asks Ganga if she is hiding something from her Babu. Why are you sad?

She thinks she cannot tell him what she is feeling. Insulted, rejected or pain? He says you haven’t changed at all till date. You still try to help everyone else in their problems without sharing any of yours. Niru yet again tries to know the reason behind Ganga’s tears. What’s stopping you? Your eyes tell me everything.

She wipes her tears. Why your words fail you? You have lost so much in such a young age. You dint even let that pain reflect you. I understand your problems without your telling me, but today even I cannot know the secret behind your tears. Will you still not tell me?

Madhvi gives a new dress to Janvi. Supriya is already the DIL of our house. People will look at her. I want everyone to see my second DIL too. She should look the best. It is very important for a girl to keep her in-laws tied to her in her beauty. Janvi goes to change. She thinks she will do anything to get Sagar.

Niru ask Ganga the reason of her worry..maid comes and ask Ganga to go to pulkit as he is not well..Ganga moves away by telling niru that she was just missing her father..

Sagar spots kids playing cricket and recalls his and ganga’s childhood memories..he sits on stairs and questions himself that how can Ganga think he doesn’t need to worry for her when her friendship is most important to him..she taught him the meaning of friendship and he can’t loose his best friend..he says he have to return back but he can’t return leaving her like this else he will not be able to focus on anything..he decides to sort things out.

Supriya’s muh dikhayi is going on..yash’s mother, prabha taunts supriya by saying that the amount of dowry is not sufficient..other ladies too support her. prabha further asked if Madhavi matched the kundli before marriage as at supriya’s house cylinder burst and now pulkit is ill..she calls supriya unlucky..amma ji shouts on Madhavi for not matching kundli and warns her that sagar’s marriage will be arranged by her only after matching kundli..jhanvi wonders to herself that only her kundli should match with sagar.

Gangaa is applying lotion on pulkit’s forehead and scolding him for not taking care of himself. sagar comes in saying that Ganga can only scold.

Ganga replies back saying that we get angry on our dear ones only, they try to get up pulkit and in the coarse, sagar and ganga’s hand touch, Ganga jumps away and moves out to get milk.

Sagar chases Ganga and forcefully tries to pull her toward himself to talk while Ganga resist..ganga goes away..jhanvi watches this and goes upset..yash came offering a helping hand as their mission is same..
Sagar is in his room filled with anger as Ganga is not ready to listen to him..from his window he spots Ganga talking to amma ji.

Ganga was going to buy books but amma ji give her some other work..niru advices Ganga to first do amma ji’s work and then go purchase her books..sagar decides to give it a last try and follows Ganga when she goes out..

Jhanvi and yash goes to priest..he inform them that Jhanvi’s kundli doesn’t match with sagar so this alliance should not happen and even if it does, it will not survive..jhanvi then tries to bribe the pandit to make a kundli which match perfectly with sagar’s but the pandit refuses.

Sagar chases Ganga and ends up in a boat with her, he tries to convince her to talk to him and stop treating him as stranger..Ganga said he only made them strangers..sagar says she is his own. Ganga says that she kept in living in this delusion from too long. sagar says he loves her


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