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Mehek Teasers for August 2019 Zee World

  Mehek teasers August 2019 Mehek takes one year leap, she is presumed dead and a lookalike Vandana surfaces. Will Shaurya be able to bring her memory back? Mehek teasers July 2019 Mehek full...


Zee World: Mehek teasers for July 2019 #Mehek

  Mehek teasers July 2019, Shaurya and Mehek are able to reconcile and fight against their sworn enemies. Eddie Gabela is poisoned! Mehek full story Monday 1 July 2019 Episode 44 Kanta shows her...


Mehek teasers for July 2019 Zee World #Mehek

  Mehek teasers July 2019, will Mehek and Shaurya be able to reconcile their differences after the incident from the past? The Gabella family in more trouble… Mehek teasers August 2019 Mehek full story...


Mehek teasers May 2019 Zee World #Mehek

  In Mehek this May 2019, Mehek Confesses her love for Shaurya, he responds with a big gesture, Soon the fight to prove their love amidst family opposition begins.. Mehek full story Mehek Written update...


Zee World: Mehek spoilers and Highlights for May 2019

  While we await the official teasers from Zee World, here’s the May 2019 highlights and spoilers for Mehek. This May 2019 on Mehek, Norah and Kara’s relationship takes a knock and there is...


Zee World: Mehek Teasers for May 2019 #Mehek

May 2019 teasers on Mehek Mehek navigates love and life with the help of her aunt, Kanta, who raised her since childhood. Norah and her family navigate life in India away from their home...