CW set to launch Batwoman Tv series with a Lesbian lead

Caroline Dries is the creator of The Vampire Diaries while Greg Berlanti is the brain behind DC’s Arrowverse and together they are setting out to spin a whole new Batwoman Tv series next year.

Batwoman is already scheduled to visit the Arrowverse for the annual crossover event in December and may become a permanent member of it, expanding the universe and breaking some TV ground in the process.

This is the first time ever that Batwoman will make a live-action appearance on any screen,” CW president Mark Pedowitz told Deadline ahead of the cross over event.

Batwoman comic character. Source: Deadline

The character of Kate Kane as Batwoman follows a highly trained street fighter with a flair for fighting crime and bringing justice to the city of Gotham. She is however on a journey to self discovery and fighting off personal demons before she can truly become a hero for Gotham city. And off course in sexual preference, she only has eyes for the ladies.

Batwoman would join Arrowverse, which already features a number of LGBT characters, including Arrow‘s Curtis Holt, The Flash‘s Captain Singh, Legends‘ Sara Lance and Supergirl‘s  Alex Danvers. It is however yet unknown which of the series she would be introduced in.

Tvline reports that there is currently a casting call for the female to play the lead role and it is likely that such actress will be a lesbian. The successful cast will introduce batwoman character in arrowverse and after which reprise her role as Batwoman in the TV series.

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