10 hottest Telemundo Actors on TV Right now!


Now why do we love our Telemundo? Well, apart from the sizzling romance plot guaranteed to live you all mushy and believing in love, Prince Charming and happily ever afters, we love the handsome and muscled toned guys gracing our television screens.

Since Telemundo series began airing in Africa, there haven’t been a shortage of tall, handsome and cute men who treat their ladies as the center of their world. Their good looks surely makes you swoon, and their passionate encounter? Simply spectacular. So it doesn’t even matter the character they appear in – Villain or hero, we just love them all. ☺

Anyways here’s a list of the top ten male actors who have appeared on a telemundo series in recent times, just around last year and this year. Please note this list is compiled from our own perspective and not in any particular order. And if you disagree, kindly make your grievinace known in the comment box below… We would love to also hear your choices. ☺


1. First on our list is Jencarlos Canela

Jencarlos canela, Telemundo actor

Jencarlos is both an actor and musician. He is currently popular for his role as Alejandro in the hit series ‘My heart beats for Lola’. This series is currently running on Telemundo but not on prime time hour because it is a repeat broadcast having been shown sometimes last year.

What we love about him? His eyes! His handsome looks and his passionate acting just makes him desirable. It’s a 5 star for this actor!  😄

2. Gonzalo Garcia Vivanco

Gonzalo Garcia Vivanco

He is Popular on Telemundo Right now as Lucho from ‘The Boss’, not long ago he was one of the brothers in ‘Passion of revenge’ where he dazzled us all with his good looks and passionate scenes ☺

What we love about him? The intensity of his gaze… Very very entrancing.

3. Fabian Rios

Fabian Rios

He is currently acting in ‘MI Corazon villiante also showing on telemundo but not on prime time so there’s not much publicity for the show. Other series he has been on are: ‘The fan’,  ‘Passion for Revenge and My heart beats for Lola.

Although he most times get casts as villain in telemundo  series, we love him for his handsome features, smile and acting prowess.

4. Eugenio Siller

Eugenio Siller

He is Currently starring in Maid in Manhattan. His looks and eyes are simply amazing.  Then his smile? Good enough to get him featured on our l ist.

5. Michel Duval

Michel Duval

He is commonly known as Salvador in Woman of steel, although the season 3 of this series ended few months ago, we believe Telemundo will be showing us the season 4 soonest.

What we love about him, he’s just so cute and his brown eyes are enchanting.

6. Luis Ernesto Franco

Luis Ernesto Franco

He is also a star cast from woman of steel season 3, and hopefully will be returning soon alongside Michel Duval. Luis has a quaint but pleasing features and that puts him on our list. Plus his eyes are to die for and those brown beard? Epic!

7. Michel Chauvet

Michel Chauvet

Yes, he is another villain in a series who also gives us the romance shivers. In his role as Emilio in Prisoners of love, he presents a calm, practical and cold guy who is always on top of situations. His quaint but handsome features sets him apart and this list cannot end without him getting a cut.

8. Rafael Amaya

Rafael Amaya

He is the Lord of the skies and obviously lording our hearts too 🙄. It is easy to love everything about him even if he is currently playing a brute Drug Lord set on revenge, he still melts our hearts with the intensity of his love and passion for the women in his life, that is in the series Lord of the skies.

9. Lambda Garcia

Lambda Gracia

Porpular for his role as Juanjo on the just concluded Blood and wine. Lambda has this chubby body that just makes you feel secure. He is also easy on the eyes, maybe nothing too ostentatious but he is cool like that.

10. Alberto Guerra

Alberto Guerra

From ‘Price of fame‘ telemundo series, Alberto has the charm and looks to make anyone swoon. And that is why has made our cut for the top 10 actors on telemundo Right now.

Just so you know, this list is highly subjective so don’t just take our words for it. We would love to see who makes the cut on your list, and remember Telemundo is large enough for all of us to share. ☺


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