Zee World: Who is Simonika, what is her mission in Abhi’s life?


Heads up Twist of Fate lovers, your prime time soap opera is about to witness a new entry of another villain to taunt pragya and Abhi once more and her name is Simonika

Who is Simonika?

Do you remember the guy who shot pragya at the sea and The guy whom Abhi fought in retaliation. Simonika is his wife and she is  coming for revenge for the death of her husband.

Viviana Singh as Simonika

Simonika is later able to plant herself into  Abhi’s life as his personal assistant. From there she will plan a lot of moves to kill Abhi but Pragya is always able to save him from all her plans and devices… Sangram will also become her accomplice.

Later when Pragya discovers the truth behind Simonika’s moves, then she will expose her but simonika will run escape. Her escape will put the Mehra family into a state of fear and foreboding.. But Abhi will come to know of simonika’s hideout and he will go there.

Simonika plans her fake death and Abhi gets blamed for pushing her off a storey building. Abhi gets arrested.

After some time Pragya and Purab come to know that simonika is alive.. But they get confused when the lady they think is simonika disguises herself as Avantika.

Pragya and Avantika (simonika) becomes friends.. One day Avantika ask Pragya to transfer abhi’s property to which Pragya does. However it is a fake document and property transfer.

When Simonika (Avantika) thinks that Abhi’s property is now hers she confess her identity and fake death plot against abhi to pragya (not knowing Pragya is recording it)
Avantika (simonika) gets arrested and jailed.. Abhi is then released from jail and the family holds a party in celebration.

However during the party Simonika escapes from jail and shoots Abhi in the leg.


Simonika kills Abhi’s Granny

Tanu comes to know simonika’s hideout and she goes to confront her. She tells Simonika that Pragya is indeed responsible for her husband death and not abhi. Simonika then decides to kill pragya instead.

Pragya gets a call from simonika telling her location, Pragya goes to the police station to involve the police in other to arrest and capture Simonika.

However Pragya makes the mistake of informing Grandma Dadi about the development and granny decides to take matters k to her own hands by single-handedly going to confront Simonika.

There, Simonika shoots Granny after a tussle and she dies…


  1. Fate conspires, and both King and Abhishek receives a contract to work on a world music album from a Delhi-based organizer (but no any details about it till now). King, Pragya, and Kiara come to New Delhi. Kiara meets Abhishek, and they form a deep bond, unknowing that she is his daughter. As circumstances unfurl, Pragya and Abhishek come face-to-face, and he further blames Pragya for not putting in the effort to save their marriage sever years prior and for marrying King. Disha and Purab realise that Kiara is Abhishek and Pragya’s daughter but hold the information from Abhishek. Later Kiara, Abishek’s daughter is hit by a car driven by Nikhil, after Kiara tells Nikhil that she would tell the police about the murder she saw. After being admitted in the hospital, Abhi comes to the hospital and finds Kiara and Pragya talking to each other and enquires about Kiara’s mother to the nurse, not knowing that Pragya is Kiara’s mother. Later he stands shocked when he comes to know that Pragya is indeed Kiara’s mother, and she had not told him about their daughter, Kiara and that she had kept him away from his daughter for seven years blaming her again. Aliya and King come face to face and one day Aliya share about the torture she has been experienced from childhood till getting Purab (but not) to King where he seems to console her. Kiara meets with small accident and is admitted in the hospital where Abhi decides to give blood to her, where Purab and Disha suggests a good idea to prove that Kiara his daughter that is to get DNA test, so that truth comes out (since Pragya is hiding truth of Kiara), accepting to this idea Abhi convinces doctor to get DNA test done. Meanwhile, Tanu comes to know something fishy with Purab, Abhi and Disha in the hospital, however she comes to about DNA test, she informs Nikhil about it and asks him to change the report either it should not come or should come negative. DNA test is done and reports come positive that he (Abhi) is father of Kiara, surprisingly without Tanu’s knowledge, reports are received by Abhi sent by doctor Abhi is shown happy knowing that he is her biological father, thus Abhi decides to confront Pragya that she is his daughter, meanwhile in King house King seems to be in full love with Pragya decides to marry her before anything. Abhi comes to Kings castle and confronts Pragya about her and Kings relationship and also about Kiara, but Pragya seems to be strong in her statement that Kiara is King’s daughter. An angry Abhi informs her about DNA test and begs her to come back to his life, as he missed her and won’t be angry and promise to keep her happy. Pragya accepts him again and both hug each other (for 1 sec), but eventually it turns out to be Abhi’s dream. Abhi comes to King’s place to talk to Pragya where King gets angry and confronts Abhi thinking that he is behind his wife and he informs Abhi that he will marry Pragya as soon as possible, warning Abhi not to come to his house again and not to see Pragya. He throws Abhishek out of his house. An angry and furious Abhi thus comes to his mansion full drunken, explaining his love for Pragya to Disha. Confused and worried, Disha takes him to his room and questions Abhi for drunken state and about incident that happened in King’s house. Abhi narrates the whole incident to her informing about King and Pragya marriage. Shocked, Disha advises him about their connectivity for whole life that no one can separate them and convinces him to get back Pragya and Kiara in his life by marrying Pragya again. Abhi first thinks about the idea but later he seems to accept Disha’s idea of getting married to Pragya without her knowledge to get her back and their daughter back and her in his life. Later a ritual ceremony of Neha(bubbly) and Tharun takes places in Abhi’s house where Pragya is invited and. Ahbi tries to get married to Pragya without her knowledge and when she come to know. Tanu and Alia gives Pragya a toxic drink to kill her. But Disha exchanges the drink with alcahol. Pragya then drinks the alcahol and starts behaving childish. She goes to Abhi and asks him to marry her again. Later Tanu takes Pragya into her room and tells her that Abhi is making use of her love and wants to get married to her for the sake of getting back Kiara. Pragya then in her senses gets angry on Abhi and goes out to the mall to buy a tie for daughter Kiara. Meanwhile Abhi goes in search of Pragya as he wants to talk to her and clear the differences between them. Later Abhi comes to know that A group of terrorists had escaped from prison and have captured the mall in which Pragya went to. Abhi goes to save Pragya. On the other hand King comes to know about this news and rushes to the same mall. On the mission of rescuing Pragya, Abhi reveals the truth of him marrying Tanu and asks for forgiveness.


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