Zara’s Nikah update Wednesday 8 July 2020

Zara’s Nikah 8 July 2020: Kabir says so I thought she was thinking for both of us but I now understand she was only thinking about herself and her parents. He says what I have to do or not to do, I will think there too.

Scene 2
Kabir is sitting in lounge, servant brings juice for him. Shahbaz asks if he is ready? Kabir says how can I defy your order. Shahbaz says anybody would be proud of a son like you but I want that if you have accepted my order then follow it through, you have agreed to go there but I dont want you to do anything there that will make them hate you, you and Zara are married, whatever is going on between you two, end it, see my behavior with your mom, have same behavior with your wife. Kabir says they are totally different.

Shahbaz says there is no one same in this world, just remember that wife’s rights are husband’s duty and husband’s rights are wife’s responsibilities. Kabir says I will try. Shahbaz says I hate the word try, I want that people see that no one is better in this city than you, show them how good of a person you are, once you become head priest of the city then you can do whatever you want, there is a hidden fact to that, just wait till you become head priest. Kabir is stunned. Ruksaar hears it and smirks. S

Shahbaz says I did all this so you become head priest of the city, I want you on your best behavior till you become head priest of the city and after that me and your mother will go on a long vacation and then you can do whatever you want with your life with or without Zara.. you know that more than one marriage is allowed in Islam. Kabir looks on.

Zeenat comes to Ruksaar. Ruksaar says dont worry, I didnt have any choice at that time but Shahbaz promised me, he and I will not let Kabir and Zara to come closer. Zeenat says what can you do? they are going to Zara’s house tonight. Ruksaar looks on.

Kabir says to Shahbaz that I agree with you to fight for head seat, I will try my best to become head priest but I will never do anything wrong to get that position. Zara comes there. Shahbaz says you are looking pretty. She smiles. They start to leave but Ayesha comes there and blesses Zara. Ruksaar says to Zara that can I go with you to your house, I always wanted to see rituals of bride’s side. Shahbaz says if this child wants to go then let her go, she will stay there for sometime, Zara you dont mind? she says no

Salma asks Shubratan to work fast, son in law and daughter are coming here for first time. Irfan says when I went to your house first time, you didnt have these many arrangements. Salma says you were not as good son in law as mine.

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Door bell rings, Zara and Kabir comes to their house. They greet them. Shahbaz and Ruksar comes there too. Shahbaz says I fulfilled my promise by bringing your son in law here. Irfan asks him to have dinner with them.

Salma says to Ruksaar that I was not expecting you here. Ruksaar says I like surprising people, I can leave if you want. Salma says no you are here so have dinner.

Shahbaz says to Irfan that they have gotten married in pressure but havent accepted each other fully. Irfan says marriage have power to bring people closer, they will fall in love too. Shahbaz says you are right, I was thinking if Kabir focus on work then their fights will end. Irfan says then you can setup a business for him. Shahbaz says we have to find a work that will bring them closer, why dont you take Kabir under your wing to teach him about head position. Irfan glares at him and recalls how head priest of country said that Shahbaz wants head seat of city for his son. Shahbaz says to Irfan that Zara is a bold and confident girl, she is intelligent, if she sees Kabir working with you then she will like it and it will bring them closer. Irfan thinks.

Reema asks Kabir if his wife irritated him? you lost to her in kheer ritual. Reema and friends start dancing. Kabir and Zara looks on, they smile at their antics. Salma says let them fresh up. She asks Zara to show Kabir her room. Zara and Kabir leaves from there. Ruksaar thinks Salma can do anything but I wont marriage night happen.

Zara and Kabir comes to her room and sees it decorated tiwh flowers, candles. Zara is miffed. Kabir raises eyebrow. Zara says dont get an idea that I want anything with you, I didnt do this arrangement. Kabir says I know you were with me but it was done on your orders but dont have any misunderstanding. Zara says I have no misunderstanding. Reema comes there and says I did this arrangement. Zara says you shouldnt have done it. Reema says your room there was not a couples room so I decorated this room so you both atleast forget your animosity for today only. Zara says its impossible.

Reema says you both tried to stop this marriage but it happened so just be nice wife and husband. Zara sees someone standing outside. She comes outside her room and sees Ruksaar trying to peek inside. Zara says what are you doing here? Ruksaar says I wanted to call you for dinner, Zara asks her to go, they will come, she leaves. Zara says to Reema that you are asking me to be nice wife when someone is always spying on us. Kabir says why would she spy on us? she got us married. Zara says to Kabir that you think I dont like her because of you? I dont like her because she got us married.

Kabir argues with her. Reema ask them to stop it and dont fight. Kabir says to Reema that tell others that I wont come down, send my food here, I dont like to eat on table. Reema pulls him out and shows him the sheets. Reema asys dont thank me, Zara asked for this arrangement. Zara says your mom told me, Kabir says thank you who ever did it. Kabir and Zara comes to dining.

Ruksaar moves towards Kabir but Salma says Ruksaar sit with us, you are our guest. Reema brings bowl to Kabir and says Salma made it especially for you. He opens it to find it empty, Reema laughs. Salma serves him. Kabir eats food and stands up. He sees his shoes missing. Reema says did someone steal your shoes? Salma says I will bring slippers for you. Ruksaar says your inlaws are like others, stealing is illegal in Islam, lets see if you take Islam’s side or your wife’s friend side. Salma says dont tease him, she asks Zara to bring her father’s slippers. She leaves.

Ruksaar takes off her shoes and says to Kabir that you can wear them meanwhile. Kabir is about to wear them, Salma looks on. Zara comes there and says one minute. She brings his shoes. She says I promised I will return your shoes and ring.. Kabir recalls how he gave her his shoes when she was running from his house. Zara says I couldnt return your ring but you can wear these shoes. Kabir wears shoes and leaves with her. Salma smiles proudly. Ruksaar thinks she returned shoes today but soon she will return ring.

Shahbaz says to Irfan that we will start leaving. He says that think about what suggestion I gave for Kabir, if he takes interested in heading committee then it will be beneficial for us and nation. Ruksaar comes there and asks Irfan to bless her for her goals. Shahbaz says she is like our daughter, bless her to get married. Irfan blesses her. Ruksaar smirks. She starts leaving with Shahbaz, she says to him that I was enjoying here. Shahbaz says but Salma said you wanted to leave early, lets go now. Ruksaar thinks so this Salma wants me to go but I wont let her daughter have a marriage night. She leaves.

Scene 2
Reema says to Kabir that your side’s Ruksaar is gone so give us our gift. Kabir says she was right, stealing is bad. Zara says he doesnt believe in this ritual so give him his shoes, I will give you ritual amount. Kabir says she has got 1 crore so she is rich now. Zara says now I have money from my father. Kabir thinks that she will compete on money basis too. Kabir says if you call it shoe hiding ritual instead then I will pay you. Reema asys okay lets call it that, give us money. Kabir gives ritual money to Reema and says remember this is not for stealing shoes but hiding them, he smirks at Zara, she glares at him. Reema gives him shoes. Zara leaves.

Salma says to Shubratan that work in lounge. Shubratan says I didnt find any broken bangle in Zara and Kabir’s room. Salma says stop thinking all this, Shubratan leaves. Irfan comes to Salma and says give them time, they will warm up to each other. Salma asks if Shahbaz said anything about their relation. Irfan says he wants me to involve Kabir in head position work. Salma says then do a deal with him, tell him you are ready to make him vice head priest but only after Ruksaar’s marriage. Irfan says you have started thinking like Shahbaz. Salma says I have to as I am daughter’s mom.

Ruksaar comes home. Zeenat calls her and asks what happened to Zara’s house? Ruksaar says Reema decorated their room, Zeenat says why didnt you stay there? Ruksaar says Salma made me leave but Shahbaz has started his game, he asks Irfan to make him vice head too. Zeenat says I know Shahbaz more than you, he can change his colors soon, if Kabir and Zara becomes one then he can leave your side too. Ruksaar says I have done my work, I have spoiled roots of their happiness, Kabir and Zara are pole apart so they wont unite ever.

Reema and Shubratan are getting Zara ready. Zara says what you people are doing. Reema says its just for sometime. Shubratan says I will bring him. Zara says who photographer? Reema says yes come with me. She pushes Zara to her room and locks door. Zara sees Kabir there and asks Reema to open the door. Reema says this door will open tomorrow morning only, she leaves. Kabir smirks. Zara sees room decorated and says who did it? she says there is no sofa here. Kabir says I will sleep on bed, I let you sleep in my bed so you have to be nice. Zara says I will sleep on floor then. Kabir says never, I cant let a girl sleep on floor while I am on bed. Zara says then you sleep on floor. Kabir says I am your guest, would you like your guest to sleep on floor? Zara says then we have to share the bed? Kabir smirks.

In morning, Salma gives tea to Reema and ask her to take it to their room.

Kabir and Zara offers namaz. Reema comes in room and is disappointed to see two mattresses on floor. She says I did romantic setting which can make even enemies fall in love. Reema asks if they even said yes nikah? Kabir says we did say yes in a moment but it takes life to accept things. Zara says sorry for your hard work. Reema says I hate you, she leaves. Zara and Kabir moves to take tea, their hands touch. They share eyelock. Kabir asks her to take it first. Zara holds cup and offers it to him. Mana ke hum yaar nahi plays. Kabir glances at her. Zara takes her cup and leaves.

Ayesha comes to Salma’s house, she says Zara’s next ritual will be making kheer. Salma says please help her, she can do mistakes. Ayesha says she is our daughter so dont worry about it, we will take care of her.

Ruksaar offers namaz. Zeenat comes to her and smiles, she says what were you praying for? Ruksaar says I was for Kabir from God. Zeenat says may God bless you, you know I hate when they praise Zara, today that Zara will make kheer, I cant bear her praise. Ruksaar says this is our chance to insult her, she insulted you on first day here and now we can take revenge from her bu insulting her and her mother’s upbringing. She smirks.

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