Zara’s Nikah Update Saturday 23 January 2021


Zara’s Nikah 23 January 2021: The head priest asks Irfan why his daughter’s nikkah got canceled? Irfan says because of Ayesha’s death. Zara comes there. Shahbaz says that’s my wife, we don’t have a relationship anymore then why they are using her name? The head priest says we don’t want people taunting, its not good that Kabir and Zara meet.

Zara says if you are really educated then why it’s wrong to meet Kabir? I didn’t marry because of Ayesha and I had a relationship of heart with her, we mourn people we love and not get married after their death. Shahbaz says then why did you take 80 lacs from a stranger if you don’t have an illegitimate relationship? Irfan says don’t you dare point fingers at me. Zara says don’t talk to my father like this, you people are here to taunt me but Kabir was fulfilling his duty by paying that amount, you don’t understand your son but my father does. If you think you will come and shout here to get that money from me then you are wrong, that’s Kabir’s wish and I won’t deprive him of that, Kabir is going to Dubai and I don’t want him to repent anything, you can go.

The head priest tells Shahbaz that we have to control Kabir and Zara. Shahbaz says I can finish her. The head priest says that don’t you even think that. Shahbaz says I am keeping a charity party for media to tell them what Kabir is doing, once he goes to Dubai then we will handle this girl,Ruksaar is waiting for Kabir and asks him to have dinner with her. She says I was waiting for you. Kabir sits down. Ruksaar says I am not worried that you are going to Dubai because I know you, you won’t be able to live there, you will come back. She thinks only I have a right on him and I will break all the walls between us.Kabir gets ready.

Shahbaz comes to him and says I was wrong to stop you, you are a grown-up now, but I would want you to come back soon.Irfan tells Salma about the charity ball that Kabir kept. Salma says Shahbaz will be there so you shouldn’t go. Zara says why not? I will go there, I don’t have a friendship with Kabir but I am not his enemy either.Kabir is talking to the media about his charity in the function. Zara and Irfan arrive there. On stage, Imran calls Kabir. Kabir thanks for the function and says this is for kids if someone is spreading the sin then don’t be an accomplice. If you think something is wrong then question it, ask questions as to its your right.

Someone told me that if you have a question then ask and don’t stop till you don’t get the answer, if we want to conquer the world then learn and get an education, if your younger one is asking then educate them, kill your ego and ask questions.Zara smiles and thinks that wish we were one today, I am so proud of you. Kabir gets down and comes to Zara. He says thank you for coming. Zara says Salma didn’t want me to come but I was worried about questions. Kabir says you can never be tensed about questions. Zara says you are starting a new life, have a good journey.

Kabir thanks her and they recall their moments together.Irfan tells Zara that Kabir can be a very good head priest of the city but he is leaving. Zara says this is not the Kabir who insulted you.Shahbaz tries to stop the head priest of the nation but he says this Kabir is different and we have to control him before nation starts questioning.Kabir comes to Zara’s house. Salma glares at him but Irfan comes there and asks Salma to come with him, they leave. Kabir takes Zara from there. They come to the market.

The head priest tells Shehbaz that we have to find a solution to control Zara, she has already changed Kabir.Kabir brings Zara outside the graveyard and shows her Ayesha’s grave from afar. Zara gets emotional. Kabir says she wanted me to succeed, I knew about her dreams and wishes, she was there but I couldn’t save her.

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