Zara’s Nikah Update Friday 22 January 2021


Zara’s Nikah 22 January 2021:Kabir brings Zara to the lounge and says I accept your nikkah. Zara looks at Ayesha’s body lying there. Kabir asks her to go and live her life, go. Zara says I can’t do this, I lost my mother too, I was hiding about this nikkah to Ayesha but I can’t do it, you have freed yourself but don’t force me, I can’t hurt Ayesha’s soul now by doing this nikkah.

She says you are holding a stranger’s hand so wash it. Kabir cries and leaves her hand.
Kashan tells the priest that it will take time for Alina to come. Shahbaz says daughter and daughters-in-law give the last bath so Zeenat and Ruksaar will give her bath. He asks Salma to take Zara away. Salma takes Zara away and says we are strangers here, Kabir asked you to leave too. Zara says let me look at Ayesha one last time.

The hospital staff comes to Shahbaz and says we want to take her for postmortem. Kashan says I want to know the real reason for her death so I want postmortem. The priest says it’s not good to pain the body. Shahbaz says I don’t want any argument, we won’t do a postmortem, get ready to take her. Ayesha is taken from the house. They bring her to a graveyard. Kabir and Kashan bury her. They hug Shahbaz and cry.

Zara comes to her house. She hugs Azra. Salma tells Zara that you said yes for nikkah in my pressure, there is no pressure on you now, this all happened because of me, now I won’t force you for a nikkah, you marry when you want to marry, I didn’t know my decision would break you like this.

Servant tells Ruksaar that food is ready. She smirks. Shahbaz looks around his room and recalls his moments with Ayesha. Ruksaar comes there and says I know you are broken but you have to handle this house, 10 days have passed since Ayesha left this house, you have to handle yourself.Kabir comes to his room and sees Ruksaar cleaning. He asks what she is doing there? Ruksaar says I was just cleaning, if you didn’t eat then we can eat together. Kabir gets the judge’s call and says Dubai hotel is waiting for you and they have given you one more week. He thanks her and ends call. Kabir says to Ruksaar that Ayesha left us 10 days ago but nobody kept prayer for her in this house.

Zara and others keep a prayer for Ayesha and send their wishes to Ayesha. Zara gets a call and looks on.Zara comes to a park and sees Kabir there. They both say you? Zain says I called you both here. Zain eyes them and says I was angry but Zara didn’t hide anything. She wanted to get approval from Kabir, when I said yes for marriage, I knew she had kept Kabir in her heart in a higher place but I thought I would make her happy and will be a good husband that she will never miss Kabir but I think its not possible, maybe what Ayesha wanted should happen. He tells Kabir that I am sorry about your mother, my prayers are with you both. Kabir says no.. Zain says you both know the truth, you just don’t want to see it, he tells Zara to get all the happiness she wants. He says bye and leaves. Kabir tells Zara if she told everything to Zain? everything? You do what you want, we were finally moving on in our lives but we are back to square one.

Zara glares at him and says don’t know what kind of mud made. They both go on separate ways.Zara is looking for her sketchbook, she finds a cheque inside.Zara is riding her bike. She gets in front of Kabir’s car. He comes out and asks if she is fine? She says why you are ignoring me? Zara says I have left you already, I stopped you for a reason. She shows him the cheque.

Shahbaz comes to Ruksaar and asks where is Kabir? Ruksaar says he went to the mosque, I am packing for him as he is going to Dubai to never return. Shahbaz calls Kabir and asks if he is going to Dubai? Someone asks Zara to move her bike, she says okay. Shahbaz hears it. Kabir says I will talk later, he ends the call. Kabir tells Zara that when you were ill, you were my wife and it was my duty to pay for your bills so let me help your father. Zara says there were other duties but why focus on this only? Kabir says I fulfilled all my duties, you want me to do sin by not paying? Zara says I don’t want help from any stranger. Kabir says I was your husband. Zara says I don’t know what you want. Kabir says I want to fulfill my duty as I am not coming back from Dubai, we had a relation and I am requesting for that. Please keep this cheque. Zara looks on.

Zara and Kabir come to the banker. Banker tells them that cheque will be cleared soon. The turn to see head priest there, they greet him. Kabir says we will meet you soon, they leave. The priest looks on.Kabir thanks Zara for taking the cheque. He says I will leave the city in a week. Zara says I should go home. Kabir says should I drop you? She says no.. she turns to leave but says you will go to Dubai in 7 days? Kabir says yes I have to go. Zara says I hope you have a good life there. Kabir says we are not friends but not enemies too. Zara says only people with guts can leave everything and make a new life. Kabir says hope you have a life without worries. Zara thinks worries will come after you go. They both say bye and turn to leave. Kabir takes her dupatta and wipes his forehead. Lai vi nai plays. They leave from there.

Priests come to Shahbaz. The head priest says that your wife died a month ago and he is roaming around with a girl? Shahbaz says he doesn’t listen to me. Head priest says you are head of this house and you have to answer God. Shahbaz says she was marrying that other guy but she didn’t.

Another priest tells him that Kabir gave his cooking show money to Zara as well. Shahbaz says I want to solve this problem now. He turns to see Kabir coming there. Kabir greets everyone. Shahbaz asks where were you? Kabir says I went to the bank with Zara, Shahbaz says what about Dubai? You should be ashamed. Kabir says don’t talk to me in stern tone, I am here for some days, I have nothing to come back here, mom died too. Shahbaz says you have your father here. Kabir says you can come there to live with me but I want to have a feeling of peace and air where I can breathe in. Shahbaz says peace or you want to keep a relationship with a stranger girl?

Salma is looking for a cheque. Zara comes there and says I took it to a bank with Kabir. He knows how to fulfill his duties if not his relationships, my relationship with him for a debt ended too today.

Shahbaz asks Kabir if he wants to keep an illegitimate relationship with that girl? Kabir says I am fulfilling my duty. Shahbaz says that the girl has destroyed you. Kabir says till I am alive, nobody can even touch Zara, not even you father. He says to head priest that I worked hard to fulfill my duty, how can that be a sin? He says I am making the decisions and I am responsible for them, I will be answerable on day of judgment so don’t tell me otherwise, he leaves.

The head priest says that this is Zara speaking from Kabir’s tongue. Shahbaz says that the girl has changed my son’s thoughts. Another priest says that she can take away your son if you don’t stop her.Zara and Kabir offer prayers and pray for each other.The head priest comes to Irfan’s house with Shahbaz and others. Zara comes there and greets him. Irfan asks her to go inside. Zara says sorry but I can’t leave Irfan alone, he is not feeling well. The head priest says that we are well-wishers, don’t worry. Shahbaz says we are here to talk. The head priest stops him.Imran comes to Kabir’s house.Ruksaar stops him from going to Kabir’s room and says I am cleaning your room.

Kabir says okay. Ruksaar says you know what information Imran brother has? Kabir looks on.

The head priest asks Irfan why his daughter’s nikkah got canceled? Irfan says because of Ayesha’s death. Zara comes there. Shahbaz says that’s my wife, we don’t have a relationship anymore then why they are using her name? The head priest says we don’t want people taunting, its not good that Kabir and Zara meet.

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