Zara’s Nikah Update Sunday 24 January 2021

Zara’s Nikah 24 January 2021: Kabir asks Zara what relationship they have left now?Salma tells Irfan that people are questioning their relationship and you sent her with him? Irfan says I was hurt too but when I heard Kabir today, I realized he is the best guy for her.

Zara tells Kabir that our relationship is fluid, I thought that I would end all relationships with you but Ayesha was right, I tried a lot but I couldn’t stop this relationship because it is heart to heart relationship, it is a pure relationship because it is about love. He stops her but Zara says no let me talk, you divorced me but I still saw love in your eyes, its good that I am telling you all this, I loved you before and I still love you, I will always love you, she gives him a rose and says you can tell me if you have anything to say. Kabir recalls Shahbaz’s words to stay away from her and says I am getting late. Zara gets sad and leaves. Kabir looks at the rose.

Zara comes home. Salma asks what he said? Zara says he was asking about our relationship but he was hiding something. Salma asks her to go. Salma tells Irfan that Kabir will never accept her.Kabir comes home. Shahbaz stops him and says let me know if you need anything, Kabir says I need a suggestion, you know Zara was right, Ayesha left us because she couldn’t see Zara with someone else, she died because of me and Zara. Shahbaz says enough, you think my wife was that weak? that girl is fooling you, you promised to stay away from Zara and when you went near her, she was in danger, stay away from her. He leaves.

Kabir comes to his room and gets Zara’s call. She says I am outside your house, he says what? Zara says if you can come to my house anytime then why can’t I? Kabir comes out of house and meets her. Zara says you are leaving in two days so I want to live these days as I want. Kabir says okay, let me know what to do? Zara says let’s go for a ride. He sits on her scooty and goes with her. Shahbaz sees it and calls someone.

Salma sees Zara missing from the house and says where did she go at night? Irfan comes to her.Zara is talking to Kabir on a bike. A goon is following them, Salma calls Zara. Zara says take her call and tell her that I am with you. Kabir takes the call and says Zara is with me, she is driving, I will drop her soon, he ends the call. Irfan asks what happened? Salma says what I was scared about, Zara will start loving him again, he will leave after destroying her again.

Kabir and Zara eat gol gappas. Zara says if we are not friends then we are not enemies either, you were right. Kabir smiles. Kabir murmurs that ask me who I am to you when we are having our last breath. Zara says what did you say? He says nothing.Salma tells Irfan that Kabir took Quran’s promise to never accept Zara back. Zara will keep crying for life.Zara says I have told you anything that was in my heart but you still treat me like a stranger. Kabir looks on.Irfan is awake and recalls Kabir’s insults and then Salma telling him that Kabir promised to never accept Zara back.

Irfan comes to the mosque. Kabir comes there. Irfan thanks him for the money. Irfan says let’s have tea together. They sit down, Irfan asks for a garlic tea but Kabir says I don’t like that. Irfan says you fulfilled your duty but I got to know about your promise, I won’t tell Zara but you have to tell her otherwise it will break you and Zara, she will die with this pain, it’s your duty to tell her the truth, tell her that you are leaving because of this promise, you can go to Dubai but tell this truth to Zara so she is in peace too and you can move on too. He leaves. Kabir looks on.

In the morning, Zara comes outside Ayesha’s graveyard and says Kabir you called me here? Kabir says yes, I couldn’t understand your pain and Ayesha’s feelings but there are a reason and fear behind it.. Zara says what fear? He says fear of losing you, remember you promised on Quran to not enter the sharia board but you did and you were attacked and were in coma for a year, I came to see you but I realized that if I come near you then it will hurt you and you won’t wake up so I made a promise to stay away from you. He sits by Ayesha’s grave and says she wanted us together and kept hinting to bring you back but I was scared to lose forever and you were attacked when I was near you so I was sure to stay away from you and then you were saved. He says I did all this sacrifice for your life. Zara says you could have talked to me and ask me about my heart, my heart died every day, Ayesha Ami looks at what he did, Ayesha was pained too, you are educated and still you did all this? Death is in God’s hand then why did you do it? You could have talked to me once. She cries.

Kabir says I did all this for you, I had an education but it’s about you, I just knew that I had to stay away from you to protect you, my feelings are not a lie, look in my heart, I did all this for you. Zara says these all could be coincidence or maybe someone was behind that factory accident. Kabir says no. Zara says if we find out the truth then you will be free from your promise and I might get my Kabir back. Shahbaz’s goon hides and hears all that. Zara asks Kabir to stop protecting her.Shahbaz’s goon comes to him and tells him about Kabir and Zara finding out about the factory’s blast, they might get to know that you were behind it. Shahbaz says finish Zara and end this matter.Kabir comes to Irfan’s house and thanks to him for giving him the strength to tell Zara the truth. They both leave from there. Goon points a gun at Zara from afar.

Kabir and Zara in the car. Kabir says I have got the car that’s been serviced. Zara says you have become clever, after two days you will leave this city. They both sadly look at each other. While Kabir is driving, Zara sleeps. Kabir brings coconut juice for her. Shehbaz’s goon is following. Hawaian plays as they smile at each other.

Kabir and Zara come to the factory. They meet an inspector. He says I can’t tell you much but I know about the owner of the factory. Kabir takes his address.Zara and Kabir come to the factory owner. Owner says why are you here? You both were in the factory when that blast happened, you both are responsible for that blast, your enemy might have blasted that factory. Kabir says do you know that we are going to remove the curtain from this case and then the police will be behind you more. They leave. The owner calls Rizwan and tells him about Zara and Kabir.

Kabir and Zara are on the road. Shahbaz’s goon hides and aims at Zara. Kabir sees him from the car window. Goon shoots at Zara but Kabir pushes Zara away and saves her. Kabir asks if she is fine? They see goon running. Kabir runs behind him. Zara goes too. Goon fools Kabir and leaves. He calls Shahbaz and says I tried to kill Zara but Kabir didn’t let it happen.

Rizwan calls Ruksaar and says Kabir and Zara are researching about that factory blast. Salma comes there so Ruksaar ends the call. She asks where is Zara? Salma says she went with Kabir. Ruksaar says I am worried for her, she might get hurt again. Salma says they are meeting again, I don’t want her heart to break but Kabir has changed, he has told everything to Kabir and she has decided to end everything to end Kabir’s fear, she leaves.

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