Zara’s Nikah update Saturday 2 January 2021


Zara’s Nikah 2 January 2021: Irfan tells Zara to forget the past, you can leave this city, I have a friend who can you give accommodation. Ruksaar hears it and leaves. She thinks thats its good Zara is leaving, she will be away from Kabir’s life.

Ruksaar comes to Zeenat’s house and says I am so happy about you, I will take care of you. Kabir says you here? Ruksaar says Ayesha went to Zara’s house. Kabir asks Ayesha why did you go there? Ayesha says she is my daughter too. Kabir thinks that our connection will stop Zara from moving on.

Ruksaar comes to Kabir. Kabir says how is Zara? Ruksaar recalls her crying and says she is very happy in her life. Kabir nods and leaves. Ruksaar thinks soon Zara will be out of his life.

Zara asks Azra if she should tell Kabir that she is leaving this city? Azra says better yet take him with you, you are leaving this city to move on and now want to contact him? You keep thinking about him but he doesnt care. Zara says I wont tell him that I am leaving.

Scene 2
In morning, Kabir is leaving for work but Ayesha asks him to drop lunch for Kashan.

Kabir comes to station to deliver something, he sees Zara’s application for ticket and thinks she is leaving city?

Zara sits down for breakfast. She serves food to Irfan. Irfan watches news about rain and says whole city is filled with water.

Kabir comes to slum area to help people out. Zara comes there to help as well. Kabir sees her and says you here? what you want? You are leaving. Zara says you know? Kabir says yes I saw your tickets for Delhi, Zara says I am ready to leave from here. Kabir says why are you going? Zara says why do you care? Ambreen comes there and says you are part of this NGO too? Zara says not anymore, I am leaving, she greets them and leaves. She thinks that now I will leave his life and never comeback.

Zara is packing in her room and sighs.

Kabir looks at himself and I wanted to know why she is leaving me but she always fight with me.

Irfan tells Salma to not worry about Zara, she is just going to Delhi. Zara asks Salma to not worry. Zara calls Ayesha and asks her to meet her tonight.

Zara makes Salma wear helmet and takes her on her scooter.

Ayesha tells Shahbaz and Kabir that I have some work, I will come later, she leaves. Kabir thinks I know she is hiding something related to Zara.


Ayesha comes to Zara in a market. Zara says I called you both here to spend my last night in Lucknow with my moms. Ayesha says what?

Ambreen’s mother says to Shahbaz that Kabir is like a son to her.

Zara eats ice-cream with Ayesha and Salma. Zara says dont worry about me, dont be sad. Ayesha says you really want to leave? Zara gets tensed and goes to a shop. She thinks I have decided to leave but what does my heart want? She comes back. Ayesha tells Zara that if you want to leave then go. Salma says your both mothers want to send you off happily, they hug her. Zara looks on.

Scene 2
Zara is sadly sitting in her room and recalls her moments with Kabir. Kabir is missing her too. Roke na ruke naina plays.

Zara is leaving. Irfan, Salma and Azra hugs her. Azra cries and says I can come to station. Zara says I have to handle my life now, take care of my parents and yourself. She leaves house.

Imran says to Kabir that she is leaving and you are not doing anything? Kabir says I am a stranger to her now, I cant ask her to not go. Imran says are you happy? Kabir says I want her to move on in life but she is leaving her life, her family, her everything here just to go away from me, I am destroying her life, I never wanted to increase her troubles, I dont want her to go. Imran says then tell her all this and bring her back. Kabir says you are right.

Zara is on her way to train station. Kabir is in car and tries to call Zara but her phone is off.
Zara comes to station and looks around for her ticket. Kabir comes there and says what are you doing? You are so angry with me that you are leaving me? I was your life then how can you leave? Zara says if this is my death then you are responsible for this as you signed divorce papers.. She sees it was her imagination. Kabir comes from otherside and says you asked everyone if you should go to Delhi but did you ask your heart? ask your heart once. It turns out to be Zara’s imagination as Kabir is on his way to station.

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