Twist of fate update Friday 1 January 2021

Twist of fate 1 January 2021: Pragya thinking to leave before Abhi sees her again. Sara comes and asks where is she leaving? Pragya says she got her mummy’s call and have to leave. Sara asks her to keep house work at home, and says Abhi is here. She says if company is closed, then we will not get any job.

She says tell me if office or house work is necessary. She says I will send Harry to do her work. She asks her to keep bag and come with her. Pragya tries to make her understand but in vain. Abhi sees Pragya again. Pragya turns her face. Sara asks her to stand there itself. Abhi gears to record the song…..Pragya looks at him. Allah Wariyan plays while he records the song. Everyone claps for his song. A guy asks composer if he is sure about this song. Composer says I am sure 200 percent and asks Pragya to give honest opinion about the song. Pragya wears headphone and listens to the song. Abhi stands beside her. Pragya says it is good, and have become my favorite. Abhi keeps his hand on her shoulder and winks his eye lashes. Abhi says my fans are crazy for my voice, my song will be hit. Pragya says yes and goes. Abhi asks what happened to her. He says this was demo. I will record full song when money is transferred in my account. He goes.

Aaliya is applying lotion on her hand. Tanu asks what happened? Aaliya tells that her hand was burnt because of stupid receptionist. Tanu says I didn’t know. She says do you know the time when Abhi was mad about me, and says we have to create that scene again. He shall see my beauty and get mad about me. Aaliya says what you will do when he couldn’t remember you. Tanu says when he can trust you again then why not me, and asks her to plan that scene. Aaliya says okay.

Pragya thinks I shall not go infront of Abhi. She looks at Abhi’s poster and thinks he was normal when looked at him. She thinks I don’t have to run away from him, I can see him as a crazy fan. Abhi’s female fans ask for autograph on their hand. Abhi refuses. Fan asks why did you give autograph on her hand then. Abhi says she is my special fan and says I know who are crazy about me and who are not. Pragya gets moved by his words. Abhi says my special fans are near to my heart. He sets her specs right.

Pragya stares him…..He gives autograph to others. Pragya imagines forwarding her hand…..Abhi holds her hand. Kaisa yeh ishq hai plays……….Abhi gives autograph on her hand again. He feels connected with her. Pragya thinks I am special to him as he knows what is in my heart. Abhi says I will come again, but can’t give autograph. He goes. Pragya looks at her hand and blushes.

Sara is talking on phone and says she is leaving in 15 mins. She comes to Pragya and sees her staring at her hand. She asks didn’t you want to go home. Pragya says no. She says I was cleaning my hand after lunch. Sara asks her to look at time. Pragya sees 7 pm. Sara says you are on wrong track, you thought he has given you heart. He is a rockstar. She asks her to stop dreaming about him, and asks her not to lose work. Pragya says okay. Sanam Re plays………….Beeji looks for her charger and thinks game is near climax. Janki and Sarla comes home. Beeji asks where is my charger. Janki says you must have kept it somewhere and asks her to remember where she was seated 2 hours ago and playing. Beeji remembers and gets her charger. Sarla tells that Pragya called me in afternoon and asks to meet, but she didn’t meet me. Beeji says she might be stuck.

Pragya comes home and keeps on staring on her hand. Saiyyara Re plays…………………….She recalls Abhi saying that she is his special fan and he keeps his heart on their palm. Abhi saying that his special fans are close to his heart. Saiyyara continues to play. Pragya looks at his pic and smiles. She imagines Abhi telling that he gave his heart to her and asks her to keep safely….Allah Wariyan plays………She recalls Abhi saying that he wants to keep party for her, and will make the world know how much he loves her.

Pragya asking Sarla, you came. Sarla says I was waiting for you. Beeji says you asked her to wait there. Pragya apologizes for forgetting and says I will make food for everyone as a punishment. She is about to lift the food stuff, but then lifts bag with other hand. Sarla asks if you are hurt. Beeji asks what happened? Pragya says nothing and asks her to tell that it is inauspicious to hold anything with left hand. She goes.

Abhi thinks to prepare his signature moves for his concert. He thinks to do moon walk, and is walking, thinks shoes is sticking much and thinks to wear his dancing shoes. Aaliya comes and asks if he is going somewhere. Abhi says he is going on a date. Aaliya asks where? And says you are hiding from me. Abhi says I am going on a date with myself and asks if you have any problem. Aaliya says no and you are so unpredictable. She asks how was the demo. Abhi says I just recorded demo and says I will sing full song when the payment is done. Aaliya says yes, and says they will understand to deposit money. Abhi asks where is Dadi? He says Dadi is changed and says something is not right. He says I will talk to her, and asks Aaliya to pressurize the clients to send money fast.

Pragya is cooking food. Sarla comes and asks what did you tell to Janki? Pragya says I told that I will make food alone. Sarla says your food will not spoil if she helps you. Janki says I will help you. Sarla says we will help you. Pragya uses her left hand only and asks them to go. She thinks to cook food fast, before they get doubtful about her. She wears plastic bag and cuts the veggie. Abhi comes to Dadi’s room, calls her and searches for her. Dadi says I am here. Abhi says my Dadi looks like you, but she is not like you. Dadi asks why you are joking and says I am your Dadi.

Abhi says you have changed. Dadi says I do all the things and make you rest on my lap. Abhi says you have stopped one thing. Dadi wonders what is that thing. Abhi says you are not talking about my marriage, and says it seems you don’t want me to marry. Dasi comes and says you are married naa, how many times will you marry? Abhi asks what do you mean? Dasi says you are married to music. Abhi says Dadi will not accept music as bahu. Dasi says Dadi is worried about getting torture by bahu. Abhi says I prefer to be bachelor rather marrying a torturous wife.

Sarla asks Beeji to stop playing game and says something is wrong with Pragya. She says I am feeling strange, as she is not letting us work. Beeji says she is happy now a days. Sarla says yes, and says I am not understanding something. Beeji asks her to eat medicine and sleep. Sarla says I will sleep if Pragya slept. She asks her to come to Pragya’s room. They peep in her room and see her sleeping. Beeji asks Sarla to eat tablet and sleep, and says I will finish my game. Pragya is awake and looks at Abhi autograph on her hand. Sanam re plays….

Aaliya tells Saira, how can you expect me to agree. Saira says you met with boss, and he agreed on your terms and conditions. She says payment will be done when the song is recorded, but Abhi refused to sing the song. Pragya sees Aaliya and hides. Aaliya feels someone is hiding seeing her. Pragya thinks if Aaliya comes to know that I work here then she will not let him come here. Aaliya checks near the car. Pragya is still hiding behind car. Aaliya sits in her car and goes. Pragya takes a sigh of relief.

Saira asks Pragya, if everyone came for audition. Pragya says yes and says they are in the waiting room. Saira asks her to tell them to get ready in 10 mins. Pragya goes. Abhi comes there and asks Saira, if he is looking angry. Saira says yes. He asks about boss. Saira says boss went out. Abhi says he will wait in the waiting room. Pragya talks to the contestants. Abhi comes there. The contestants get happy. Abhi asks them to prove that they are his big fan and says I will get the selfie clicked.

Everyone tell about their experience. Abhi asks them to stop it. Pragya asks him to tell idea to prove that they are his fans. Abhi asks who told this? He sees her face and says smart girl. He says we will play a game and asks them to stand in a line. Pragya refuses to take part in the competition. Contestant says she is too boring. Abhi looks on.

Aaliya thinks if Abhi fought with company owner and thinks to handle the situation. She hears Saira talking to boss. Saira tells her that abhi is angry. Aaliya says things don’t work like this. Saira asks her to talk to Abhi and calm him down. Aaliya says okay and goes. Abhi asks them to remove their accessories and put in the bowl. Contestant asks why? Abhi says because I like it. He asks Pragya to help him. Pragya nods. Abhi thinks it will be fun now. Pragya gets all the accessories from the contestants and gives to Abhi. Abhi asks him to turn their faces. He removes his wrist band from his hand and keeps in the bowl. He tells everyone that he has his favorite accessory in the bowl and asks them to find out. A girl says I will find it easily. Abhi says there is a twist. Pragya looks on. Abhi smiles.

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