Zara’s Nikah update Friday 1 January 2021

Zara’s Nikah 1 January 2021: Zara walks on the road. Rizwan looks at her. He calls Rukhsar. Zara comes home. Rukhsar doesn’t pick the call. Zara goes to her room. Zara comes to azra and hugs her. Zara cries. Azra says please calm down. Zara says I am over kabir. Everything is over. I am Zara siddiqui again. I have changed my name. I have moved forward from the past. That name isn’t mine anymore.

Ambreen asks Kabir are you upset? You wanted zara to move on. Now she is moving forward. He says she was so proud of this name. She has now changed her name.
Zara says I should have changed my name earlier. Azra says you took the first step. Everything would be fine. She says there are only pricks on my way. I am dying. azra hugs her. Zara cries. Azra says you lost your documents. Driver gave them back? She says Kabir gave me. Ambreen was with her. I can’t see her with him. Azra says you shouldn’t care. This shouldn’t bother you. Zara says I cant pretend to be normal and happy. I thought everything would be fine when I change the name but nothing happened. I am thinkning about him more now. When I see ambreen with kabir, my heart hurts. My eyes look for him everywhere. What should I do.

Kabir drops Ambreen home. She says thanks. Kabir says I should thank you. She says I came to you with my will. Samina comes.
Samina says we have decided to settle here so we have to do all this. Kabir says let me know if you need my help in anything.
Zara is on bike. She recalls what Azra said. She falls from the bike. Kabir sees her. He says zara are you okay.. He picks her. Zara says I am fine. He cleans her hands. Zara says in heart why do you keep coming in front of me. Zara says thank you, I am fine. She is leaving. Kabir says Zara are you okay? She says yes. Kabir washes his hands. Zara looks at him. She recalls he held her hands and thats why he is washing them. Kabir sits upset in his car.

Zara comes home. She is upset. Zara is in tears. She recalls what Azra said. Zara burns their photos and everything related to Kabir. She recalls their moments together. Rukhsar peeks in her room. Zara says Kabir is over for me.

Rukhsaar comes to the graveyard. Rizwan pulls her. She gets scared. she says why did you call me? He says I know why you came. Enemy’s enemy is friend. I know you hate Zara and Kabir. She says I really hate them. She was burning her photos with Kabir. It made my heart so happy. He says we can burn them and their love as well. Soon, they will be in this graveyard. Rukhsarr says I want zara here. But how would you do that? He tells her the plan.

Irfan is asking for tea. Salma sees some photos on table. She sees its Kabir and Zara’s burned photos. Zara comes there and says its ashes of past.

Ayesha asks Kabir to get up. She sees sleeping pills and says you need to take them now? Are you missing Zara? Kabir says I am fine. Zeenat and Kashan calls everyone to lounge. Zeenat tells everyone that she is expecting a baby. All are happy. Amaan says I want a sister. Ayesha asks Zeenat to take care of herself, she nods. Kabir smiles and leaves. Ayesha sadly looks at him.

Zara is having breakfast with family, Salma gets a call. Zara asks who is that? Salma says Abida is telling me proposals, dont know what to tell her. Zara says I didnt ask you to get in this mess. Ruksaar tells everyone that Zeenat is expecting a baby.

Kabir looks at baby photos and recalls Zara telling him that their baby will be cute like them.

Ruksaar says to family that I am going to meet Zeenat, are you coming Zara? Zara says no you go. Ayesha comes there and says I know you cant come there Zara so I came to celebrate this good news. Zara hugs her and wishes her.

Kabir sadly looks at mother-baby poster. Zara is looking at that poster as well. Kabir imagines talking to Zara about getting a baby, Zara says I want you to take care of me and baby. Kabir says I will keep you and baby in my arms forever.

Salma tells Ayesha that we are happy for you. Ayesha says I still want Zara and Kabir to become one, I know its not possible. Irfan says if they want they can do halala nikah but its not possible.

Irfan comes to Zara and sees her sad, he asks what happened? Zara says I cant forget my past, I keep seeing Kabir, I am stuck in past. Irfan says you should leave this city. Ruksaar hears it and smirks.

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