Zara’s Nikah update Thursday 31 December 2020


Zara’s Nikah 31 December 2020: Salma asks where is Zara? Ruksaar says she is in Kabir’s room with him. A guest taunts Salma that she cant handle her daughter. Salma says who are you? Shahbaz says you came to take your daughter?

Salma says we didnt come here to get insulted. A woman says some girls are so shameless to keep an affair after divorce too. Salma says she came here to greet Ayesha but still she is not respected here. She shouts for Zara. Zara and Kabir comes there, all look on. Zara’s dupatta gets stuck in Kabir’s watch. Salma sees her and says to Zara that we become a joke when you come here. She starts dragging Zara away from Kabir, he looks on. Ruksaar and Azra goes with them.

Ayesha tells family that we shouldnt have done this function, Zara has to bear so much, she just wanted to celebrate with me but she cant happiness in this life. Shahbaz says we cant celebrate our happiness because of that girl? why did you go with her in your room Kabir? Kabir says she needed a dress change so I took her. Shahbaz asks Zeenat to take away all clothes of Zara from here so nothing of her memory is here.

Salma tells Zara that I know you have a relation with Ayesha but people dont understand that, you are a girl who was divorced and should leave them. Zara says I cant leave Ayesha. Irfan says you have to do it, we are in a society where you cant go back to place after a divorce, you have to forget them.

Zeenat packs and takes Zara’s clothes from Kabir’s room. Kabir hides his album with Zara. Zeenat leaves. Kabir looks at his and Zara’s photos and smiles.
Zara cries in her room recalling her moments with Kabir.

Scene 2
In morning, servant brings Zara’s luggage from Kabir’s house. Zara says its something left there. Zeenat calls them and says I sent everything, Zara takes call and says our wedding album is left, I need that, its in cupboard, Zeenat says I will check and send it.

Zeenat comes to Kabir and says sorry for coming but let me know if you will shift in your old room? Kabir says no I will never shift back in that room now.

Salma gets a call and thanks them. Irfan says to Salma that if we have to make Zara forget past then we have to help her move on. Salma says guy is an engineer and lives abroad, they want to marry him with Zara soon so he can take her. Zara and Ruksaar hears it. Ruksaar smirks.

Kabir says to Zara so you came to the concert? SHe says it is my favorite singer’s concert. You should know. He says did you tell me? Zara says I am with my sister. Why are you here? He says to listen to ghazal. Zara says well. Ambreen comes and says Kabir.. She salams Zara. Zara is shocked. She says in heart Kabir came with her to the concert? Zara says Azra, we should leave.

They leave. Ambreen says this is Zara right? She was at your place. Anyways you here, Samina comes and says you here Kabir. Kabir says to his friend, this is samina khala and her daughter. Ambreen says ami we would get late. Let’s go.
Kabir’s friend says all people know come when we are out. He says Zara saw me. She thought I came with Ambreen.

Zara says it is all clear. He came to this concert with her. And we all know why. He would never take me saying he gets bore. Now he is at my favorite singer’s concert with another girl. Azra says you are overthinking. You know him. She says he is in such a hurry to forget me. Kair’s friend says knows your character. I can tell her you are with me. Kabir says I don’t wanna explain anything. I want her to move on. She better do. She is here to enjoy and move one. I am glad she saw me with her. Zara says to Azra I am going home. You enjoy the concert. Come home when it’s over.


Kabir and Zara are both going home. The song zaruri tha plays.
Azra comes out of the concert. Zara is there. She says why did you not go home? She says if I did, amma abba would be worried and ask me questions. I couldn’t lie to them. Azra says this is so wrong. Zara says everything is fine. Azra says you can’t pretend everything is fine. You are always upset. You are neither moving on, nor closing it. You had two days to find out why did he say yes to khula. He wanted to get rid of you. He doesn’t wanna live with you. He signed the papers. There was no reason he was forced. He was there because he was happy. It doesn’t matter he was with a girl, at least he is getting over his past. Till he affects you, you can’t get over it. You have to get over it. You have to be strong. Start from somewhere. Try it at least. Zara says you’re right. I can’t waste my time. I have to do job, abba’s loan. I have to do something that would start a new day tomorrow. Azra hugs her.

Scene 2
Next morning, Zara wakes up. She sees Rukhsar’s phone ringing. Rukhsar picks it before her. She wonders why is Rizwan calling her. Salman asks Zara are you going somewhere? She says yes. I need your closet keys. I need some documents.
Zara comes to the lawyer. She loses her file. She left it in the rickshaw. Zara calls home. Lawyer says get the documents or the court would close.
The rickshaw driver calls on the number. But Zara’s phone is off. He calls on the other number.

Kabir comes home. Samina says you were at the concert. Ayesh says wow you met him there. Kabir gets the call from the driver. He says a girl Zara sat in my rickshaw. She left her certificates. Kabir says I am comin to pick them. Ambreen says you are leaving to meet Zara. He says no such thing. She says your face tells what’s in your heart. You can share anything with me as a friend. Kabir says thanks. He leaves. Zara is worried for her file. She calls her mom but she says they are not home.

Kabir calls Zara. He does video call. Kabir says are you worried? I have your documents. I am coming to give them to you. Ambreen comes in the video as well. She says we are coming. I would meet you too.
Ambreen asks kabir, is it right thing to do?
Kabir comes to meet zara with Ambreen. He says your file. He introduces them to each other. Zara says I have to go. Lawyer comes and takes the documents from Zara. He says Zara Siddiqui. Kabir says you’re changing your name? She says yes what’s the point of keeping that name. Kabir is heartbroken. Zara leaves.

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