Young Love Update Monday 18. January 2021


Young Love 18 January  2021: Starts with Sudha searching for the necklace. Her mum in law scolds her and asks what have you done with the necklace? If you have sold it or gave to your poor parents. Sudha says she didn’t do anything and asks why she is taunting them. Premal’s mum asks her to get the necklace till evening or get money from her parents. Sudha cries and says how can I get money from them.

Premal’s mum asks her to bring necklace from where she has sold. Sudha cries. She thinks she has not done. Shivam thinks Sudha is innocent and opines that Premal’s mum might be trapping Sudha to get money from her parents. Karuna wakes up and asks where is Abhayram ji. Krish says he went for urgent work. Nandini says he didn’t tell us. Karuna says it can’t be possible. He never went anywhere without informing me. She says why didn’t he wait for me to wake up and asks to call him.
Karuna insists Krish and Nandini to call Abhayram. Nandini says he might be driving the car and says once we reach home, will call him. Karuna agrees. Krish goes to get discharge papers. Nandini follow him and asks how we will tell her that Abhayram is not Abhayram, but Kundan. She says she is very stressed. Krish says we have to hide the matter for few days. He says I can’t let my mom be with her, and says she will be happy knowing about my decision. Shivam asks Sudha to stop crying. Sudha says she has worn this necklace only once, and worries from where she will get money. Shivam asks her not to cry and smile, and says everything.

Nandini and Krish bring Karuna home. Karuna asks if Abhayram called you? Krish says yes and says I informed him that you are back home. He says Abhayram will call you. Karuna asks him to make her talk to Abhayram whenever he calls. Krish says okay. Nandini tells Krish that she will be with her and asks him to go. Later in the night, Abhayram comes home. Krish catches him and takes him outside. Nandini wakes up and follows them.
Krish asks Abhayram, why did you come back and what you was going to do with cloth? Abhayram says it is a misunderstanding. He asks Krish to stop it and says even I can fight and make blood river flow. He says I came to tell her bye, and tried to take her dupatta as her memory. Krish asks him to stop lying….Nandini comes and says he is saying truth. Krish asks what is wrong with you, how can you believe him. Nandini asks him to read the letter which he has kept for Karuna. She says he asked for a chance from mom.

Abhayram says I couldn’t live with my guilt and wanted to apologize to her once. He says I am guilty. He says he has valued Karuna after his parents. He says Karuna gave me strength and love to stand on my feet. I have realized my mistake, when it was too late. He apologizes to Nandini and asks her to forgive. He bends down on his knees and says may be Karuna can’t forgive me. He folds his hand and asks for her forgiveness. Krish asks him to leave if he is done with apology. Nandini falls in his trap and looks on. Abhayram starts walking towards the door…..Nandini stops him and says you will not go anywhere Kundan….Abhayram smirks. Krish is in shock and looks at Nandini.


Nandini stopping Kundan.Kundan/Abhayram smirks. Nandini says you don’t need to go anywhere, as you are mom’s life, although you are my life’s wound. She asks him to do penance and stay in the house. Krish asks have you lost it and says you are doing mistake. Nandini says he wants to do penance and says that’s why he is wrong. Krish says he has done a crime and says he is not worthy to do penance. Nandini asks him to think about Karuna. Abhayram smirks seeing them arguing. He tells Krish and Nandini that he will change and says he is feeling small infront of her greatness. Krish says you are coal and will always be coal only. Nandini says diamond gets from coal only. Krish says you can let him stay in the house, but if anything wrong happens then you will be responsible.

Triveni hears them and wonders what is the matter. She thinks he is making Nandini and Krish fight and looks on.
Premal’s dad steals the money which they got after selling Sudha’s necklace. He thinks his wife will doubt on Sudha now, and laughs. He thinks to gamble the money and goes.

Nandini asks Krish to listen to him. Krish asks what is the use of talking to you. She asks where you are going? Krish says I am going to keep an eye on snake, you can trust him but not me. Shivam collides with him and steals the money. He thinks this money is of Sudha and not anybody else. Dadisaa’s soul appears infront of Nandini and asks her to be careful with Kundan. She says he will attack you when you will give least attention to the happenings. Shivam asks a boy if he has done his work. Boy says his news is right and tells that he had seen Sudha’s mum in law going to gold shop. Shivam gives him money and asks him to have icecream. He goes.

Nandini hears bhajan playing and thinks how many times Maasi ji will do aarti. Triveni thinks I am here then who is doing aarti. They go to puja room and see Abhayram doing aarti. Karuna and Krish also come there. Abhayram apologizes to Devimaa for his sin and says he will keep fast every week for Karuna’s happiness and health. He apologizes again and see them standing behind him. He asks what you are doing here? You would have taken rest as adviced by doctor. Karuna says may be devimaa wanted me to come here, and is touched by his gesture. Krish asks her to come and take rest. Abhayram asks Karuna to take Prasad. She takes it.

He picks a pinch of sindoor and fills her maang. Triveni thinks he is filling her maang…Krish says you need rest now and asks Karuna to come. Karuna says she needs fresh air. Karuna says he is right, I am tired of rest, I want to go out and rest. Krish says okay, I will take you. Karuna says no, and says she will go with Abhayram and asks him to go to hospital. Kundan says I will take care of my wife. Triveni says I will also come with you. Krish asks Nandini, if she has seen any truth in his act and thanks her angrily.

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