Where has Ex bbnaija contestant Miracle gone?

If you care to notice, there’s a jinx with coming first place on big brother Nigeria. The hype and popularity gets unusually high during the lasts weeks of the show and after you cart away with all the prize money, your fame slowly fizzle out while the media shifts focus on other contestants from the show, especially the runner ups.

Do you doubt? Then where is the ‘Based on Logistics’ crooner Efe from season two? Remember that the media, facebook and twitter never stopped singing his praise in early 2017. But after he won, the spotlight gradually shifted towards Tboss and Bisola. And surprisingly, the same pattern seem to berepeating itself with Miracle.

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Just the other day we heard that Tobi Bakre’s instagram account has been verified; even as the controversy surrounding Tobi and Alex’s leaked pictures is still making the news.

Nina is not left out as she was gifted a c ar by Toni Lawani as a birthday gift while Alex is reportedly starting a YouTube vlog series. How about Bambam and Teddy? They are making the cover of different magazines these days.

In the midst of all these media hype, do you wonder why miracle isn’t also making headlines for the good or bad reasons? Is the ‘First place Jinx’ finally catching up to him or is he consciously secluding himself from public life so he could face his Piloting career?

Suffice to add here that only Ebuka Obi-Uchendu from season one remained in the spotlights ahead of his peers after big brother naijastories season one. He has successfully hosted both the season two and three of the show even though he was the 7th contestant to be evicted during his time.

Maybe coming first on big brother is not the biggest thing to happen to a contestant? Let’s hear your opinion, what do you think? Where the hell is Miracle Igbokwe?

Disclaimer: this is an opinion piece, views expressed are solely of the writer’s.



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