Blindspot gone on another short break: Episode 18 spoiler and return date

This may come as a rather sad news for Blindspot fans out there because just a month after the show returned from their short break, they are yet again taking another two weeks off.

The show had stopped airing after its 12th episode on February 2nd in order to give room for the Olympic games to air and picked off on March 2nd with its 13th episode. But four episodes later, they are off again although on a shorter leave.

Blindspot Episode 17 titled “Mum’s the word” mirrors the aftermath and how the team is handling all the big reveals and perceived betrayals from other team mates. Zapata and Patterson are on a cold war level over the Borden issue while Reade is trying to work through the love confession made by Zapata without losing his best friend. And Zapata is the worst hit since she is in the middle of the whole ‘scandal’ as the episodes opens with her fiercely kickboxing as a coping mechanism.

These and more go on in their personal lives even as they try at yet another chance to nail Crawford and his partner Bruyere (The man whose son had been captured along with Crawford’s daughter) for good this time. The team eventually figures out the location ( a mansion on a secluded island off the coast of Croatia) of the Gala Crawford is throwing through various adventures and high tech digging; then hatch out a plan to infiltrate it, which was a success by the way through the help of Avery (Jane’s daughter).

Blindspot season 3 episode 18

But everything turns sour when Roman, who had hitherto pledged alliance to helping the FBI capture his boss (Crawford) reneged on his promise. He kills the live feed and camera he had assisted the FBI to set up in the Gala and guards Crawford as he successfully closes the land deal with Buyere. After the deal and during the heated shootout with the FBI when they were escaping, he saves his boss and daughter by leading the FBI towards Buyere who eventually gets killed.

Weller is miffed over another lost opportunity that got thwarted because of Roman’s change of mind to stick with people who showed him the love he had always desired. Roman is shown to be deeply in love with Blake and is now prepared to get rid of his sister and her team mates to further prove his loyalty.

Blindspot episode 18 titled “Clamorous night” is an extension of Roman loyalty to his new family. In this episode, the team has to fight for their live as Roman has placed a bounty over their heads and sends Assassin to kill them all. The trailer shows each of them fighting to stay alive, amongst which is a suspenseful fight between Reade and a man where we see him eyes agape as he was being plunged with a knife.

Viewers would have to hold on till it airs to discover if Reade would die from the stab. Stay tuned to NBC as Blindspot returns on Friday April 20th.




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