Wednesday update Kulfi the singing star 22 January 2020

Lovely is getting tortured in jail by the police. Meanwhile, Amyra comes in the Chawl to tell Sikander about the contest but gets shocked to see something.

Lovely loses her senses and sees Amyra in front of her. She starts blaming her for not supporting her mother while jailor thinks Lovely has gone mad.

Amyra decides to surprise Sikander while Kulfi is waiting for them. Jimmy sees Kulfi and confronts her about being in his office.
He insults Kulfi and asks her to leave. Kulfi decides to stop Sikander and Kulfi from seeing the drama of Jimmy.

Nihalo meets Lovely and says she will take revenge for her betrayal. Lovely is mentally disturbed and sees Amyra everywhere.
Jimmy continues to shout at Kulfi and insults her. Amyra has brought Sikander with eyes closed and at the same time, she sees Jimmy Gazdar.

Kulfi instructs her to take Sikander out of there. Jimmy even hurts Kulfi but she decides to hide the truth from Sikander.
Amyra makes a plan and decides to take participation in the contest while disguised as Bajewala. Later, Kulfi asks Amyra to come outside while someone has kidnapped her.

Kulfi the singing star January teasersĀ 

Lovely gets a call from her dad stating he has taken Amyra and asks for further plan. She wants her father to take Amyra far away from India. Lovely is doing drama in jail to get in a mental asylum.

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