Thursday update Kulfi the singing star 23 January 2020

Sikander searches for Amyra in the market. He calls Samaira as well to enquire about his daughter but is not able to find her.
He receives a call from Tony who informs that Amyra is with him. He also says they are leaving the country and instructs not to contact again.

Later, Kulfi enquires about Amyra from Sikander. He says Amyra’s Naanu has taken her and that his Naanu is not well.
Kulfi decides to complete the work given by Amyra while Sikander reaches Tony’s place to find no one there.

Kulfi comes in another registration house to get into the competition as Bajewalas. The person at the desk tells her to deposit a CD of her song.Sikander calls Mahender and informs about Tony Chaddha taking Amyra along. Meanwhile, Kulfi decides to make the song to get into the competition.
Kulfi’s song is wonderful but misses the required music. At the same time, Shanta Bai is worried about her son leaving daily at night.

Kulfi struggles to get her song recorded in a studio while Sikander is worried for Amyra. Meanwhile, Lovely is still acting mentally ill in jail. Kulfi decides to follow Sandy along with her friends.

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