Illusion update Thursday 6 january 2022

Illusion 6 january 2022: Aarush insists Kavya to call back Veer/Kabir to play cricket with him. Kavya says Veer has gone out and she will play cricket with him. She bowls. He throws ball away and says she does not know to play. Jay passes by and seeing this asks Sonali if they can play cricket. Aarush says it is his bat. Jay says he does not know to play. Aarush says he knows. Jay bowls and Kabir hits sixer and laughs. Chanda chachi walks in and scolds Jay for supporting traitors. Jay confronts her not to call kid a traitor and says it is his duty to support Aarush and Kavya when Kabir bhai is not around.

Jahnvi meets Amma and informs her that Shayl was spying on Manohar, but Manohar escaped. Amma says Shayl should have spied Manohar properly. Ishani walks in and blasts Jahnvi for supporting Kavya and Aarush and acting as Kavya’s best friend. Jahnvi says Aarush is a kid and they cannot play with kid’s life, Kavya is in distress and sometimes we need to befriend many people to take their revenge. Amma agrees and calms down Ishani.

PK walks into commissioner Raghav’s house. Raghav blasts PK that he called him useless and now came to his house to seek help. PK says he came to have whiskey. Raghav serves him whiskey. PK reveals his plan that he wants to use Kabir’s army arrest in his favor to win mayor election as patriotism is the best weapon to win elections. Raghav says he is so cunning that he is using his own son. PK says instead of losing election because of Kabir, it is better to win it because of him.Kavya panics worried for Kanbir and tells Suman that Jahnvi will take care of Aarush, she just wants to see Kabir out as he is in jail trying to protect her and Aarush and taking wrong blame on himself. Kabir is questioned by Shaurya who says he did not kill Vyom and reveals whole incident happened during that mission.

Jahnvi returns home. She gets Manohar’s calls who frightens her calling her old identity as Pooja Sharma. Jahnvi panics in fear. Manohar emerges in front of her and asks if she liked his stunt. He reveals that she is Dr. Ashok Sharma’s daughter and PK killed Dr. Ashok and his daughter, but she emerged again to take revenge from PK. He drags her outside PK’s room and showing PK says PK is sound asleep like a baby, if he wakes up she knows what will he do to her. He insists her to accompany him. She agrees and walks with him after heavy dialogues. He gets her into car and drives. Her heavy dialogues continue. He takes her to PK’s old factory and ties her to a chair. She continues her dialogues. He asks her to reveal her plan.

Manohar threatens Jahnvi to burn her alive and asks to reveal her plan. Jahnvi says fire could not burn her earlier, even now it cannot. Manohar says he will hand her over to PK and get 50 lakhs in return, PK will be glad to kill Pooja Sharma. Jahnvi laughs and says PK will not give him even a penny, but will for Jahnvi; he can call PK as her kidnapper without revealing his identity; he will get 50 lakhs and she will give him 1 crore as promised; then he can settle his down far away with the money.PK does Kabir’s shradh/last rights and with fake tears addresses media that his son is a traitor and is dead for him, it is difficult for a son to carry son’s dead body, but is doing it for the love for nation; they should not vote him as Mayor and if they do, he will follow his duty like god’s work. He wakes up from sleep and realizing he was dreaming, thinks he will play same drama and sacrifice Kabir, he had already insisted Kabir to join his father’s business, but he did not and now should be ready to sacrifice himself.

Kavya prays for Kabir’s safe return lighting 99 lamps and asks Suman to give her 1 more lamp, then says lamp is available, burns cotton on her palm and prays. Chanda watches this and says margali chipkali/dead lizard is playing big drama. Suman throws cotton lamp and praises Kavya that she is glad to see someone cares her son so much.Jahnvi asks Manohar to keep his mouth shut and leave with money. Manohar says her story is nice, but she will die for sure. Jahnvi kicks him down. Manohar angrily tries to hit her back when Ama, Shayl and others reach and pin down Manohar. Jahnvi stamps Manohar and tying him to chair slaps him repeatedly saying he did wrong by taking his father’s name, he killed her father for money, PK made fake medicines and blamed her father. She continues venting out her anger. Amma asks her to return home before family wakes up and asks what she should do with Manohar.Jahnvi asks him to keep him hostage till she returns and leaves for home. At home, Kavya pampers sleeping Aarush and says she will return home with Kabir before Aarush wakes up. Jahnvi enters home via window and her sari pallu gets stuck to a nail. She tries to free it with great difficulty. Kavya passes by and notices Jahnvi.

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