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Wedding planners 29 December 2021: The Episode starts with Preeti seeing Neil and faking a call to Juhi. She asks why did you leave Priyanka alone that she tried to commit suicide, is she at the hospital. Neil worries. Kusum talks to someone for selling the house. Juhi, Sumedh and Priyanka ask her the reason for the decision. Kusum says its my house, I can decide about it. Neil asks driver to take the car. He asks can’t you hear, my Priyanka… KT is in disguise of the driver. He says your Priyanka… Preeti says Priyanka is fine, we did this to know the truth. KT says your worry shows the truth, why did you lie to me, I felt I won your trust, you didn’t regard me your dear one. Neil cries and hugs him. He says I wanted to tell the truth but I was badly caught. KT says I m there to handle it, tell me everything clearly. Neil tells everything. Kusum says I want to sell this house and go.

Sumedh asks why are you doing this. Kusum says I m doing this for Priyanka, she will go to UK and move on, I have decided it, no one can stop me. KT says I will talk to mum, you will marry Priyanka, its my promise, you love her, right, marriage doesn’t sustain without love. Preeti asks Neil to go in, KT and she will handle it. Neil hugs KT and thanks them. He goes. KT says sorry. She says Kushala and Sneha went for shopping, we can stop Kusum from selling the house. KT says I will call her and tell her that we will get Neil and Priyanka married. She asks do you think she will agree. He says yes, I know her. Kusum answers call and scolds him. Preeti says she didn’t agree, there is one way to stop the house sale. She tells the idea. He says done, our combination is world best. He laughs. She asks him to go now. KT comes to Kusum’s house in disguise. He says I m Bhairav Seth. He introduces himself.

She says you came at a wrong place. He says I have come to buy your house. She says I think I met him. He says maybe, ladies follow me when I go for a morning walk. He likes the house and asks the price. He asks why are you in a hurry to sell the house, is there any ghost. Kusum says no, I want money to send my daughter to UK. KT asks is your daughter home. Kusum says yes, you see the house. Preeti comes to Kushala and says trust us, KT and I will arrange money some how, please don’t sacrifice Neil’s happiness, make him away from this deal, marriage stays on the basis of love. Kushala says you won’t understand this, Neil’s marriage is in 2 days, its final. She goes. Preeti gets KT’s call. He says I have find out why Kusum wants to sell the house, she wants to send Priyanka to UK.

Preeti says we have less time, Kushala isn’t agreeing, why to get scared if they are in love, get Priyanka with you, I will get Neil, we will get them married in a temple today itself. KT says right, we will explain Kusum and our family, we will unite two lovers today, done. Preeti thinks you know the importance of love, but you don’t love me. KT asks for house papers. Kusum says I have it. He asks her to get it. KT goes to Priyanka. Priyanka asks him to stay away. KT removes his moustache and shows his face. Priyanka says you… KT says listen to me, Preeti is going to get Neil, come with me for marrying Neil. She asks why do you think that I will come. KT says Neil was helpless to agree for marriage, my mom was pressurizing him for family’s sake, you are lucky to get true love, don’t step behind in ego, you will regret all live, he loves you a lot, you also love him right. She nods. He says you want to spend life with him, right. She nods. He says please listen to me, just do as I say, just go out from here. He explains the plan.

He thinks I will take Priyanka to the temple. Preeti sees everyone with Neil. She thinks I have to take Neil to the temple. Choreographer comes to teach them dance steps. Preeti dances. Everyone dances. Preeti takes Neil. KT sees the house papers. Priyanka stops and sees Kusum. She takes Priyanka’s blessing. KT says what good values she has, bless her for a new start. Kusum says she is going to nearby shop for printout, what’s the matter. KT says don’t investigate. Kusum says I find something fishy. KT jokes. He says you go, I will answer your mum. Priyanka goes.

KT and Preeti bringing Neil and Priyanka for the wedding. Neil does sit ups and apologizes to Priyanka. She smiles. KT also does sit ups and apologizes to Preeti. Preeti imagines this. KT says we got them ready, but they have to take rounds. Priyanka says mum isn’t here, she has seen dreams for my marriage. Preeti says Kusum will come and do your kanyadaan. Priyanka asks really. Preeti says yes. Priyanka and Neil exchange garlands. Preeti goes and calls Kusum. Kusum says I will disconnect the call. Preeti says if you disconnect, then you can’t see your daughter’s marriage. Kusum gets shocked and asks why are you getting Priyanka married to Neil. KT says you forgot that this relation is fixed. Kusum asks how dare you cheat me. Preeti says Priyanka is daring like you.

Kusum says you can’t do this, for the sake of our friendship. Preeti says you already broke our friendship. Kusum says I will come there. Preeti disconnects. She says if Kusum doesn’t agree then, will our family accept Priyanka. Everyone looks for KT, Neil and Preeti. Kushala thinks did KT and Priyanka plan to unite Neil and Priyanka.Kusum comes and asks for Priyanka. Preeti says listen to me, Neil did engagement on Kushala’s saying, it was a business deal, we didn’t know about it, forgive us. KT says we aren’t cheating you. Kusum asks where is Priyanka. Preeti says Priyanka’s happiness is incomplete without you. Kusum says forget it now. Preeti says you taught me to respect love, just lucky people get love in life, don’t force Priyanka to do this. KT says listen to me, if person falls in love once, then its not imp that he falls in love once again, heart becomes stone, love doesn’t reach the heart, Priyanka and Neil got love, they just want your blessings, you also fell in love, right, you go and bless your daughter now. Kusum goes to Priyanka. She looks for Neil. Priyanka says Maa…

Kusum makes Priyanka sit in the mandap. She does the gathbandhan. Neil and Priyanka smile. Kusum says my happiness is your happiness. KT and Preeti happily cry. Kusum comes to them and apologizes. She says you kept the friendship, when I said such bad things in anger, I wish you get love in your life. Preeti hugs her. Neil and Priyanka take the wedding rounds. Preeti says promise me, you will always involve me in every auspicious thing. KT says I promise, you also promise to look after my family. She says I promise. He says I promise to look after your family. She says promise me to share my joy and sorrow. KT says I promise that I will always give you respect, I won’t do anything that insults our relation. She says I promise to protect your respect. She cries. He says I also promise the same, also that I will respect your wish first.

She says I promise to fulfill my duty. He says I will my duty. She says we fulfilled these promises, its perfect marriage, it just lacks love. Pandit says you both are husband and wife now, take blessings from elders. Kusum smiles and blesses Neil and Priyanka. KT asks what do you want to say. Preeti says you said marriage doesn’t sustain without love, you said we are best friends, but can’t be best couple, its enough for me, I want a divorce from you. He gets shocked and says yes, I married you without your wish, this will be good, you take this decision for divorce, I will respect your decision. She cries. KT and Preeti get Neil and Priyanka home. Everyone gets shocked. Sneha says you got married and took this decision without our wish, why. KT says I will explain you. He asks Preeti to take them inside. Neil and Priyanka go. KT says I know you are in shock, this never happened in the family before. Kushala says Preeti did this to keep her friendship.

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