Wedding planners update Thursday 30 December 2021

Wedding planners 30 December 2021: The Episode starts with Kushala scolding Preeti. Preeti says Neil loves Priyanka, he couldn’t marry Shikha. Shivraj says but Neil should have told us about it, we gave a word to Maheshwaris. Preeti says Neil and Shikha would have been not happy if they married, please give a chance to Priyanka, she is a nice girl. Kushala says you went against me, KT. KT says I couldn’t see Neil sacrificing his happiness, he loves Priyanka. Kushala says Neil’s marriage was a deal, he would have saved us from a big loss, how will we get 40 crores in 15 years, your dad had kept house and office mortgaged for a big deal, Maheshwari was going to give us money, how will we get money now. KT and Preeti say from Shaadi mubarak. Kushala asks what.

KT says we will get 40 crores in 15 days. Preeti says yes, we have saved the family’s happiness, now we will save the respect too, just trust us.KT and Preeti go to Neil and Priyanka. Priyanka says everyone is upset with us, can they accept us. Preeti says yes, you can end their annoyance with your love. KT says win their hearts by your love. Neil and Priyanka take their blessings. Neil says we would have never got this destination of love without you and Preeti. Preeti says your love has made us realize our destination. She gets sad. KT and Preeti come to their room and recall her decision. She sees KT. Hamari adhuri kahani…plays… She recalls their moments. He also stays sad and sees their marriage pic.

KT and Preeti meet the lawyer. They file for divorce with mutual consent. The lawyer says I can understand the problems faced by couples. KT says no, I don’t have any such problems, my wife is sensible, you knows me more than I know myself, she comes to help me first, she is like my friend. The lady says okay, then she would have a problem with you, that’s why she wants a divorce. Preeti says no, he is a nice person, he respects me and others, he has much time for me, we work together, we have taken our company to heights. The lady smiles and asks will you have tea. They say no thanks. The lady says I don’t think you both have come for divorce, but for marriage, you are counting your qualities, if you have good understanding, then why do you want to get divorced. Preeti says he doesn’t love me. KT sees a cupboard falling on Preeti.

He saves her and cares for her. She says I m fine. The lady sees them. She says he is caring a lot for you, you are saying he doesn’t love you, you need a good counsellor, it can be anyone from your family, you may have some good friend. KT says Kusum is our good friend. The lady says talk to her, she will help you reconcile, I m sure that your marriage is alive, I need 2 mins to file your application, but one should try to keep the marriage before breaking it.She asks them to meet Kusum. She asks them to solve their problems, by using the chart. She says if you feel love, then make a red heart, else a black cross. She gives the charts to them. Priyanka looks for medicines. She asks Sneha. Kushala asks why. Priyanka says I had a headache. Kushala says we got a headache by your entry in this house. Priyanka says I asked for medicines, not advice, I know you are surprised that I have come home, its time you accept that I m your bahu. Sneha asks is this your manners.

Priyanka says I will behave the same like you, if you want respect, then you have to give me respect first, I will order medicines online, I don’t want your help. Sneha asks Kushala did she see Priyanka. Kushala says I will control her.KT and Preeti meet Kusum. Kusum says the world is celebrating proposal day, you both are celebrating break up day, your decision will be right. She asks them to express things, just remove the good memories and souvenirs. KT says we will be friends after divorce also, we will do our work like before. Preeti says yes. Kusum says fine, lets start. Preeti asks KT to start. KT recalls their moment. Kusum thinks its not easy to get separated, I know you have love between you, I won’t let this relation break.Kusum saying you are a matured couple, we will celebrate every moment. She asks DJ to play a breakup song. Break up song….plays… Kusum dances with everyone. She gets Preeti and KT for the dance. They come close. Kusum looks at them and thinks they are happy to think of separation, but it won’t be possible. KT gets Shivraj’s call. Shivraj says we got a notice, we have to pay 40 crores. KT says don’t worry, relax, we got a contract at Shaadi mubarak worth 30 crores, we have savings, I got a chance to do my duty, I won’t let anything happen, its my promise, don’t worry, clients are coming to meet us now. Shivraj gets relieved.

Preeti thinks and says broker has sent some options for house, I was thinking to find a house and shift there. KT asks are you finding a house for yourself. She asks him to see options. He sees the pics. He says its not good. He criticizes all the options. She says you didn’t like any house, I can’t see anything wrong. He says I can see the problem, you have no problem, its not necessary to adjust everywhere, I will find a house for you. He gets a call. He says fine, they have come. They meet the clients. Preeti says we have made the presentation as madam told us. The client says traditional weddings are old fashioned. KT says sure, we will have a modern wedding. The old couple starts arguing. The lady says theme will be like I want. Preeti says it will be done. KT says we understood your ideas, we will make a presentation, marriage will be like your choices. They leave. KT says such husband and wife’s fight….

Preeti says we won’t let this happen. He says strange, they both have same likes, how will we plan this marriage. Preeti asks how will we please them. Kushala calls Preeti and asks her to come home, Priyanka created an issue. Preeti says I m coming. KT asks what happened. Preeti says Priyanka needs my help, you meet the broker, I have to finalize the house today. He says I will call him. She goes.

Priyanka says I feel I have killed someone and came to jail, not my Sasural, they have insulted me and threw my bags out, they complained to Kusum and got me scolded, how will I live with them, Neil and I will not stay here, we will stay somewhere else. Sneha says this girl wants to take away my son. Kushala says Neil won’t go anywhere. She scolds Priyanka. Preeti says you married Neil and got everything what you wanted, they didn’t get anything, give them some time, relations are made by patience and love, everyone can’t leave the house, you have to understand. She asks her to go to her room. She says Priyanka is young, please forgive her, she won’t make any mistake again. Kushala and Sneha nod. Kusum meets Preeti. Preeti says Priyanka will be fine, I will make the family accept her before I leave. KT comes and asks is everything fine. He tells about the house he has found for her. Sushant comes. KT says I m coming from the broker’s house, his mum passed away. He goes. Preeti says you lied to me. KT says no, I mean yes, its not a big thing. She asks why did you lie.

He says relax, I couldn’t meet the broker today. She says you could have told me that you didn’t go. He says it will happen, no one is making you out from here. They argue. Kusum looks on.She stops them and says you are madly fighting with each other. He says explain your friend. He goes. Preeti says he always lies to me. Kusum says we know why you are angry, sit quiet, I will talk to him. She asks KT why is he doing this. She says you didn’t find a house for her, you lied to her, what’s happening, you don’t want her to go anywhere. He says no. She says ask your heart, know your feelings. She takes him to Preeti. She says think well and decide. Preeti and KT come to their room. He cares for her and sets AC temp to 24 from 16. She changes it back to 16. They check the files. They see the chart and recall the lawyer’s words.

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