The insolent heart update Thursday 30 December 2021


The insolent heart 30 December 2021: The episode begins with, mehar asks sasha where is abeer, sasha says abeer met with an accident, he is fine we have admitted him, mehar says take me there plz, madhvi says call abeers dad, sasha says relax nisar has informed abeers dad, sasha takes everyone near a temple, mehar sees abeer standing in front all fine n smiling, mehar rushes to him n hugs him n starts crying, abeer says i am fine chill, madhvi says are u fine abeer, abeer says yes ma, mehar says are u mad is this way to play pranks, are u out of ur mind, abeer says enough calm down, we are in temple n we shdnt quarrel, mehar says then what shd we do, abeer says how abt marriage, abeer says listen to me before u freak,

taiji wants a big bash wedding but that will be unfair for mehar, so since i want to marry mehar i will marry her here and we have elders blessings too, mehar says abeer this is not right, abeer says mehar i promise u i cant be without u, and mehar can u live without me, mehar nods no, suman says abeer all u saying is right but this is not right, abeer says but this is the only way n i will handle taiji n papa and we have ma here too and taiji knows i am mad so she will understand me, cmon ma say yes this is the only way to have mehar in my life. Mehar says abeer this is not right, madhvi says i know this is not right but this has to take place abeer is right,but we all will manage and after all the result will be happiness in form of mehar, abeer says mehar u want to marry me right, mehar says yes but, abeer says then trust me and marry me, suman n bua agree,

mehar agrees too, sasha says mehar don’t u want to get ready, don’t worry all is managed, nisar comes with wedding outfits, mehar and abeer get ready for wedding.Abeer sees mehar struggling with her lehnga, he bends down and makes it right, and says when my buttons will break u will stitch it right so why cant i help u.
Abeer n mehar exchange garlands, and the pooja begins, abeer n mehar take pheres. abeer says to mehar u know right, mehar says yes u love me a lot, mehar n abeer take elders blessings, abeer sees suman crying n says see how happy she is tears of happiness after all she will get rid of mehar, suman smiles, abeer sees madhvi n says see mehar in other hand tears of sadness u gonna come so, mehar says abeer stop it.

Madhvi has taijis call, she tells abeer abt it.taiji asks servants to remvove all wedding arrangements and says here will be no wedding remove everything, and asks where is madhvi, servant says she is out, kuber asks where is abeer, servant says he isn’t home since last night, taiji says this is fishy and sees madhvi at door, kuber asks where were u, madhvi says abeer and points at door, kuber n taiji shocked to see abeer with mehar.
Kuber gets angry n walks to abeer n says what kind of joke it is, how dare u take this step and u mehar dare u step in, abeer leaves mehars hand and walks to taiji and says plz taiji listen to me, i didn’t tell u bcoz u wouldn’t let me do and i didn’t want to upset u, taiji says but why did u take this step, abeer says i saw mehars ma n bua very tensed abt wedding arrangements, and mehar wasn’t ready to marry like this but i forced her to do so, this is completely my decision. taiji asks abeer why did he take this step,

abeer says no this is completely my decision, i realised mehars ma n bua are very tensed abt marriage expenses, i know u wanted my wedding very lavish n so mehar was ready to break engagement too and so i decided to take this step and i promise u this is last think i have done without ur promise n this will never happen again, i cant live without mehar n even she cannot without me and i also know u love me a lot so forgive me plz and accept us, kuber says shutup abeer and madhvi how dare u allow take this step, taiji says enough this has taken place we cant ignore it now, mehar is home welcome her home,madhvi go make arrangements, abeer hugs taiji and thanks her. Madhvi and taiji welcome abeer and mehar home and all rituals take place, as mehar enters in, taiji looks at her with wicked smile, taiji looks at mehars footsteps with anger.

Mehar and abeer take their seats, taiji walks to mehar and gives her gold necklace and says this is khandani necklace, its heavy so that u always keep ur neck down, mehar looks at taiji surprised, taiji says just joking anyways u have lovely eyes, madhvi signs servants to clean abeers room, taiji donates lot of cash again in name of abeer, abeer wispers to mehar see i told u all will be fine, so agree u have the most fabulous husband, taiji says to herself, i will break this relation and make sure i throw this mehar out of house.
Madhvi says abeer mehar go to ur room i will send food in room, taiji says no come down even i will feel nice spending time with mehar, abeer says first let us go taiji and picks mehar in his arms and says lets go,taiji says careful don’t drop her on first day. Madhvi says to taiji , i was very worried abt abeers decision but u handled it thanku so much, taiji says i am very happy for abeer go get me some tea, madhvi says sure n leaves.

Mehar n abeer go to their room, abeer says welcome mrs malhotra,mehar says thanku mr malhotra, mehar sees pictures of her,bua n ma, abeer says i took this from ma so u don’t miss them, mehar says my family photos in ur room, abeer says mehar it is our families photos in our room and here is a gift for u, mehar says sorry i didn’t get anything for u, abeer says u brought urself thats enough for me, mehar opens gift its collage, of abeer and mehars outings together, abeer says here is this friendship band u gave me, mehar says wait and shows him the friendship band he gave her, abeer says u said u threw it away, mehar says i lied see it is her and thanku and i love u, abeer says i love u too.
Abeer says to mehar it was so hectic today, mehar says tired, abeer says no not at all, mehar says good i will freshen up soon n we will go down have dinner, abeer says ok, mehar freshens up n sees abeer lying on bed and says shall we go down, abeer says wow all this is so nice.

Kuber says to taiji, i knew this girl would come here, i shd have denied before hand, taiji says then we would have lost abeer, i will not let them stay together n will make sure that mehar is out soon and in such way that no one doubts us and why aren’t these two down yet, taiji picks alcohol bottle and puts it over table with lot of gifts, and lights it and says this mehars bua broke my house and i can never forget that and will never forgive mehar for that and starts shouting fire fire. Listening to noise, mehar n abeer rush down,taiji asks madhvi to pick the idol,madhvi burns her hand trying to save gods idol, taiji says to herself this is ur punishment madhvi for letting abeer take this step, and blessing mehar with these hands good they got burnt. Kuber acts as if he is very worried abt madhvis hand, taiji says sorry madhvi thinking abt idol i didn’t think abt ur hand, mehar rushes to madhvi and says oh god ur hand and rushes to get cream, abeer says ma what were u doing, mehar gets cream n applies it over madhvis hand, taiji says this fire was bcoz of that arti thal, it turned over so,and its a bad sign,mehar feels bad as taiji tries to point at her, abeer says taiji this is all not true,madhvi sees mehars upset face.

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