Wedding planners update Friday 24 December 2022


Wedding planners 24 December 2022: The Episode starts with KT saying I m with my best friend today, I m proud that you are my friend, you are the best. Preeti smiles. KT hugs her. She cries. He says promise me, you will always support me and be my friend. Preeti promises. Its morning, Kushala likes the book. Preeti says KT said we can’t have love between us. Kushala says he had lost belief in love, he doesn’t even know that this friendship is love, you have to confess your feelings and make him believe love again. Preeti says I want to tell him my feelings, I will try today.

Kushala says you should tell him, you won him in friendship, you have to win him in love, think like a modern woman. Kusum comes and greets her. She says I was telling Preeti that we are getting close now. Kushala says its not my bad days yet. She goes. Preeti asks Kusum to sit. Kusum asks did you tell KT your feelings. Preeti says I don’t know how to tell him. Kusum says you plan something. Preeti says even mom was saying… Kusum jokes. They laugh. Preeti asks how do you make my difficulties easy, you taught me to stand for my esteem and supported me, don’t know what shall I do for you. Kusum says you are my best friend forever, BFF. Preeti laughs and says I will talk to mom, and fix Priyanka and Neil’s alliance. They laugh.

Kushala says we want your help. The man says we will surely help Shivraj, we will give him money and save his reputation, I want Neil and Shikha to get married, then we can see about the money. She says don’t worry, I will get them married, Shikha will become Tibrewal’s bahu, its my promise to you. He thanks her. Preeti writes a love letter for KT. Yeh moh moh ke dhaage….plays….

She writes I got everything by getting you. She recalls him. She reacts like Kushala. She says what if Kushala says so, what will I do, how will I express my feelings. She keeps the letter in a book. She hears the radio jockey asking people to express love through music, and send the love request to them. Preeti says its a good way to express feelings. The RJ says you can call us on this number if you want to confess love. Preeti notes down the number. She makes a call.

She hears Kushala calling out Gopal. She goes to talk to Kushala. Kushala asks pandit to get engagement mahurat as soon as possible. She gets a headache. Preeti massages her head and says this will make you feel better. She says I have to talk to you, I hope you will understand, Neil and Priyanka love each other. Kushala gets shocked. Preeti says I know you have fixed his alliance, but Neil’s happiness is with Priyanka, I know Priyanka, she is a sensible girl, she is modern like you, Kusum gave her good values, shall I call her for a talk. Kushala says enough, sit here. Preeti sits. Kushala says I have no problem with this alliance, Neil will marry where he wants, I don’t believe in forcing anyone. Preeti asks did you agree. Kushala smiles. Preeti hugs her and thanks. She says I thought…. Kushala says that I m rude, I m not so bad as Kusum thinks, but we have to be careful, Neil will complete his MBA and then work in our business. Preeti says yes, you are right. Kushala asks her not to say this to KT. She says I will talk to Sneha, she may think we are getting Neil married to a middle class girl. Preeti says I understand, don’t worry, this matter will be just between us. KT calls out Preeti. Preeti goes to KT. KT asks her to come for a selfie. She asks why. He says its a memorable moment. He laughs.

She says you are behaving strange today. He says you are behaving strange, you are going office or somewhere else, you didn’t bring your bag, diary… what happened. She says I forgot. He says its fine, go and get your stuff, I will wait for you. She says show will start if I go to get the bag. She says we will go, I will work without my bag. He asks really, you look changed.They are on the way. They hear RJ Shruti’s show. Preeti thinks why isn’t my song coming, I will confess love to KT. KT asks do you want to say something. Preeti says no. She thinks you have to understand my feelings by this song. KT saying its a good way to express love this way on the radio. The RJ says its a proposal from Preeti. KT jokes. He stops the car. He goes to talk to constable. He doesn’t hear his name and the song. He gets down the car. Preeti tries to stop her. She gets sad. He takes selfies with his fans. She says I have to find some other way to explain him, but how. Kushala calls Neil. She asks didn’t we do anything for you and your parents. Neil says Bade Papa and KT did a lot for me. She says I m glad, what did you do for them, tell me. He says I didn’t get a chance till now, I can sacrifice my happiness for them. She says that’s very good, you got the chance now.



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