Wedding planners update Sunday 7 November 2021

Wedding planners 7 November 2021: The Episode starts with KT getting Preeti’s message…. I will be late to office today, I have some personal work. He says glad to know it, but what’s the work. Kusum comes home and meets her daughters. She asks Priyanka are you happy, was everything fine, is Amit nice, Preeti handled everything well. Priyanka says what’s new, when are you there with me, I have a habit to do everything without your presence. Kusum asks where is Preeti, if she didn’t go to office. Juhi and Sumedh come and greet her. She asks about Kusum’s sister-in-law. Kusum says she is okay now, where is your mum. Juhi says she went to Tarun’s house. Priyanka thinks did she see Tarun’s video call at night.

Preeti comes to Tarun’s house. She sees him doing a puja for his dad’s death anniversary. Preeti says I had to come today. Juhi says mum has gone to keep her duty and promise to Buasa, she made special kheer on dad’s Shraddh, she went to Tarun. Kusum says Tarun will not respect Preeti, why did she go there. Preeti enters the house. Tarun scolds her for coming back after speaking big things about esteem. She ignores his taunts. Rati looks on. Rati asks her Nani about the preparations. She says thanks for coming, else I would have not done all this alone. Tarun and Rati sit in the puja. Preeti sits in the puja. Tarun calls Maa to come. Preeti gets up. Tarun says who called you. Rati says he is calling my Nanimaa. Preeti thinks Tarun and Rati won’t understand my feelings, I promised Buasa to make Tarun keep the kheer bhog, if he doesn’t agree, then my promise will break. Pandit guides Tarun. He asks him to get prasad.

Preeti says kheer is here. Rati says no need, I have made it as dad liked. Juhi, Kusum and Sumedh come. Preeti says fine, but Buasa took my promise, its my duty to keep this bhog. Tarun says no one needs your drama. He takes the kheer from Preeti’s hand and puts it in the dustbin. Preeti asks are you mad, did you forget to respect elders, I m your mum, I gave you birth. Tarun says you have to earn respect. She says your dad was my husband, we had a relation for 28 years, its my duty to do his Shraddh. She adds the leftover kheer in Rati’s prasad kheer. Rati says you are telling me about your relation, Tarun told me that it was nothing like a relation, you both just had children.

Preeti says I m your Saas, stay in limits. Tarun says Rati is right, you aren’t her Saas, what duties did you do, you and dad didn’t have love in your relation, you were just a medium to give him children, you never shared joy and sorrow with him, you begged him for money, he never praised you, tell me when did he praise you, he never liked you, you know it. Preeti cries. Kusum gets angry. Tarun goes on insulting Preeti. He says dad used to not come home on anniversary, it was the most unlucky day of his life, he used to hate you a lot, do you remember anything romantic, husband and wife has romance, dad used to hate you, he scolded you before leaving the house, before the plane crash, he never loved you, he wanted to get rid of you. Juhi holds Preeti and wipes her tears. Preeti sees Kusum at the door. She recalls her lie.

Juhi says who gave you a right to insult your parents’ relation in front of everyone, answer me Tarun, its their personal matter, you have no right to spit fire, you crossed limits when you sold mum’s house and bought this house on Rati’s saying, you were ready to make your mum out of this house, mum didn’t get dad’s love, she has given us a lot of love, she has made us independent and successful in our lives. She wipes Preeti’s tears. She says Tarun is unlucky, he just got dad’s bitterness, he forgot your love’s sweetness, I m lucky to get you, you the best mom in the world, you deserve this love and respect also, you kept your duty and promise, shall we go home. She takes Preeti. Kusum says you gave a good lecture of husband and wife’s relation, you have a right, because you and your wife have a strong relation, I m scared you may catch bad sight.

Kusum taunting Tarun and Rati. She says I feel afraid that your poison will spoil your love story, you insulted your mum, don’t know what’s in your fate, your mum isn’t with you to defend you, you don’t listen to yourself, I will give you an advice, don’t say such bitter things to mum, mum can forgive, but Lord will not tolerate it. She scolds Rati’s Nani. She leaves. Preeti comes to office. She stays lost. Sheena helps her. KT comes there and says I have come before Preeti. He sees Preeti and sits. He says you were going to come late. Preeti says I came late, 30 mins late. He laughs and says its not called late, it doesn’t matter. He boasts of himself. He says Nathmals called, they have a special demand. Preeti asks what. KT says I will act and show you, you forgot I m an actor. He acts and says Nathmal wants something special for his daughter’s marriage. Preeti says we have to think of a special thing. KT says it will be tough to express love of 20 years. Sheena says it won’t be tough, you and Madam are also happily married, you can express love well.

Preeti thinks of Tarun’s words. KT thinks of his wife’s words… I couldn’t forget my first love, so I decided to spend my life with him. They get sad. Roothi roothi….plays….Tarun says sorry Rati, you worked hard today, I knew mum would come, I didn’t leave the chance to emotionally break her down, now she can’t do her work easily, I have broken her mental strength, she can’t do anything now. Sheena says KT’s marriage will be filled with romance, right. KT recalls Chanda’s words. He gets hurt by the cactus plant. Sheena asks are you missing your wife. She asks Preeti about her husband’s special gestures. Preeti is sad. Tarun says I want to tell Preeti that her marriage was failed, her husband didn’t find her suitable, she will be losing today, she will be alone. Rati says not bad Tarun. Tarun says dad didn’t love her, maybe he didn’t like her. Preeti says I can’t do it. She runs out and gets hurt.

She sees herself in the mirror. She says this place isn’t for me, I don’t deserve to be here. She says husband and wife give seven vows to love and support each other, its easy to break it, its tough to keep it, husband and wife should have strong love, I couldn’t keep that relation with love, I just got bitterness instead love, I don’t know the love between husband and wife, I never felt the ideal marriage, I don’t know the feeling of getting respect from a husband, my marriage isn’t successful, how can I give a good marriage planning to others. Sheena says I will go and see Preeti. KT says don’t go, leave her alone. He thinks maybe she also has some wounds. Preeti’s alter self questions her why did she ask for self esteem, why is she saying Tarun’s words, how can she lose to Tarun, forget the past, think what you will get in coming time, live the new life, every mother’s self esteem is connected to yours, if you lose, all those mothers will lose. She encourages Preeti to not lose, don’t shut the doors. She says just remember this, if you don’t get the courage back, then fall in your son’s feet. Preeti cries.

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