Wedding planners update Monday 8 November 2021

Wedding planners 8 November 2021: The Episode starts with Sheena saying Nathmal is calling, what shall I say, he looks rude. KT says take one day more, I will call him and use my charm to buy some time. Preeti says no, its our first work, we have to keep commitment, we will give presentation tomorrow, sorry much was going on in my mind, I met my friend and everything for cleared. She thanks Kusum for reviving her and encouraging her. KT says lights, camera, action. They smile. KT asks where were we. Preeti says we were at love. He smiles. They start working. Ik tara….plays….

Tarun sees Priyanka getting scolded by the boss. Tarun takes her side. He apologizes for his mistake. He says I came to apologize to her, its not her fault, whoever joked on her, apologize. They all apologize. The boss says I m keeping her just on your saying, Tarun, she can continue. Priyanka thanks boss. Tarun holds ears and says sorry. She smiles.KT says love is one when you have an aim to keep him happy and protect him, that’s called love. Preeti says I didn’t understand. He says relax, we will find the meaning of love feeling today, I got a brilliant idea. Preeti says I m shivering with cold. She tries to switch off the AC. He plays a love song Tum paas aaye…. He says I m listening to songs for our work, we actors, I mean we good actors take help of method acting. He explains her. She feels cold.

She asks how will we know about that feeling. He says I have a better song in this play list. She drinks water. He plays bheege honth tere. She turns away. He says sorry, it played by mistake, ignore this, I got this a good song, we will get the feeling of love now. She covers herself with a dupatta. He plays O lal dupatta wali…. She gets away. She says stop the song. He says its some mistake, I m trying, it freezed. The song stops. He says this idea of songs were bad. He shouts Sheena. He says Sheena is from young generation, she can tell us what’s love. Sheena laughs. She says I had 12 break ups in past three years, I also want to know what’s love. KT says I didn’t understand love ever, who will tell us what’s love. Preeti smiles and says I know who can tell us. He says right. They come home to meet Kusum. Kusum flirts with KT. KT smiles. Kusum sings a song for him. He dances and sings along.

He also flirts with Kusum. Preeti smiles. Sheena says how cute. Kusum asks who is she. Preeti says she is our assistant. Sheena. Preeti says lets start work. KT says yes, Kusum if you can’t help us, then think you didn’t learn anything from my films. Kusum says you are romance hero, tell me how can I help. He says we think you can tell us the best about romance, Preeti told me about your love marriage. He laughs. Kusum asks what did you tell. Preeti says I just said that. KT says yes.Kusum says I have learnt a lot from KT’s films. KT says Preeti was sure that you can help us, we want to know what is love in real life, help us. Kusum says I have a condition, you and Preeti have to do dance and show me. KT says I will jump and dance. Preeti asks how can I dance. Kusum says its your need, you see it, come on, entertain me. KT says don’t worry, Preeti you can show you are no less. She shows their picture to KT. KT smiles.

Kusum says now Preeti started talking. Preeti says you taught me not to hide myself. KT says great, this pic is the best. Kusum says I know, my house got a moon by your coming. KT does shayari.He praises himself. Preeti looks at him. He says lets talk of work, come. Kusum says start entertainment. She messages Kajal to get some props to use in the dance rounds. KT and Preeti dance using the passing props. Rab rakha beliya……plays…. Kajal throws red colors at KT and Preeti. Sheena says so cute. She clicks their pic. Kusum smiles. Kusum says this is love, that people forget themselves and its impossible to separate them. Preeti and KT praising Kusum for her idea. Kusum says when two hearts strike and get connected, its called love. KT says you explained it so well. Preeti says we were thinking of love’s meaning since hours, you took a moment to say it. Sheena says I got an idea. Tarun pleases Priyanka. Rati comes there and sees them laughing.

She shouts on Priyanka. Tarun defends Priyanka. He asks Rati not to say a word against her and just leave. Rati says I will frame you one day because of this girl. She goes. Preeti says we will have the pics attached to the clothes, their journey will be with them this way. KT says what a unique idea.Preeti says Kusum is my Dhruv tara, who have guided me always, I will make the clothes ready this time and then make a presentation. KT laughs and says presentation is already ready. He shows it. He says Sheena made it ready in mins. He shows the pics. Kusum says you made this pic. Sheena says yes. Kusum says you are smart. Sheena thanks her. Preeti says I will make four options. KT says we have four options already, look here, good work Sheena. Preeti says it may go wrong, its technology, making it by hand will be good.

KT says when work can happen in a simple way, why to work hard, everything will be fine, get friendly with technology, presentation is safe here. Kusum says Preeti won’t be able to sleep all night. KT says using a laptop is simple, like you use the mobile. Preeti switches on the laptop. KT scares her and laughs. Kt explains her. Ik tara….plays….Tarun says sorry Priyanka, Rati and I are not happy together, she shouts on me, she doubts me, I behaved wrong with my mum because of her, I got troubled in this marriage. Priyanka asks will it have a solution. He says divorce, but problem is that her salary is less than me, else she will file for alimony, I wish her salary gets more than mine, but how. She holds him. Rati says Priyanka will become my spy, then I will come to end your company. Preeti works at night. She says KT said laptop will have presentation safe, but there is still time to make the slides by hands, what if anything goes wrong. She checks the presentation. She smiles. She says I was being worried for no reason.

Its morning, Preeti and KT come to meet Nathwal. He says you got me on time, you started knowing me, I want to tell a dialogue. Preeti says promise, I will hear the dialogue later. He asks Preeti promise, how cute. They smile. They meet Nathmal. KT says we have a unique idea, you will like it. Preeti tries to run the laptop. KT says I will fix it, give me some time. Chanda and Rati come. Chanda says give them time, till then I will present my idea. Nathmal agrees. Chanda gives the presentation. KT calls Sheena and asks her to get another laptop fast. Chanda tells Preeti’s idea. KT and Preeti get shocked seeing their presentation. Nathmal likes the idea.

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