Wedding planners update Monday 22 November 2021


Wedding planners 22 November 2021: The Episode starts with KT saying I will go and get ready for the haldi. Baldev says you can’t wear pant shirt, you have to wear same clothes like all the men. He shows him tying the dhoti. KT says I don’t know it. He looks on as Baldev shows the demo. He says its not a big thing, come on, wear it fast, you are a guest and also wedding planner, come fast. He goes. KT says how will I wear dhoti. The lady praises Preeti. Everyone smiles. Preeti says our work has a speciality that we fulfill wishes, no one has to do any work here, they just stay happy. She checks a laptop. Suman asks do you know using laptop. Preeti says I just learnt, it needs hardwork, I feel its like a battle. She shows them using it. Kusum says Preeti has a big office, its big as this haveli, she has a big cabin.

Suman says Preeti you have achieved a lot, we are just like field trees here. Preeti says you got your children educated abroad, its not a small progress, big office doesn’t matter to me, my self esteem matters to me, so that I don’t ask anyone for my needs, I m thankful to Laddoo gopal. Rati drops a pot and says it fell by mistake. Buasa says its fine, humans make mistake, keep it aside.KT tries to tie the dhoti. Buasa comes and asks what are you doing. He says I was wearing dhoti, you are the bride, tell me. She says I want your help. He asks what can I do. Buasa says Preeti is the first woman who has stepped out of the house and worked well to get her esteem. I want to give her honour at the end of the event, I want a good speech, you know dialogues well, you help me out. KT says sure. Buasa says Preeti has always been a good bahu, she respected me a lot, I also respect her, she has succeeded in all her roles, she works well in her job also, she has chosen such a partner to work, who is married, sensible, responsible, so that the society doesn’t point a finger at her, its a sign of her sense, she always shows values, she never lies, she does all the work sincerely.

KT thinks Preeti has made everyone believe that I m married, she also believes so, I didn’t had courage to say this to anyone, I have to tell my marriage truth to Preeti.Rati says Preeti isn’t a boss, real boss is KT, he has invested money on the big office. Kusum says Suman, in a human body, heart and mind should work along, KT is the mind, Preeti is the heart, they are together, they are equal, there is nothing like yours and mine, this way Shaadi Mubarak works. Suman says Preeti you didn’t know KT before, were you not scared to work with him. Preeti says he is good hearted, he also keeps his relations sincerely, he is a good son, good husband and good father, he is a good partner, he does all his duties. KT looks on. Suman asks did you meet his wife. Preeti says she is in London with her children. Kusum says my heart broke when he got married many years ago, I cried a lot, I had seen him happy and got happy for him, he loves his wife a lot, he had got the flowers for his wife from France. Preeti says I was scared a bit, I didn’t know, but my trust got strong, when I saw him working, I understood that he can’t tolerate cheat and lies.

KT thinks how did I lie to Preeti, its enough, I will tell truth to her. She gets a call and goes.KT goes after her. He hides from Buasa. Preeti asks halwai to give thandai to the guests first. She sees a tap leaking and goes to fix. KT comes and says I have to talk. She says I told you we can’t meet like this. The tap breaks. She asks what is it. The water splashes over them. Ik tara….plays… they try to fix the tap. He says I am going to do something, you may scold me, but its imp. He takes the hair band from her hair, and fixes it to the tap to stop the water. She looks at him.He gets away. He says you will get anything else to tie hair, but this was imp. She says I told you to stay away. He says I need to talk something very imp, I have told a lie. She hears someone coming and hides. She thinks anyone will think wrong. KT looks on.

Preeti says please go from here, if anyone sees us, then matter will go wrong. He says I need to talk. She says we will talk on phone. He says I can’t say it on phone. She asks what is it. Someone shuts the door. Preeti checks and says someone has locked it from outside, what shall I do. She checks the window.KT says we will call someone to open the door. She says no, they will misunderstand us, go. He says I didn’t do anything wrong, I won’t go. She says fine, I will go. He says wait, I m the hero, I will do the stunt, I don’t like it, we didn’t steal anything that we are behaving like thieves, can’t a man and a woman talk in private, I don’t agree. She says its my Sasural, I don’t want them to think wrong about me. He says fine, I m doing this just for you. She thanks him and asks him to be careful, anyone can see. He jumps out from the high window. Rati talks to her mum on call. She sees KT and says you…. why did you jump like this.

KT making an excuse and leaving. Rati says something is going on. Buasa says you maybe bored, you are habitual to work, I will tell you some work, come. Preeti calls KT and asks him to come for haldi, they will talk there. KT says I m not able to wear the dhoti, I have seen many videos, but I can’t wear it, I can’t come. She says you are Rajasthani hero, don’t you know it. She says I don’t wear it on own, I told you I will get my staff. She helps him. She shows a demo of wearing dhoti. KT follows her seeing her on the video call. Ik tara….plays….KT gets ready. Baldev comes. Preeti disconnects. KT asks Phupasa to keep a flower. Baldev says coat looks costly. KT says my dad got it. Baldev says its worth one lakh, you would have worn much expensive clothes in your marriage. KT gets sad and says the marriage was proved costly, I m still paying for it, I can’t lie more. Buasa asks Rati to grind the haldi. Tarun says Rati can do it well. He says please Rati.

Rati sits to grind haldi. She gets her finger hurt. Preeti says give this powdered haldi to Buasa, tell her you had grind the haldi. KT looks for Preeti. The women are in ghunghat, dancing around. KT comes and looks for her. He thinks to find a chance to speak to Preeti. He sees Preeti. He thinks none will notice it in Sangeet. He thinks where is Preeti, how shall I find her. He sees someone with similar bangles and thinks she is Preeti. He goes there and takes her. He says calm down, listen to me, I want to say something, Preeti ji, there is something about my life which you don’t know, there is a lie which you think is truth, I should have told you before, you know wrong about my marriage.

He says I don’t care what world thinks, you had to know the truth, world thinks my wife is in London with my children, truth is we have no relation, this is my truth, will you say something. He sees Preeti with Buasa. He looks at the lady, who lifts veil. He gets shocked seeing Kusum. He says Preeti had worn these bangles. Kusum recalls Preeti giving her bangles to her. Kusum says KT sa, you didn’t let anyone know, you had hidden much pain within. KT says I gathered much courage to tell this to Preeti, but she didn’t listen, she told her family about my marriage with belief, when its all a lie, she doesn’t know it, shall I tell you something, I feel a burden, I feel Preeti is my partner, she should know about it, she doesn’t know the truth, I feel I m cheating him. She says no, you can’t cheat anyone, your intention is true, this chance is not to say a truth now, Preeti is already tensed, she wants to fulfill everyone’s expectations, if you say this, she will be troubled, listen to me, stay for 2 days, talk to her after going to Udaipur.

KT says fine, I feel her trust shouldn’t break, if she gets stuck in any problem, then it will be trouble. She says none would know, I m your biggest fan, I didn’t know it, you had told it, I heard it, you feel burden free now. He thanks her. She says I like romantic KT a lot, smiling one. She cheers him up. She goes. Rati hears everything. She says KT’s marriage truth is hidden from the world, Preeti thinks KT has a perfect marriage, when everyone knows it, Preeti will lost her respect. KT thinking I want to tell my truth to Preeti. He gets umbrellas. He jokes. Preeti asks him to fix it there. He says people didn’t understand wedding planners well, they don’t know that we have to feel everything to fill colours, we are also artists. Preeti says yes, we get happiness seeing people have fun. She fixes some garlands. KT says Preeti partner, sorry, shall we go and see revolving stage. Preeti says yes. He asks her to decide will she fall or not, he is waiting to hold her as a hero. Rati looks on. Preeti says this heroine can manage herself. He asks really. She says yes. He gives his hand. She looks around and signs no. She jumps down the stool. The garlands structure falls over them. Ik tara….plays…. they laugh. KT says it means heroine can trap herself also. Preeti says remove this soon. KT says yes, if anyone sees us, what will everyone think about me….. she says don’t joke, remove this. He says its your mistake. Kusum sees them and smiles.

She says they are made for each other, Preeti had seen many sorrows, they lived for others, they have got together for work, they respect each other, they care for each other, they would be good life partners in real life. Rati says I will tell everyone that KT is alone since last 17years. Kusum says their lives should get happiness, so they got together to fill each other’s flaws. KT and Preeti get rid of the garlands and smile.

Kusum looks on. KT and Preeti fix the garlands stand again. KT smiles playing with the garlands. Rati says they are always together. Rati’s mum says stop, Buasa trusts Preeti, Kusum is also there, she will prove you wrong, you have to make proper plan, you have to ruin Preeti’s image, KT’s marriage truth will add the fuel in fire. Kusum asks what does Preeti like. Juhi asks why are you asking, are you playing a game. Kusum asks why shall I tell, what’s there to think, its not tough. Juhi says its tough, she never does anything for herself, she thinks for others first. Kusum says I know, she makes sacrifices, answer me, what does she like.

Juhi says Rabdi…. Kusum says I love Rabdi. Juhi says no, she doesn’t like Rabdi, but the leftover in the kadai. Kusum laughs. KT works out. Baldev says its all fake, you have to stay fit, if mind is healthy, then body is healthy, I m going for work. KT says I have made a routine. KT helps him. Kusum comes to KT. KT asks why did you come here, Preeti will see you. She says its her sasural, not mine, I wanted to say, I want to have rabdi in mehendi function. He says I didn’t know you love rabdi, you will get it. She says Preeti doesn’t like it, she likes the leftover rabdi in the kadai. He laughs and says her choice is unique. Kusum thinks he likes her unique choice, it means I m right. He says it will be done. Kusum says think how will you feed it to her. KT says I will do it, she is our Preeti, we will fulfill her wish. Kusum thinks it means KT likes Preeti. She smiles.

Everyone likes the arrangements. KT asks Baldev to have the temporary tattoo. Baldev agrees. Buasa says Preeti is so sensible, she is hardworking. Phupasa says KT is still entertaining the guests like he is also a family member. Buasa says I wish they both progress a lot. Rati looks on. She says if they stay busy in work, how will I make them fall in everyone’s sight, how. Kusum asks KT to go and get the kurchan/leftover burnt rabdi for Preeti. Preeti comes to ask what is it. KT and Kusum lie to her. Preeti says we shall start function now. KT goes. Buasa and Phupasa sit on the chairs. The stage revolves. Everyone showers flowers at them. Preeti says we are able to run our families because of your guidance and blessing, we wish you stay together always. Juhi performs on Prem ratan…. everyone dances. Preeti’s nath/nosepin falls. Rati sees it and thinks I will prove Preeti imperfect now.

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