Wedding planners update Sunday 16 January 2022

Wedding planners 16 January 2022: The Episode starts with Kushala helping Preeti. She cries seeing Preeti’s hair loss. Preeti asks what happened. Kushala says nothing. Nurse says doctor said Preeti’s surgery will happen tomorrow. KT shouts on Juhi. He asks why didn’t anyone tell me about Preeti. They all cry. KT sees Preeti waving bye to him. He shouts Preeti, no…He leaves in the car. Preeti sees a couple there. She sees KT and smiles. She says you have come, I knew it, you are my strength. Her imagination ends. A lady says everyone left me alone here. Preeti says I will wish that you get someone’s companionship. She says I feel so lonely, but you are with me at least.

Kushala faints down. Preeti calls a doctor. Doctor says Kushala is stressed, she needs rest. Kushala says forgive me for not coming along. Preeti says I m sorry for the trouble. Doctor asks her not to take tension, its her surgery tomorrow. She says I need your husband’s sign on the papers. Preeti says KT is my strength, but he isn’t here. Doctor explains the consent form to Kushala and asks her to sign. Nurse says her husband didn’t come, people don’t care for relations. Preeti gets shocked seeing KT there. She hugs him. They cry. Everyone prays at home. Priyanka gives courage to Sneha and asks her to have some food for Preeti’s sake. Phurti screams.

Priyanka says I think her labor has started. Preeti says I thought you can’t tolerate it, you will break down. KT says I didn’t break down, you will also not break down, its my guarantee you will get fine and come with me, why did you not tell me, you fought the illness alone, you thought I m so weak. He sees Kushala. Kushala says I m seeing a new KT who is very strong. He asks Preeti to go and battle the illness. He asks her to be strong. Preeti goes. KT cries.

He goes to talk to the doctor. He says this surgery is risky, she can lose her memory, there can be other side-effects, you have to sign the consent form, if anything happens to the patient during the operation, then the hospital isn’t responsible. KT signs the form. He goes to pray for Preeti. He says Preeti didn’t harm anyone, you did this with her. He says I never come to pray to you, just save Preeti’s life, if anything happens to her, then I will ruin everything. He cries. Preeti comes and asks him to vent out the tears, they will fight this battle together. Preeti saying we will fight this ourselves. She says you know your Preeti, I have earned a name by my hardwork and got success, I m your wife, I m strong, I will win this battle as well, trust me and yourself. She reminds him the mantra of their life. She says we will always go ahead in life, promise. He promises. They cry and leave from there. He sees a nail on the way and protects her. They imagine themselves with their baby. They smile. They return to the hospital. They cry and get emotional. Preeti signs him not to cry.

Nurse gets her surgery gown. KT gives it to Preeti. Preeti goes and changes. She comes back.KT holds her. Nurse gets the stretcher. Preeti signs to KT and smiles, showing her strength. KT takes Preeti along. Juhi, Kushala and Sumedh see Preeti. Preeti asks them not to take tension, she will get well and come back. KT gets Priyanka’s call. Priyanka says Phurti is getting labor pain, doctor said delivery is close. KT tells this to Preeti. Preeti says our baby is coming, go to her, you aren’t leaving me, you are going to get the baby to me, I will get more courage, please go. KT signs no. Preeti says for my sake, you have to go. She insists him and sends him. KT leaves. Preeti is taken for the surgery. KT and Preeti recall their motto.

He asks Kushala to stay with Preeti, he has promised to come back when he gets their baby. He says I m leaving her on your guarantee, she is your responsibility, promise me. Kushala promises him. KT leaves. He imagines Preeti with her. She says we will go and get our baby. Phurti is going for the delivery. Sneha and Priyanka are with her. Doctor says we will give you anesthesia now. Preeti says wait, my baby is coming, once I see my baby, I won’t regret to die. KT comes to see his baby. Preeti prays for her baby’s coming. KT sees Phurti in labor pain. Preeti prays for Phurti.

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