Wedding planners update Saturday 15 January 2022

Wedding planners 15 January 2022: The Episode starts with KT and family dancing on Mahi Ve…. Preeti gets dizzy. Kushala hugs her. KT asks what happened. Kushala says nothing, I have to give her something, so I m taking her. She takes Preeti. Juhi worries. Preeti takes medicines. Kushala says I will call the doctor. KT comes and asks what happened to Preeti. Neil says guests are waiting. KT scolds him. He says Preeti’s health is more imp. He asks Preeti what’s happening to her. Kushala says she is unwell, she did a lot of work, she didn’t eat food. KT asks Preeti to take care.

He asks Preeti to have food. He goes to get the food. Kushala says please, don’t misunderstand me, but I don’t think that KT should know the truth. She asks Preeti not to tell anything to KT. She says I can’t see KT like this, he can’t tolerate this pain, I may sound selfish, but what shall I do, he had suffered for 17 years, I have seen him, then you handled him, we may lose KT by his fear to lose you, I want you to hide this until the baby comes. Preeti agrees. Juhi comes and says she has to tell KT about the disease, her surgery is in 7 days. KT gets the food. Kushala stops him and says we should attend the guests, Preeti is fine now. Phurti takes KT along. She asks shall I see the gifts, I can keep if I like anything. KT says you take anything you like. She asks really. He says you are going to give us the biggest gift, sit here, be careful.

She checks the gifts and likes. Phurti gets the envelope. She checks the air ticket. Juhi says I have booked the air ticket. Kushala says KT can’t tolerate this, he will break down. Juhi says its imp to tell this to KT. She says my mum is fighting alone, she has tolerated everything alone, she has done everything for you all, if KT is along, then she will fight. Kushala says Preeti knows KT, he is weak emotionally. Juhi asks Preeti to tell it to KT. Kushala asks her not to say anything. KT comes. Kushala asks what happened. KT asks what’s this, you are going to Delhi, you didn’t tell me. Juhi asks Preeti to tell everything. KT asks what is it. Preeti says its a small thing, everything is happening well, I wanted to go to Vaishno devi. Kushala says yes. They make stories. KT gets upset. He says you can’t go leaving me. He goes. Juhi says I will tell him everything. Preeti stops her for her sake. She says you and mom are with me, I m going to come back forever. She hugs Juhi.

Preeti comes to KT. She asks him to dance with her once. KT is upset. She tries to cheer him. He teaches her dance. They dance. She hugs him and says sorry. She says I m going for an imp work, you have to send me happily, else my work will be incomplete. KT says I m with you always, by all my heart. They smile and hug. KT saying you have given me a lots of happiness, it won’t be possible to repay it, you are my queen, I m your slave, command me. She laughs and asks him to get lemon water. She hides the file in her bag. He gets the lemon water. She gets sindoor. She asks him to make a hand print, she will keep this chadava and make prayers. KT says take me along, instead this hand prints. They make the hand impressions on the white cloth. He fills sindoor in her maang. He says you will always be mine and I will be yours. She makes her promise. They hug.

Preeti gets sad. She sees KT sleeping. Preeti goes out to Kushala. Kushala asks why didn’t you sleep. Preeti says its hurting me a lot to leave KT and go away, I wan to live with KT, I can’t stay there without KT. Kushala says don’t think so. She encourages Preeti to be strong. KT dreams of losing Preeti. He wakes up. Preeti asks what happened, are you fine. He says I had seen a dream, leave it.Its morning, Preeti meets everyone. Phurti hugs her and thanks. She asks Preeti to come back soon. KT says mom, I had seen a dream in the morning, that Preeti and I are getting separated, my heart is sinking with this thought, I feel scared. Kushala says no, don’t think so, to be sure, that you and Preeti’s relation’s truth is such, no one can separate you. KT thanks her. Preeti hugs KT. She breaks down and cries. She asks will I come back. Kushala says surely, take it written from me, nothing would happen to you, you will be fine, you will return for KT’s baby. Everyone gets sad. Preeti leaves. KT talks to Preeti on call.

She is outside the hospital. He says I m seeing my movie on the tv, I m trying to pass the time. She says that’s my fav dialogue. Media comes at the hospital to attend some case. She says I m at the airport, ambulance just passed. He says so sad, what would the patient’s family go through, I wish the patient gets fine and goes. She says I think taxi has come, take care. He ends call. The remote falls down. Media reporter tells about the cancer treatment of a famous personality. KT gets shocked seeing Preeti on tv. He recalls Preeti. He goes out and sees Juhi. She stops him. He asks what is Preeti doing at the cancer hospital. He asks her not to lie, just say the truth. Juhi says Preeti is suffering from cancer, she is fighting alone since the last 8 months. He is shocked.

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