Wedding planners update Saturday 8 january 2022

Wedding planners 8 january 2022: The Episode starts with Preeti making Phurti rest. KT says you chose this girl for being our surrogate, she drinks, steals things, takes kids on rent. He says its a big responsibility, you gave a responsibility to this girl. She says same thing which you have seen in me, before making me a partner in Shaadi mubarak. KT says I knew I can trust you. She says I m also trusting her, she will be the best surrogate, it will be our baby. He says I can’t tolerate her, she made a baby cry for money, what’s the guarantee that she will not run away with our baby. She says she can’t do this, she got cheated in life. She recalls Phurti telling her about her abusive drunkard husband. She says I didn’t ask her to do this, she got ready herself, give her a chance please. Phurti wakes up.

She says I was much drunk, so KT is also here, I remember that KT was going to slap me, you stopped him, you can’t cheat me. Preeti says KT was mistaken. Phurti asks why did you faint, I was scared and took you to hospital. KT asks what happened to you, are you fine. Preeti says I didn’t had food and fainted. He says we will go for check up. She says its fine. She gets a message and says Phurti’s reports have come, she passed, I mean she is ready for surrogacy, I m very happy. Phurti says we have to go again, I will sleep now.Kushala asks Sneha to take care of Preeti. Sneha says I m thinking to go on morning walk. Neil and Priyanka come. Neil says I have to tell something. Sneha asks did your wife force you to talk to us, you have become her puppet, you don’t say anything. Kushala laughs. Priyanka argues with them. She asks them to have shame for their dual faced behavior.

Kushala shouts stay in your limits, we won’t tolerate it, Neil take your wife with you. Neil stops Priyanka. Priyanka calls him a coward. She goes crying.KT comes to meet Phurti. She asks why did you come back again, you insulted me. He says I came to apologize, I thought you were kidnapping Preeti, you helped her, I m sorry. She asks what. He says I didn’t get the police, you all can go. Phurti asks why did you ask them to go. He says I want your help. She says I won’t help, go to police. He says for Preeti. She says fine. He says I think Preeti is hiding something from me. She says her affair… He says no way, I think she is worried for some reason, she isn’t sharing it with anyone, I was thinking if you can help. He tells her plan. She agrees. He says thanks. She says I will do this for Preeti, not you. He says even then thanks. Doctor asks Preeti to tell her husband about cancer treatment, she needs someone’s support.

Preeti recalls spending time with KT on a surprise date. He says I have no regrets, just one complain that I got you very late, I wish I met you before so I decided that I will live our time well and make it beautiful. He says you will live freely with me, Preeti promise. She promises. FB ends.Preeti says no, I can’t tell him about my illness, he just got happiness in his life, I will not give up, I promise I will give my best, I have to live with my husband. KT prays for Preeti. Preeti prays for the baby, Phurti will bring baby in the world. Preeti and KT get Phurti to the hospital. Kushala comes there. She says don’t worry, I will come, I won’t let 45 year old truth come out. Phurti says I can’t do it. KT says I knew it, she can’t do it. Preeti asks him to wait at the reception. Kushala doesn’t see them. Kushala pays the money to ward boy and asks him to get the file. KT hides in the room. Phurti says I m scared, find anyone else, KT doesn’t like me. Preeti says I have less time, why don’t you understand. Phurti asks what do you mean, baby will happen next year. Preeti says I wish I could explain, I have can….

KT’s phone rings. Preeti goes and sees him. Preeti catching KT and asking what are you doing here, were you hearing our talk. Phurti says your plan was working. Preeti asks what’s happening here. KT asks Phurti to go to the doctor. Phurti goes. Kushala gets an old file. She collides with Phurti. The files get changed. Phurti takes Kushala’s file. Preeti asks what did you want to know. KT says you are hiding something, you aren’t telling it to me, what is it, why did you say that you have no time. She thinks you will break down if I tell you about my illness, I can’t say it. He says I won’t let you stay quiet. She says yes, I have lied to you. She says I have lied to you, I got trapped in my own lie, I told mom that I m pregnant, I gave a reason of happiness to the family, when the truth comes out, I will lose all this, I will lose their happiness and faith, I can’t wait, you are taking my test. KT apologizes.He says I thought its something else. She says nothing else, shall we go to Phurti now. He says yes. She thinks thank God, he didn’t know anything. She goes to ask the doctor. Doctor says artificial insemination process is done, we will know if its successful after two weeks. Preeti takes doctor’s advice for Phurti. KT asks Phurti to listen to the doctor.

Kushala looks for the file. She checks well. Shivraj asks where did the file go. She says don’t know. He says we have to find it, else everyone will know our secret, the family foundation will get shaken. She says no, I will find out. KT and Preeti come. KT asks what. Kushala says nothing, some good hospital for Preeti. Preeti prays everything gets fine. She goes to Phurti and takes care of her.KT prays that their hopes are fulfilled. He says Preeti is imp for me, I wish everything is fine, baby and Phurti stay fine. Preeti comes and says your prayer will be fulfilled, our baby and Phurti will be safe. He asks why will I pray for that girl. He says I know you were praying. He says right.

He says when I see you and think of the baby, I feel my dream and reality will have a beautiful union, I also feel afraid. He gets a call and goes. Preeti also prays. Kushala checks the cctv footage. They see Phurti and say who is she, maybe they would get talking to a blackmailer if the file went in wrong hands, maybe no one read the file, once we know this girl, I can get the file back, I can just see the bag. Phurti takes the bag and says I m going for a walk. Preeti says with this bag? Phurti says you ask a lot, I can work out with this bag, you doubt on me always, I want to go to the mall, not for a walk, fine, I won’t go there. Preeti says fine, have the fruits and take green tea. Phurti says I remember everything. KT comes and sees Preeti getting dizzy. He asks what happened, sit, have water, are you fine.Preeti says nothing, I m fine. He says I will take care of you, I can’t live if anything happens to you. She thinks I can’t give you pain, I want to give you much happiness. She says if you want to take care of me, get me carrot and beetroot juice, I m becoming a mother, then we like to eat things we don’t like. He says good, it means baby will be healthy. He goes.

Neil asks Priyanka to slap him. He says I don’t want to spend life like this, I m really sorry. He gives her a rose. Priyanka throws it. She says big punishment is to not forgive you. He thinks to do something else.Preeti takes the injection. Doctor says I have seen many patients, their family encourages him, I have seen a courageous patient for the first time. Preeti says KT is my courage, his love and dreams, I want to fulfill his dreams, I want to live for his sake, will I get fine. Doctor says we are giving you best treatment, you have to take care, you shouldn’t get fever, its a tough time.

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