Wedding planners update Friday 7 January 2022

Wedding planners 7 January 2022: The Episode starts with KT meeting Phurti. He scolds her for the theft. Phurti thinks Preeti didn’t tell him that I m going to fulfill his dream. She asks him not to give knowledge for free and shut up. She asks him do you want the chilled beer. KT says no. She says let me go. He says pay the money to him or return the beer bottles. She refuses. He says you have to give it. She tricks him and runs away. He says she is the limit. He comes home. He asks Preeti to have medicines.

He tells her about Phurti. She gets shocked. She thinks to stop Phurti, she has to go for tests tomorrow. He says everyone will know you now, it will be a proud moment. She asks him to take the award on her behalf. She says I will be much happy if you receive it, I m not feeling well, you really deserve this award. He says fine. She asks him to get ready. She comes to Phurti’s place and stops her from drinking. She says you have medical test tomorrow. Phurti says I know, no one will know it. Preeti says you will never drink now. Phurti says I want alcohol. Preeti warns her. Phurti argues. Preeti slaps her. She says ask those who have fear of dying, they have pain of losing their loved ones. She cries.

Phurti claps for her. She says you would have learnt these lines from KT. She sits to drink. Preeti says KT called you a cheat, I also think you can cheat, you know you shouldn’t drink, you don’t care, you promised me and now you don’t want to fulfill it, you are proving him right. Phurti says I m not proving him right, he doesn’t know m, I can never cheat anyone, I will prove him wrong. She asks Preeti to take all the alcohol bottles. She gets bottles from every corner of the house. Preeti holds her head. Phurti says take all this, tell KT that I m not a cheat. Kushala, Sneha and KT come home with the award. They like the grand event. Kushala says I will also see Preeti once. Preeti comes home and says KT’s car, it means he has come home, I have to reach there before he catches my lie. KT and Kushala come and see Preeti sleeping. Kushala goes. Preeti recalls coming from the window and lying on the bed. She acts to wake up. He shows the trophy. He says you should have been there.

Preeti recalls breaking the alcohol bottles. She thinks I felt happiness when I was with Phurti. She says I tried to tell KT about you, he doesn’t want to know. Phurti says he talks like a hero, you are innocent, don’t listen to him, we can’t trust men. FB ends. KT asks Preeti to sleep now. He gets an envelope. She asks him to check details of the surrogate mother. He says I don’t need, I don’t want to know about her, we are the baby’s parents. Neil comes to Priyanka. She scolds him for slapping her. He apologizes to her. She says you slapped me in front of everyone. He says you want me to make a public apology. She says sure, everyone would know that such a thing isn’t acceptable. He asks are you joking. She asks him to apologize in front of everyone. Preeti meets Phurti. Phurti eats at the cafe. Preeti says I want the reports to come good. She faints down. Phurti gets shocked. She takes Preeti. KT comes there and sees Preeti. He rushes to her. He runs after the auto. He says Phurti kidnapped Preeti, I will call the police.

Phurti asking the doctor to look at Preeti and treat her. A lady tries to run away from the police. She calls Phurti and says police has come to your house and is asking for you. Phurti says I m doing a good deed, I m helping Preeti and I fell in trouble. She asks doctor to just see Preeti, she will just come. She goes home and sees police. She hides. She hears KT complaining about her. She says maybe KT and Preeti are playing a game against me. She says Preeti is so nice, she helped me. KT says Preeti kidnapped my wife, arrest her. The lady sees Phurti. KT asks the people to help him, Phurti has kidnapped Preeti.

Doctor asks Preeti is she fine. Preeti says fine, did you tell Phurti about my cancer. Doctor says no, she said she is in some problem and left. Doctor goes. Preeti calls Phurti again and again. She says sorry KT, I m breaking my promise. She tries again. Phurti answers. She drinks. She says I will not do your work, you had sent police at my house by telling your husband, he said I had kidnapped you. She sits crying. Preeti calls again. Phurti pays the money to Bansi. Bansi cries and says no one would see you and say that a boy is studying in school because of you. She says take the money, make your son study well, make him a big man, a good man. She tells the people about KT and Preeti. KT comes looking for her. His car keys fall there. Bansi says I don’t know her. He goes to tell Phurti. He says someone is looking for you.

Phurti says KT won’t let me sit in peace even here, I will see him. She drinks. She dances on chikni chameli…. KT goes to the car. He says I forgot my car keys. He comes back and sees her dancing. He goes and takes her aside. He asks where is Preeti, where did you take her. She says mind your language, I took your wife to the hospital, I have paid the money there. He says stop nonsense, you took her along. She says I m helping you, you don’t know me, she knows me. He says she is from a good family, where did you take her. She says you are strange, you don’t know what she is doing, don’t you both talk to each other, I m helping you, you would have spoken to me with respect if you knew it.He asks what drama are you doing, tell me. She says don’t shout, I don’t want to get into this mess, you got police to my house, I will tell you everything. He asks where is Preeti. She says listen to me, I will be bringing your baby in the world, I m your surrogate, I thought Preeti needs help, I helped her. KT gets shocked. She says you both are thugs, I have done many dramas till now, I didn’t cheat anyone, you and your wife are cheaters. He asks what are you doing with this, are you spying on my wife, I will give you money, leave Preeti. She says I m not lying, Preeti is a liar, her face is so innocent, she is clever. He says enough, she is my wife, you can’t be her friend. She says I will say. He raises hand. Preeti comes and stops him. She says she is saying the truth, I chose her for the surrogacy. KT gets shocked and says this girl…. Phurti falls. Preeti asks her to get up. KT recalls Phurti.

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